Events noted in 1685

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1680 1690


“Reflexions sur la Presence reelle du Corps de Jesus Christ dans l'Eucharistie,” Abbadie, James divine

“Htstoire des Os,” Abeille, Scipio was also born at Riez

Died: Abendana, Jacob a Spanish Jew

“De Unione et Incarnatione,” Abucaras, Theodore bishop

Died: Acheri, Luc D' Benedictine

“A discourse of Tangier, under the government of the earl of Tiviot,” Addison, Lancelot clergyman

“Painting illustrated, in three dialogues, with the lives of the most eminent painters from Cimabue to Raphael,” Aglionby, John divine

“Douze Sermons sur divers textes,” Allix, Peter divine

“Hippocratis Aphorismi, Gr. Lat.” Almeloveen, Theodore Jansson Van physician

Born: Alstroemer, Jonas the reviver of industry and commerce in Sweden

“Lux magica, &c. ccelestiurn, terrestrium, et inferorum origo, ordo, et subordinatio cunctorum, quoad esse, fieri, etoperari, viginti quatuor voluminibus divisa,” Angelieri, Bonaventure writer

Born: Angelis, Peter painter

Born: Argellati, Philip an Italian printer

Died: Arndt, Joshua divine

“The Royal Apology or, An Answer to the Rebel’s Plea wherein are the most noted anti-monarchical tenets, first published by Doleman the Jesuit, to promote a bill of exclusion against king James I. secondly, practised by Bradshaw, and the regicides, in the actual murder of king Charles I. thirdly, republished by Sidney, and the associates to depose and murder his present majesty,” Assheton, Dr. William son of Mr

“CEuvres d'architecture de Vincent de Scamozzi,” Aviler, Augustine Charles D' descended from a family originally of Nanci in Lorraine

Born: Bach, John Sebastian musician

“Jugemens des Savans sur les principaux ouvrages des Auteurs,” Baillet, Adrian critic

Born: Barnard, Sir John an eminent citizen and alderman of London of the last century

Died: Bartoli, Daniel Jesuit

“Descriptio Fiuminum Galliae, qua Francia est, opera Papyrii Massoni, cum notis M. Baudrand,” Baudrand, Michael Anthony a celebrated French geographer

“Augustiss. Galliarum senatui panegyricus,” Baune, James De La Jesuit

Died: Becher, John Joachim born in 1645

“Thesaurus ex Thesauro Palatino selectus, seu Gemmae,” Beger, Lawrence the son of a tanner

“Tyro prudentiae juris opificialii praecursorum emissarius,” Beier, Adrian a native of Jena

“Boethus, peregre redux conspectibus et judice conspicuus,” Beier, Adrian a native of Jena

“Vet. Philosophorum, Poetarum, &c. Imagines,” Bellori, John Peter antiquary

Born: Benevoli, Anthony an Italian surgeon

Died: Bentivoglio, Hyppolitus of Arragon

“Statius,” Berault, Michael pastor and professor of theology at Montauban

Born: Bergantini, Jonn Peter an Italian author of the last century

“Traite du libre etdu volontaire,” Bernier, Francis philosopher

“Lucubrationes Frankendalenses,” Bertram, Cornelius Bonaventure minister

“Bibliographia mathematica et artificiosa,” Beughem, Cornelius De whose name often occurs in works of Bibliography

“Bibliographia historica, chronologica, et geographica,” Beughem, Cornelius De whose name often occurs in works of Bibliography

“Acta eruditorum,” Bianchini, Francis philosopher

Born: Bianchini, Joseph Maria scholar

“L'Art de jetter des Bombes,” Blondel, Francis mathematician

“Primicias Evangelicas,” Bluteau, Dom Raphael a Theatine

Born: Boerner, Christian Frederick professor of theology at Leipsic

“Dissertations chemico-physicic,” Bohn, John physician

“A Preface and Conclusion to Sir Robert Filmer’s Patriarcha,” Bohun, Edmund writer

“The Life of John Jewell, bishop of Salisbury,” Bohun, Edmund writer

“Epitome operum Sennerti,” Bonet, Theophilus physician

Born: Bouquet, Dom Martin antiquary

Died: Bourdelot, Peter Michon nephew to the above

Died: Brandt, Gerard historian

Born: Brereton, Jane an English poetess

Born: Budgell, Eustace writer

“English Empire in America,” Burton, Robert was a name placed in the titlepages of a numerous set of popular volumes printed about the end of the seventeenth and beginning of the eighteenth century

