Hedericus, Benjamin

, of Haiti, or Grossen-hayn, in Misnia, was born in 1675. His first publication was an edition of Empedoclesde Sphsera,” xvith his own notes, and the Latin version of Septimius Florens, in 1711, Dresden, 4to. He then published a “Notitia Auctorum,1714, 8va. His celebrated “Greek Lexicon” was published, first at Leipsic, in 1722, 8vo, and has been republished here with many additions, by Young, Patrick, and Morell. It was also much improved by Ernesti, and republished at Leipsic in 1767. Hedench published other lexicons on different subjects, and died in 1748. Erncsti says of him, that he was a good man, and very laborious, but not a profound scholar in Greek, nor well qualified for compiling a lexicon for the illustration of Greek authors. 2


Dict. Hist. Saxii Onomaast.