Hase, Theodore De

, an eminent doctor and minister of Bremen, son of Cornelius de Hase, minister and professor of divinity at Bremen, and Sarah Wolter, a lady distinguished by her learning, and her knowledge of Hebrew, was born November 30, 1682, and was appointed professor of belles-lettres at Hanau, but recalled to Bremen the following year, to be minister and professor of Hebrew, and admitted D. D. at Francfort upon Oder in 1712, though absent; and member of the royal society at Berlin in 1718. In 1723 he was made professor of divinity at, Bremen, and died there April 25, 1731. He left a volume of “Dissertations,” which are much esteemed; and assisted M. Lampe in a journal begun under the title of “Bibliotheca Historico-Philologico-Theoiogica,” and continued under that of “Musieum Historico-PhilologicoTheologicum.” His brother James was also a man of considerable erudition. He published many classical tracts, which were well received by the learned. He died in 1723. 2


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