Events noted in 1758

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1757 1759


Died: Albert, Louis Joseph D' grandson of the constable de Luynes

Died: Alberti, George William a preacher at Tundern in Hanover

“Tractatio de miliarium origine, progressu, natura, et curatione,” Allioni, Charles a celebrated Piedmontese physician

Died: Altmann, John George a Swiss historian and divine

“Les Fetes d'Euterpe,” Auvergne, Antoine D' an eminent French musician and composer

“Dictionnaire historique, litteraire, et critique, des homines celebres,” Barral, Abbe Peter born at Grenoble

“Dictionnaire hist, geographique et moral de la Bible,” Barral, Abbe Peter born at Grenoble

“Les choses comme ont doit les voir,” Bastide, John Francis De La a very industrious French writer

“Remarks upon Dr. Benson’s sermon on the gospel method of Justification,” Bate, Julius an English divine of the Hutchinsonian principles

“The morality of Epicurus,” Batteux, Charles professor of philosophy in the college royal

Died: Baty, Richard rector of the parish of Kirkandrews upon Esk

“An historical account of the General Hospital or Infirmary in the city of Bath,” Baylis, William one of the physicians to the king of Prussia

Born: Baynes, John was born in April 1758

Died: Beaufils, William a Jesuit

Died: Benedict Xiv., Pope whose name was Prosper Lambertini

“De Lucensium Thermarum sale tractatus,” Benvenuti, Joseph an Italian surgeon

Died: Benzelius, Henry archbishop of Upsal

Died: Berruyer, Joseph Isaac a celebrated French writer

“Le Philanthrope,” Bertrand, Elias an ingenious Swiss writer

“Recherches sur les langues anciennes et modernes de la Suisse, et principalement du pays de Vaud,” Bertrand, Elias an ingenious Swiss writer

Died: Bianchi, John Antony called by Fabroni Blanchius

“Remarks on the rev. Dr. Powell’s Sermon in defence of Subscriptions, &c.” Blackburne, Francis the celebrated author of the “Confessional

Died: Booth, Henry earl of Warrington

“Theoria philosophise niituralis reducta ad unicam legem virium in natura existentium,” Boscovich, Roger Joseph one of the most eminent mathematicians and philosophers of the last century

“History of the four last years of Queen Anne” Boyle, John earl of Cork and Orrery

Born: Brancas Villeneuve, Andrew Francis abbe d'Aulnay

“Monasticon Eboracense; and the Ecclesiastical History of Yorkshire, &c.” Burton, John an eminent antiquary

“The history of the war in the East-Indies,” Campbell, John an eminent historical

“La Theorie de Pouie,” Cat, Claude Nicholas Le an eminent French physician and surgeon

“Histoire d'Hercule le Thebain,” Caylus, Anne Claude Philip De Tubiere De Grimoakd De Pestels De Levis, Count De a very celebrated amateur and patron of the arts

“Observations, &c.” Chapman, Thomas the son of John Chapman

“The History and Antiquities of the ancient villa of Wheatfield, in the county of Suffolk,” Clubbe, John rector of Whatfield

Died: Cocchi, Anthony of Florence

“The Genius of Britain,” Cooper, John Gilbert an English poet and miscellaneous writer

“A plan for the establishment of Charity-houses for exposed or deserted women and girls, and for penitent prostitutes,” Coram, Capt. Thomas an eminent philanthropist

Died: Cowper, William earl Cowper

Died: Craig, William a divine of the church of Scotland

“An Essay towards a System of Mineralogy,” Cronstedt, Axel Frederic a Swedish mineralogist

“Dictionnaire Militaire,” Desbois, Francis Alexander Aubert De La Chesnaie a laborious Dictionary maker

“Oxford, 1756;” Dodwell, William was born at Shottesbrooke

“Sermon at the Meeting of the Charity Schools,” Dodwell, William was born at Shottesbrooke

“A full Confutation of Bower’s Three Defences;” Douglas, John the late learned bishop of Salisbury

“Topographic de TUnivers,” Expilli, John Joseph a French writer

“CEuvres diverses,” Fontaine, John De La a celebrated French poet

“Recherches et considerations sur les finances de France depuis 1595 jusqu'a 1721,” Forbonnois, Francis V'Eron De an eminent political and financial writer of France

Died: Foster, Sir Michael an eminent lawyer

“De Atmosphaera Ccelestium corporuro,” Frisi, Paul a very eminent philosopher and mathematician

Died: Froelich, Erasmus a learned medallist

“Notitia elementaria antiquorum illorum, quse urbium liberarum, regum et principum, ac personarum illustrium, appellantur,” Froelich, Erasmus a learned medallist