“Surprising Miracles of Nature and Art,” Burton, Robert was a name placed in the titlepages of a numerous set of popular volumes printed about the end of the seventeenth and beginning of the eighteenth century

“History of Scotland,” Burton, Robert was a name placed in the titlepages of a numerous set of popular volumes printed about the end of the seventeenth and beginning of the eighteenth century

Died: Cabassut, John of Aix

Died: Carrenno De Miranda, Don Juan painter

Died: Castell, Edmund divine

“A Sermon preached before the king at Whitehall, on Sunday, January 18, 1684-5, on Psalm iv. 7. Publisheo 1 by his majesties special command,” Cave, William divine

“Chartopbylax Ecclesiasticus,” Cave, William divine

“Chaldaismus, sive grammatica nova linguae Chaldaica?,” Cellarius, Christopher critic

“The manner of making Tea, Coffee, and Chocolate, London,” Chamberlayne, John was admitted into Trinity college

“Inquisitio Physlca de causis Catameniorum, et Uteri Rheumatismo, in quo probatur sanguinem in animali fermentescere nunquam,” Charleton, Walter physician

“Essay on translated Verse,” Chetwood, Knightly was born in 1652

“A Persuasive to an ingenuous Trial of Opinions in Religion,” Clagett, Nicolas was born in May 1654

“Theological Dissertations,” Clerc, John Le writer

“Critical History of the Old Testament.” Clerc, John Le writer

“Catalogus Plantarum indigenarum Hollandiae,” Commelin, John botanist

“The general History of France during the two first races of its kings,” Cordemoi, Gerard De historian

Died: Cornaro Piscopia, Helena Lucretia a learned Venetian lady

“Apologie d'un tour nouveau pour ies Quatre Dialogues, &c.” Dangeau, Louis Courcillon De a French abbe

Born: Denner, Balthasar painter

“Institutiones Juris Canonici a J. P. Lancelotto Perusino conscriptae,” Doujat, John scholar

“Lettre touchant un passage conteste de Tite Live,” Doujat, John scholar

“Essay on Translated Verse:” Dryden, John poet

“A Catalogue of the Nobility of England, &c.” Dugdale, Sir William antiquary

Born: Dundas, Robert of Arniston

“Vindicise adversus Eggelingium,” Eggeling, John Henry antiquary

Born: Erskine, Ralph, A. M. brother of the above

“Nouvelle Conference avec un Ministre, touchant les Causes de la Separation des Protestans,” Fevre, James Le a celebrated doctor of the Sorbonne

Born: Fontaines, Peter Francis Guyot Des critic

“the Chav. d'Horny” Fontenelle, Bernard Le Bovier De the son of Frangois le Bovier de Fonienelle

Born: Forbes, Duncan lawyer

“The great wickedness and mischievous effects of Slandering, preached in the parish church of St. Giles’s, Nov. 15, 1685, on Psalm ci. 5, with a large preface of the author, and conclusion in his own vindication,” Fowler, Edward prelate

Born: Furietti, Joseph Alexander antiquary

“The supplement to the works of Theodoret,” Garnier, John Jesuit

Born: Gaultier, John Baptist was born about 1685

Born: Gramm, John philologist

“Sorberiana.” Graverol, Francis antiquary

“Counsels and Directions divine and moral: in plain and familiar letters of advice to a young gentleman his nephew, soon after his admission into a college in Oxford,” Greenville, Denis and brother to sir John Greenville first eari of Bath

Died: Gribner, Michael Henry an eminent professor of law

“Responsio ad cavillationes R. Fabretti,” Gronovius, James was born October 20 (?–1716)

“Pomponii Melae libri tres de situ orbis,” Gronovius, James was born October 20 (?–1716)

“Observationes ad Melam,” Gronovius, James was born October 20 (?–1716)

“Canonical Institutions,” Halle, Peter professor of canon law in the university of Paris

Born: Helvetius, John Claude son of the above

Born: Henault, Charles John Francis writer

“Ami us Ciimuctericus,” Hevelius, John mathematician

Born: Hill, Aaron poet

“The Catching of the Leviathan,” Hobbes, Thomas philosopher

Born: Holberg, Louis De historian (?–1754)

“The Exercise of Prayer; or a help to devotion; being a supplement to the Happy Ascetick, or best exercise, containing prayers and devotions suitable to the respective exercises, with additional prayers for several occasions,” Horneck, Dr. Anthony divine

