Hedio, Caspar

, one of the early reformers, was born in 14l>5, at Etlinggen, in the marquisate of Baden; and educated at Friburg, where he took his master of arts degree. Thence he went to Basil, studied divinity, and commenced doctor of philosophy and divinity about 1520. Having imbibed the principles of the reformed religion, he inculcated it with great success, as preacher in the church at Mentz, until the violence of persecution obliged him to go to Strasburgh in 1523, where, under the sanction of the senate, he co-operated with Capito and Bucer in the reformation. Here he married in 1533 In 1543 Herman, bishop of Cologn, wishing to promote the cause in his diocese, invited Bucer and Hedio, who were very | successful, until driven away by the emperor and the Spaniards. Hedio made his escape with much difficulty, and returned to Strasburgh, where he composed most of his works, and where he died Oct. 17, 1552. His original works, enumerated by Melchior Adam, are theological, historical, and philological; besides which, he was editor of some parts of the Fathers. 1

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