Groenvelt, John

, a physician, and member of the royal college of London, in the seventeenth century, was born at Deventer, in the province of Overyssel; he studied and graduated at Utrecht, where he began the practice of his profession. He likewise studied under a celebrated lithotomist of Amsterdam, from whom he learnt that art, and whose esteem he acquired by the dexterity with which he performed the operation, insomuch that by his will this master bequeathed all his instruments to Groenvelt, with a request that he should employ them for the good of mankind. After this time he practised this art almost exclusively. He left three treatises; the first entitled “Dissertatio lithologica variis observationibus et figuris illustrata,” Loud. 1684. 2. “Practica qua humani morbi describtmtur,” Francfort, 1688. 3. “Tractatus de tuto


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| Cantharidum in Medicina usu interne,” Lond. 1698, &c. These works were translated into English in 1691, 1706, 1710, and another of his works entitled “The grounds of physic.” In all these the author’s name was changed to Greenfield. None of our authorities specify the time of his death. 1