Hatcher, Thomas

, the son of Dr. Hatcher, regius professor of physic in Cambridge, and physician to queen Mary, flourished in the sixteenth century, but of his birth, or death we have no dates. He became a fellow of Eton college in 1555. He is said to have left that fur Gray’s inn, and to have afterwards studied physic. He compiled some memoirs of the eminent persons educated in Eton college, in two books, in a catalogue of all the provosts, fellows, and scholars, to the year 1572. Mr. Harwood acknowledges his obligations to this work, but leaves us at a loss to understand its being compiled “after the manner of Bayle.” Hatcher, however, he informs us, was a very able antiquary, and a learned and pious man. He published the epistles and orations of his fellow-collegian, Walter Haddon, in a book entitled “Lucubrationes.” He died in Lincolnshire. 2


Harwood’s Alumni Etonenses.