, a Carthaginian general, who was employed to sail round Africa, entered the ocean by what is now called the Strait of Gibraltar; discovered several countries, and would have continued his voyage, had he not been in want of provisions. The “Periplus of Hanno,” ascribed to him, was published in Greek by Gelenius, 1533, and there is a good edition of it in Greek and Latin, with notes, Leyden, 1674, 12mo. It is also inserted in the “Geographi Veteres,Oxford, 4 vols. 8vo, but some suppose this work is of much later date than the time of Hanno, there being reason to suppose he was the famous Carthaginian general who carried on the war against Agathocles, when Carthage was in its most flourishing state. It has been translated into Italian by Romusio, into Spanish by Campomanes, into French by Bougainville, and in I7U7 into English by the learned Mr. Falconer of Corpus college, Oxford, who has ably defended the authenticity of the work against Dodwell and other writers. 1


Moreri. —Saxii Onomast Falconer’s translation.