Hasenmuller, Daniel

, a native of Holstein, was born July 3, 1651, and educated partly at home and partly at Lubeck. He made such progress in the Greek and oriental languages, that he was in 1683 appointed to the professorship of the Greek language at the university of Kiel, to which was added that of the Hebrew and oriental languages; but he died before he had completed his fortieth year, May 29, 1691. His principal works are, | 1. “Dissertatio de Linguis Orientalibus,” Leipsic, 1677, 8vo. 2. “Henrici Opitii synasmus restitutus,” ibid. 1678, and 1691, 4to. 3. “Biblia parva Gneca, in quibus dicta insigniora omnia ex Versione Septuagintavirali secundum ordmem librorum biblicorum observatum in biblis parvis Opitianis, cum cura exhibentur,” Kilon, 1686, 12mo. 4. An edition with notes of “Mich. Pselli de operatione Dsemonum.” 5. “Janua Hebraismi aperta,” Kilon, 169 1. 1


Moreri. —Niceron, vol. XLII.