“The first fruits of Reason: or, a discouse shewing the necessity of applying ourselves betimes to the serious practice of Religion,” Horneck, Dr. Anthony divine

Born: Hughes, Jabez was the younger brother of Mr

“Les prejugez legitimos centre le papisme,” Juried, Peter divine

“An Exposition of the Church Catechism” Ken, Thomas bishop

Born: Kent, William artist

Born: King, Dr. William son of the rev

Born: Lafitau, Peter Francis was born in 1685

“Les ve>4tables Motifs de la Conversion de M. (le Bouthilier de Ranc6) l'Abbe de la Trappe,” Larroque, Daniel De was born at Vitré

Born: Le Dran, Henry Francis an eminent French surgeon

“Bibliotheca realis Theologica,” Lipenius, Martin divine

“The subject of Church Power, in whom it resides,” Lowth, Simon clergyman

“Epistola Ethiopice scripta,” Ludolph, Job a learned orientalist

“Bibliotheca Anatomica,” Malpighi, Marcellus physician and anatomist

“Bibliotheca Anatomica,” Manget, John James historian

Died: Marshall, Thomas divine

Died: Marsham, Sir John writer

“A Description of France by its Rivers,” Masson, Papirius writer

“Archimedis monumenta omnia,” Maurolico, Francis mathematician

Born: Mopinot, Simon Benedictine

Died: Murillio, Don Bartolome Estivan one of the most pleasing painters Spain ever produced

Died: Nalson, John writer

Born: Niceron, John Peter one of the most useful French biographers

Died: Nicole, Claude cousin-german of the preceding

“The institution and life of Cyrus,” Norris, John divine

“De Vasis aquosis Oculi,” Nuck, Anthony physician and anatomist

“De jure belli ac pacis.” Obrecht, Ulric a learned German

Died: Ostade, Adrian Van a most celebrated Flemishpainter

Died: Otway, Thomas one of the first names in the English drama

“Breviarium Turonense, renovatum, et in melius restitutum,” Ouvrard, Rene' a learned French ecclesiastic

“Tables des Sinus, Tangentes, & Secantes, & des Logarithmes des Sinus & des Tangentes, & des nombres depuis T unite jusqu'a dix mille, avec un traite de Trigonometric, par de nouvelles demonstrations & des pratiques tres faciles,” Ozanam, James mathematician

Died: Pajon, Claude divine

“Amities, Amours, et Amourettes,” Pays, Rene'Le sieur of Villeneuve

“Maps of Ireland, being an actual Survey of the whole kingdom,” Petty, William a singular instance of an almost universal genius

“What a complete Treatise of Navigation should contain,” Petty, William a singular instance of an almost universal genius

“The Minority of St. Lewis, with the politic conduct of affairs by his mother queen Blanch of Spain, during her regency,” Phillips, Edward one of the nephews of Milton

“A System of Divinity for those who who adopt the Confession of Augsburg,” Quenstedt, John Andrew divine

Born: Ramsay, Allan one of the extraordinary instances of the power of uncultivated genius

“Les veritables Motifs de la Conversion de l'abbé de la Trappe,” Rance', Dom. Armand John Le Bouthillier De the celebrated abbe and reformer of the monastery of La Trappe

“Eclaircissemens sur ce Livre,” Rance', Dom. Armand John Le Bouthillier De the celebrated abbe and reformer of the monastery of La Trappe

Born: Roques, Peter clergyman

Born: Rue, Charles De La Benedictine

“The Christian Life, from its beginning- to its consummation in glory, together with the several means and instruments of Christianity conducing thereunto, with directions for private devotion and forms of prayer, fitted to the several states of Christians;” Scott, Dr. John divine

“A collection of Cases and other Discourses lately written to recover Dissenters to the Communion of the Church of England,” Scott, Dr. John divine

Died: Sparrow, Anthony prelate

“History of the Rye-house Plot;” Sprat, Thomas prelate

“Discourse concerning the necessity of Reformation, \ respect to the errors and corruptions of the church of Rome,” Stratford, Nicholas bishop

Born: Taylor, Brook mathematician

Born: Thuillier, Vincent Benedictine

“L‘Anne’e Chretienne,” Tourneux, Nicholas Le divine

“The unfortunate Shepherd,” Tutchin, John writer

“Sjlva TheologiaB Symbolicae,” Ursinus, Zachary one of the most celebrated Protestant divines of the 16th century