“Institutiones Pathologiae Medicinalis,” Gaubius, Jerome David an eminent German physician

“History and Practice of the high court of Chancery,” Gilbert, Sir Jeffray knt. lord chief baron of the exchequer

“Critical Review” Grainger, James an English poet and physician

Died: Grange, Joseph De Chancel De La a French satirist and dramatic poet

“Physique des Arbres,” Hamel Du Monceau, Henry Lewis Du an eminent French writer on rural ceconomy and vegetable physiology

Died: Hardinge, Nicholas a polite and ingenious scholar

“Narrative” Holwell, John Zephaniah a learned English gentleman

“Jerusalem Delivered,” Hoole, John a dramatic poet and translator

“Natural History of Iceland,” Horrebow, Peter a celebrated Danish astronomer

“The Mistakes or, The Happy Resentment,” Hyde, Henry Lord Hyde and Cornbury

“A discourse on the conduct of Great Britain in respect to Neutral Nations during the present War,” Jenkinson, Charles earl of Liverpool

Died: Jussieu, Antony De an eminent botanist

“Epistle to Lorenzo,” Kenrick, William the son of a stay-maker at or near Watford in Hertfordshire

Died: Kimber, Isaac a dissenting divine

“Pro M. T. Cicerone adversus Dionem Cassium et Plutarchum dissertatio,” Klotz, Christian Adolphus an eminent German critic

“Ad virum doct. I. C. Reichelium epistola, qua de quibusdam ad Homerum pertinentibus disputatur,” Klotz, Christian Adolphus an eminent German critic

“A Hebrew Grammar,” Ladvocat, John Baptist an useful and agreeable French writer

“Sanctae ecclesiae Florentine monumenta,” Lami, John an Italian ecclesiastic

“The Residual Analysis,” Landen, John an eminent mathematician

“Treatise on the Small-pox,” Langrish, Browne a physician of the last century

“Chereas and Calliroe,” Larcher, Peter Henry an eminent French scholar and translator

“De sectionibus conicis,” Lecchi, John Anthony a learned Italian mathe. matician

“Lectures on Italian Eloquence,” Mann I, Dominic Maria an eminent Italian writer

“Dictionnaire Historique, ou Memoires Critiques et Litteraires, concernant la vie et les outrages de divers personnages distingués, particulierement dans la republique des-lettres,” Marchand, Prospeu an author to whom the curious in literary history are greatly indebted

“Tales.” Marmontel, John Francis one of the most distinguished French writers of the eighteenth century

“The Gentleman’s Magazine,” Maty, Matthew an eminent physician and polite writer

“Paralipomena contra Polygamiam,” Michaelis, John David a celebrated biblical critic

“The History of the Mathematics;” Montucla, John Stephen a celebrated mathematician

Died: Murray, James a clergyman of Scotland

“Five Lessons for the Harpsichord, with a sonata in score for the harpsichord or organ; dedicated to the right honourable the countess of Carlisle;” Nares, James doctor of music

Born: Nelson, Horatio one of the bravest

“CEuvres diverses,” Oliva, John an Italian antiquary

“The Fig-tree dried up; or the Story of that remarkable Transaction as it is related by St. Mark considered in a new light explained and vindicated in a Letter to . . . . . . . . . esq.” Parry, Richard rector of Wichampton in Dorsetshire

“The Study of Sacred Literature, fully stated and considered in a Discourse to a student in divinity (the rev. John Jenison, who died at Liege, Dec. 27, 1790),” Phillips, Thomas a Roman catholic divine

“Observations on that Disorder of the corner of the Eye commonly called Fistula Lachrytnalis,” Pott, Percival an English surgeon of the highest eminence (17131788)

“Madrigal and Trulletta, a mock tragedy,” Reed, Joseph a dramatic and miscellaneous writer

Born: Robinson, Maria a lady of considerable literary talents (?–1800)

Born: Sibthorp, John an eminent botanist and traveller

“De telluribus in mundo nostro solari,” Swedenborg, Emanuel a Swedish enthusiast

“De Equo albo in Apocalypsi,” Swedenborg, Emanuel a Swedish enthusiast

Born: Thew, Robert an excellent engraver

“A Compendium of social religion,” Turner, Daniel a dissenting minister of the baptist persuasion

“Droit des gens, ou Principes de la Loi Naturelle,” Vattel, Emer De, an eminent publicist

“De inaequalitatibus motuum Lunarium,” Walmesley, Charles R

“Four Essays upon the English Longuage,” Ward, John a learned and useful writer

“System of Oratory, delivered in a course of lectures publicly read at Gresham college,” Ward, John a learned and useful writer

Died: Webster, William ar learned and laborious divine