Hoeschelius, David

, a learned German, was born at Augsburg in 1556; and spent his life in teaching the youth in the college of St. Anne, of which he was made principal by the magistrates of Augsburg, in 1593. They made him their library keeper also, and he acquitted himself with true literary zeal in this post: for he collected a great number of Mss. and printed books, especially Greek, and also of the best authors and the best editions, with which he enriched their library; and also published the most scarce and curious of the Mss. with his own notes. His publications were very numerous, among which were editions of the following authors, or at least of some part of their works; Origen, Philo Judseus, Basil, Gregory of Nyssen, Gregory of Nazianzen, Chrysostom, Hori Apollinis Hieroglyphica, Appian, Photius, Procopius, Anna Comnena, &c. To some of these he added Latin translations, but published others in Greek only, with notes. Huetius has commended him, not only for the pains he took to discover old manuscripts, but also for his skill and ability in translating them. He composed, and published in 1595, “A Catalogue of the Greek Mss. in the Augsburg library,” which, for the judgment and order with which it is drawn up, is reckoned a masterpiece in its kind. He may justly be ranked among those who contributed to the revival of good learning in Europe: for, besides these labours for the public, he attended his college closely; and not only produced very good scholars, but is said to have furnished the bar with one thousand, and the church with two thousand, young men of talents. He died at Augsburg in 1617, much lamented, being a man of good as well as great qualities, and not less beloved than admired. 2


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