Born: Vaissette, Joseph historian

“Les Anecdotes de Florence, ou THistoire secrette de la Maison de Medicis, at the Hague,” Varillas, Anthony writer

“Neurologia universalis, hoc est, omnium huniani corporis nervorum, simul ac cerebri, medullaeque spinalis, descriptio anatomica,” Vieussens, Raymond physician and anatomist

“A short Discourse upon the reasonableness of men’s having a religion or worship of God.” Villiers, George duke of Buckingham

Died: Voisin, Joseph De an ingenious doctor

Born: Wagstaffe, William physician

“Maggots, or Poems on several subjects,” Wesley, Samuel divine

Born: Wilkins, David divine (?–1745)

Died: Womock, Lawrence prelate

“Reliquiae Wottonianae” Wotton, Sir Henry an Englishman


“Commentary on Joshua, Judges, and Samuel,” Abrabanel, Isaac a famous rabbi

“Determinatio F. Joannis Parisiensis cle modo existendi Corpus Christi in sacramento Allans, &c. cui est prefixa prefatio historica de dogmate Transubstantiationis,” Allix, Peter divine

“Opuscula sive antiquitatum e sacris profanarum specimen conjectans veterum poetarum fraguienta et plagiarorum syllabus,” Almeloveen, Theodore Jansson Van physician

“De scriptis adespotis, pseudepigraphis, et supposititiis, conjecture,” Almeloveen, Theodore Jansson Van physician

“Reflexions politiques, par lesquelles on fait voir que la persecution des reformez est contre les veritable interets de la France,” Ancillon, Charles son of the above

“Clypeus Philosophise! Thomistica,” Arnu, Nicholas was born at Merancourt

“Philosophus Autodidactus, sive Epistola Abi Gioaphar Ebn Tophail de Hai Ebn Yokdan,” Ashwell, George rector of Hanwell

“The Country Parson’s Admonition to his Parishioners against Popery with directions how to behave themselves, when any one designs to seduce them from the Church of England,” Assheton, Dr. William son of Mr

“A dissertation on the life of the Fcetus in utero” Astorini, Elias born in the province of Cosenza in the kingdom of Naples in 1651

“The Ground of Christian Feasts,” Atterbury, Lewis born about the year 1631

Born: Aubais, Charles De Baschi marquis of

Born: Bagard, Charles physician

“Treatise on Engraving, and the lives of the principal Engravers,” Baldinucci, Philip of Florence

Born: Balguy, John divine

“Poetical paraphrase on the History of Esther.” Barnes, Joshua divine

“Reponse a M. l'Eveque de Meaux sur sa lottre pastorale,” Basnage, James de Franquener

Born: Baxter, Andrew philosopher

Died: Bendlowes, Edward poet

“Histoire abregee de l'Europe,” Bernard, James professor of philosophy and mathematics

Born: Berti, Alexander Pompey a learned Italian

Died: Blondel, Francis mathematician

“De Motionibus Naturalibus,” Borelli, John Alphonso mathematician

“Lettre pastorale aux nonveaux catholiques.” Bossuet, James bishop

Born: Bower, Archibald a person of a very celebrated

Born: Carte, Thomas historian

“De igne dissertationes,” Casati, Paul Jesuit

“Curie posteriores de barbarismis et idiotismis sermonis Latini,” Cellarius, Christopher critic

“Isagoge in linguam Arabicam,” Cellarius, Christopher critic

“A Treasure of Health,” Chamberlayne, John was admitted into Trinity college

“L'Histoire du Monde,” Chevreau, Urban was born at Loudun

“A Discourse concerning the Invocation of the Blessed Virgin and the Saints,” Clagett, William was born at St (?–1638)

Died: Clarkson, David divine

Born: Concina, Daniel divine

Died: Coventry, William was born in 1626

“The Life of Coligni,” Courtilz, Gatien De sieur de Sandras

“A Sermon before the king and queen at St. James’s palace,” Crosse, John a Franciscan friar and popish missionary in England

“Essay on Jewish Measures and Weights,” Cumberland, Richard divine

Born: Delany, Patkick a clergymnn of Ireland

“Of the Priesthood of Laicks,” Dodwell, Henry writer

Died: Dolce, Carlo artist

“The late converts exposed: or, the reasons of Mr. Bayes’s changing his religion considered, in a dialogue; part the second 1690,” Dryden, John poet

