Gascony, an ancient province of SW. France, lying between the Atlantic, the Pyrenees, and the Garonne; it included several of the present departments; the province was of Basque origin, but ultimately became united with Aquitaine, and was added to the territory of the French crown in 1453; the Gascons still retain their traditional characteristics; they are of dark complexion and small in stature, vivacious and boastful, but have a high reputation for integrity.

Definition taken from The Nuttall Encyclopædia, edited by the Reverend James Wood (1907)

Gascoigne, Sir William * Gaskell, Mrs., née Stevenson
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Garnet, Henry
Garnett, Richard
Garnett, Richard
Garrick, David
Garrison, William Lloyd
Garter, the most noble Order of the
Garth, Sir Samuel
Gascoigne, Sir William
Gaskell, Mrs., née Stevenson
Gassendi, Pierre
Gassner, Johann Joseph
Gataker, Thomas
Gate of Tears
Gates, Horatio
Gatling, Richard Jordan
Gatty, Mrs.


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Anselme, Antony
Audiguier, Vital De
Bacoue, Leo
Baron, Vincent
Bartas, William De Salluste Du
Daran, James
Davila, Henry Catherine
Fitzwilliam, William
Go Urn Ay, Mary De Jars, Lady Of
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