Horrebow, Peter

, a celebrated Danish astronomer, and professor of that science at Copenhagen, was born at Laegsted, in Jutland, in 1679. He studied at Aalburg under very unfavourable circumstances, beingobliged, at the same period, to submit to various kinds of labour. In 1714, he was appointed professor of mathematics at Copenhagen, and in 1725 he was elected a member of the Danish academy of sciences. He died in 1764. He was author of many works connected with his favourite pursuits, among which were “Copernicus Trinmphans, sive de Parallaxi Orbis Annui;” in which he shews himself an enthusiast for the system of Copernicus; the “Elements of Astronomy;” and “the Elements of Mathematics;” but he is best known in this country by his “Natural History of Iceland,” fol. 1758. His mathematical works were published in four vols, 4to, Copenhagen, 1735, &c. 2