“Bibliotheque” Dupin, Lewis Jellies historian

“De antiqua Ecclesiee Disciplina, dissertationes historicge,” Dupin, Lewis Jellies historian

Died: Estrades, Godfrey, Count D' marshal of France

“Traité de l‘Action de l’Orateur,” Faucheur, Michelle a French protestant preacher of the highest estimation in his time

Died: Fell, Dr. John divine

“Le Droit du Patronage,” Ferrier, Claude De a learned French civilian

Died: Gabriel, James architect

“Astro-Meteorologica, or aphorisms and discourses of the Bodies Celestial, their natures and influences, &c.” Goad, John an eminent classical teacher

“Jasithei ad Gronovium Apologema, in ej usque Titivilitia seu de Tito Livio somnia animadversiones,” Gronovius, James was born October 20 (?–1716)

“Epistola ad Johannem Georgium Graevium V. Cl. de Pallacopa, ubi Descriptio ejus ab Arriano facta liberatur ab Isaaci Vossii frustrationibus,” Gronovius, James was born October 20 (?–1716)

“Hugonis Grotii quredam inedita> aliaque ex Belgice editis Latine versa argumenti theolog, jurid. politic.” Grotius, Hugo one of the most eminent names in literary history

Died: Guericke, Otto counsellor to the elector of Brandenbourg

“Principia” Halley, Edmund philosopher

Born: Hardion, James writer

“Biblia parva Gneca, in quibus dicta insigniora omnia ex Versione Septuagintavirali secundum ordmem librorum biblicorum observatum in biblis parvis Opitianis, cum cura exhibentur,” Hasenmuller, Daniel a native of Holstein

“System of Divinity,” Heidanus, Abraham divine

Born: Hellot, John a French chemist

“The Crucified Jesus: or a full account of the nature, end, design, and benefit of the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper, with necessary dU rections, prayers, praises, and meditations, to be used by persons who come to the holy communion,” Horneck, Dr. Anthony divine

“The Method of remitting and retaining Sins,” Huyghens, Gomarus a celebrated doctor of Louvain

Born: Jackson, John divine

Born: Jacob, Giles writer

“De Ranis & Lacertis dissertatio,” Jacobæus, Oliger a professor of physic and philosophy at Copenhagen

“Some Observations on the Life of Cardinal Pole,” Joyner, William second son of William

“L'accomplissement des Propheties,” Juried, Peter divine

“Le vray l'église et la veritable analyse de la foi,” Juried, Peter divine

“Jugement sur les me*­thodes rigides et relache'es,” Juried, Peter divine

“Pliny’s Panegyric,” Kennet, White writer

“Installation of Henry duke of Norfolk, Henry earl of Peterborough, and Laurence earl of Rochester, Windsor, July 22, 1685,” King, Gregory writer

“Bibliotheca Bibliothecarum,” Labbe, Philip Jesuit

“Rémarques sur l'Institution du Droit Romain, et du Droit François,” Launay, Francis De lawyer

Born: Law, William the author of many pious works of great popularity

Died: Leake, Richard master-gunner of England

Died: Lenfant, James writer

“New Method for a Common-place Book,” Locke, John one of the greatest philosophers this country has produced

“De bello Turcico feliciter conficiendo, &c.” Ludolph, Job a learned orientalist

“Observations upon the acts of parliament,” Mackenzie, Sir George writer

Died: Maimbourg, Louis a man celebrated in the republic of letters

Died: Mairet, John poet

“Of Confession to a lawful Priest,” Manby, Peter writer

“Commentaria de Rebelhone Anglicana, ab anno 1640 ad annum 1685,” Manley, De La Riviere an English lady

“Appendix to his Annotations,” Mela, Pomponius writer

Born: Montgeron, Lewis Basil Carre' De born in 1686

“Oratio inauguralis de Linguarum Orientalium ad intelligentiam Sacrse Scripture utilitate,” Morin, Stephen a learned French protestant

Died: Neercassel, John De bishop

“De causis corrupts Jurisprudentise.” Noodt, Gerard a celebrated civilian (?–1725)

“De Ductu salivali novo, Salivfi, ductibus aquosis et humore aqueo oculorum,” Nuck, Anthony physician and anatomist

Died: Patrick, Simon prelate

“Historia Piscium,” Pepys, Samuel secretary to the admiralty in the reigns of Charles II. and James II. and an eminent benefactor to the literature of his country

“An Essay concerning the Multiplication of Mankind,” Petty, William a singular instance of an almost universal genius

“De Insanabili Edclesia Romana, Scepticismo, Dissertatio,” Placette, John De La a protestant minister of great eminence

Died: Poussines, Peter in Latin Possinus (16091686)

Born: Rousset, John De Missy writer

Born: Rundle, Thomas divine

“Remains,” Rust, George one of the learned divines who was contemporary with Cudworth

“Critical History of the Old Testament.” Simon, Richard critic

Died: Solis, Antonio De writer

Died: Spon, James was born at Lyons in 1647

Died: Steno, Nicholas anatomist

“Treatise of Spousals, or Matrimonial contracts,” Swinburne, Henry writer

“Catalogus auctorum qui librorum catalogos, indices, bibliothecas, virorum literatorum elogia, vitas, ant orationes funebres scriptis consignarunt,” Teissier, Anthony writer

Born: Tickell, Thomas son of the rev

“Of the sacraments in general, in pursuance of an explication of the catechism of the church of England,” Towerson, Gabriel divine

“A Collection of three hundred Letters written to James Usher lord archbishop of Armagh, and most of the eminentest persons for piety and learning in his time both in England and beyond the seas. Collected and published from original copies under their own hands by Richard Parr, D. D. his lordship’s chaplain at the time of his death, uith whom the care of all his papers were intrusted by his lordship,” Usher, James prelate

“Lindenius Renovattis,” Vander-Linden, John Antonides a learned professor of physic at Leyden

“Histoire des Revolutions arrives en Europe en matiere de Religion,” Varillas, Anthony writer

“Exposition of the Doctrine of the Church of England,” Wake, William prelate

“A Vindication of the bishop of Condom’s Exposition of the Doctrine of the Catholic Church, in answer to a book entitled, An Exposition of the Doctrine of the Church of England, &c. With a Letter from the said bishop,” Wake, William prelate

“A Defence of the Exposition of the Doctrine of the Church of England against the exceptions of Monsieur de Meaux, late bishop of Condom, and his Vindicator,” Wake, William prelate

Born: Wheatley, Charles the author of an excellent illustration of the Book of Common Prayer

“Historiae Piscium libri quatuor, &c.” Willughby, Francis historian

“De Episcopis,” Ziegler, Gaspar an eminent jurist


“D. Abercrombii Opuscula Medica hactenus edita,” Abercromby, Patrick historian

“Additions to Helvicus’s Historical and Chronological Theatre,” Allam, Andrew writer

“Les Maximes du vrai Chretien,” Allix, Peter divine

“C. Rutilius Numantianus,” Almeloveen, Theodore Jansson Van physician

“Lux magica academica, pars secunda, primordia rerum naturulium, sanabilium, infirmarum et incurabilium continens,” Angelieri, Bonaventure writer

Died: Atkins, James bishop

Died: Aubery, Louis sieur du Maurier

“Histoire des ouvrages des.Savans,” Basnage, Henry de Beauval

“Laudatio funebris Ludovici Borbonii principis Condaei,” Baune, James De La Jesuit

Born: Bengel, John Albert divine

Died: Bennet, Robert, B. D. divine

“Histoire et Apologie de la retraite des pasteurs a cause de la persecution,” Benoit, Elias the son of a Calvinist

“Impegni per disgracia,” Bentivoglio, Hyppolitus of Arragon

“De emblemate, nomine atque instituto Alethophilorum, dissertatio publice habita in eorundem academia,” Bianchini, Francis philosopher

“Academici concordi,” Bianchini, Francis philosopher

Born: Biel, John Christian divine

“Elementa Geometrices,” Billberg, John a Swedish astronomer

“Catechism of the Council of Trent,” Bromley, John clergyman

Died: Brouncker, William viscount Brouncker

“Dissertatio de Therapeutis Philonis adversus Henricum Valesium,” Browne, Thomas clergyman

“Travels,” Burnet, Gilbert bishop

Born: Chandler, Mary an ingenious English lady

“With a letter to the Vindicator of the bishop of Condom,” Clagett, William was born at St (?–1638)

“A View of the whole Controversy between the Representer and the Answerer; in which are laid open some of the methods by which Protestants are misrepresented by Papists,” Clagett, William was born at St (?–1638)

Died: Claude, John clergyman

Born: Cochin, Henry lawyer

“Confucius Sinarum philosophus; sive Scientia Sinica Latine exposita,” Couplet, Philip Jesuit

“Journal des Savans” Cousin, Lewis president of the Mint

Died: Cutis, John Lord a brave officer in king William’s wars

Died: Desmares, Toussaint priest of the oratory

“Pra?­notionum canonicarum libri quinque,” Doujat, John scholar

Born: Drummond, George an eminently patriotic and public-spirited magistrate of Edinburgh

“A vindication of the Answer to some late papers,” Dryden, John poet

“there was no such thing as true religion in the world, and that the priests of all religions are alike, I might have been as nimble a convert, and as early a defender of the royal papers, as any one of these champions. For why should not one, who believes no religion, declare for any?” Dryden, John poet

“Discussio calumniarum Fellerianarum,” Eggeling, John Henry antiquary

“Opera omnia Physiologica et Anatomica,” Fabricius, Jerome more generally known by the name of Hieronymus Fabricius Ab Aquapendente

“An historical Collection of the Lives and Works of the most celebrated Architects,” Felibien, John Francis succeeded his father in all his places

“The Touchstone of Medicines,” Floyer, Sir John physician

“History of Oracles,” Fontenelle, Bernard Le Bovier De the son of Frangois le Bovier de Fonienelle

Died: Frischmuth, John scholar

“Histories Anglicanoe Scriptores quinque, &c.” Gale, Thomas celebrated for his knowledge of the Greek language and antiquities

Born: Gardiner, James a brave officer of the army

Born: Gendre, Gilbert Charles Le marquis of St

“Principia” Gregory, David and nephew to the inventor of the reflecting telescope

Born: Grey, Zachary divine

“Epistola de argutiolis Isaaci Vossii,” Gronovius, James was born October 20 (?–1716)

“Auli Gellii Noctes Atticae, cum Notis & Emendationibus Johannis Frederici Gronovii,” Gronovius, James was born October 20 (?–1716)

“Philosophical Transactions.” Halley, Edmund philosopher

“Catalogue of the Leyden Garden,” Hermann, Paul botanist

Died: Hevelius, John mathematician

“Tabulas Astronomicae,” Hire, Philip De La mathematician

“Historia Augusta,” Hoffman, John James professor of Greek at Bale

Died: Homberg, William a celebrated chemist

“Apologie pour Paccomplissement de Propbe'ties,” Juried, Peter divine

“Genealogies excellentium in GaHia familiarum,” Imhoff, John a very famous genealogist

“Traite de Mechanique, de PEquilibre,” Lami, Bernard a learned priest of the Oratory

Born: Lebeuf, John antiquary

Died: Leslie, Charles writer

“Lexicon novum Hebroeo-Latinum,” Leusden, John scholar

Died: Linglebach, John painter

“Essay concerning Human Understanding,” Locke, John one of the greatest philosophers this country has produced

“A Letter to Edward Stillingfleet, D. D. in answer to the Dedicatory Epistle before, his ordination-sermon, preached at St. Peter’s Cornhill, March 15, 1684, with reflections. on some of Dr. Burnet’s letters on the same subject,” Lowth, Simon clergyman

“Specimen commentarii in historian! Ethiopicam,” Ludolph, Job a learned orientalist

Born: Madden, Samuel

“Vita Johannis Reuchlini,” Maius, John Henry divine

“The Considerations which obliged Peter Manby, Dean of Derry, to embrace the Catholic religion. Dedicated to the Lord Primate of Ireland,” Manby, Peter writer

“A reformed Catechism in two Dialogues,” Manby, Peter writer

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Died: Molinet, Claude Du regular canon and procurator general of the congregation of St

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Born: Moncrif, Francis Augustin Paradis De a member of the French academy

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Died: Orobio, Balthasar a famous Spanish Jew

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Died: Petit, Peter another very learned Frenchman

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“Five Essays in Political Arithmetic,” Petty, William a singular instance of an almost universal genius

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Died: Waller, Edmund poet

Died: Walsh, Peter an Irish catholic of great learning liberality

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“Additions” Wright, Abraham divine

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Born: Wyndham, Sir William statesman


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Born: Ames, Joseph historian

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Born: Barre, Lewis Francis Joseph De La historian

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Died: Bernier, Francis philosopher

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Born: Berriman, William divine

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“A Geographical Dictionary,” Bohun, Edmund writer

Born: Bott, Thomas clergyman

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Born: Brumoy, Peter writer

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Born: Catherine, Alexievna a country girl of the name of Martha

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Born: Cochin, Charles Nicholas engraver

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Died: Cudworth, Ralph divine

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Died: Doujat, John scholar

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Died: Fabri, Honore' Jesuit

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Born: Lisle, Joseph Nicholas De was born at Paris April 4

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Died: Perrault, Claude architect

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Born: Pluche, Antony writer

Born: Pope, Alexander the most elegant and popular of all English poets

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“Notitia EcclesiiE Cathedralis Carliolensis una cum Catalogo Priorum, dum Conventualis erat, & Decanorum & Canonicorum quum Collegiata. Notitia Prioratus de Wedderhall cum Catalogo omnium Benefactorum qui ad ambas has sacras Ædes stfuendas, dotandas, & ornandas, pecuniam, terras & ornamenta, vel aliqua alia beneficia, pie & munifice contulerunt.” Todd, Hugh divine

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Died: Winwood, Sir Ralph secretary of state in the reign of James I. was son of Mr (?–1617)


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Born: Alt, Francis Joseph Nicholas Baron D' the descendant of an ancient patrician family of Fribourg in Swisserland

Born: Alticozzi, Laurence of an illustrious family at Cortona

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Died: Annand, William dean

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Born: Ardene, John Paul De Rome D' and a priest of the Oratory

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Died: Bigot, Emeric an eminent patron of literature

Died: Blanchet, Thomas painter

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Born: Bottari, John prelate

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Died: Cheminais, Timoleon a celebrated French preacher

Died: Christina queen

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Died: Compte, Nicholas De a French monk

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Born: Coxeter, Thomas a faithful and industrious collector of old English literature

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Born: Duncombe, William writer

Died: Eliot, John known by the title of the Apostle of the North American Indians

Born: Eller, John Theodore, De Brockhusen physician

Died: Ent, George physician

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Born: Ferg, Francis Paul artist

Died: Ferri, Ciro painter

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Born: Foster, Sir Michael lawyer

Died: Gandy, James artist

Died: Goad, John an eminent classical teacher

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Born: Grive, John De La engraver

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Died: Guidi, Alexander poet

Died: Gundling, Nicholas Jerome historian

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“A Discourse concerning the Nature of Schism,” Henry, Matthew an eminent dissenting teacher

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Born: Joubert, Francis a learned priest of Montpellier

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Died: Lancisi, John-Maria physician

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Born: Leonardo, Leo principal organist of the chapel royaj at Naples

“Letter on Toleration,” Locke, John one of the greatest philosophers this country has produced

Died: Lodge, William engraver

“Remarque* sur les pensees enjouez & serieux, &c.” Ludolph, Job a learned orientalist

“Polygamia triumphata,” Lyserus, John another learned protestant

“Monogamia victrix,” Lyserus, John another learned protestant

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“A History of Tenths, and other temporal Goods of the Church,” Marsollier, James historian

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“A short Dissertation concerning the four last Kings of Judah,” Milner, John divine

Died: Moine, Stephen Le a very learned French minister of the Protestant religion

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Born: Molyneux, Samuel son of the above

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Died: Motteville, Frances Bertaud De a celebrated French lady

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Born: Oliva, John antiquary

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Born: Piron, Alexis poet

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Died: Puffendorf, Samuel historian

Died: Rawlinson, Christopher of CarkhalL in Lancashire

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Born: Richardson, Samuel writer

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Died: Ruffi, Anthony De historian

“Schola Botanica,” Sherard, William botanist

Died: Sherlock, Richard was born in 1613

“Critical History of the Old Testament,” Simon, Richard critic

“Auctio Davisiana,” Smalridge, George prelate

“Musae Anglicange.” Smalridge, George prelate

Born: Smith, Robert the very learned successor of Bentley as master of Trinity college

Died: Sydenham, Thomas physician

“A Discourse on the Ecclesiastical commission, proving it agreeable to the word of God, useful to the convocation, &c.” Tenison, Thomas prelate

“History of the Desertion,” Treby, George a learned judge

“The king,” Walker, George divine

“A true Account of the Siege of Londonderry,” Walker, George divine

“Pappi libri secundi collectionum inathematicorum hactenus desiderati fragmentum.” Wallis, John mathematician (16161703)

Died: Ward, Seth prelate

Born: Webster, William divine

Born: Welsted, Leonard poet

Born: Wilson, Bernard divine