Jablonowsky, Joseph Alexander Von

, a Polish prince, devoted himself chiefly to the sciences, and, for the sake of improvement, frequently visited Germany and France. When the troubles broke out in Poland he resigned his senatorial dignity, left the country, and took up his residence at Leipsic, where he distinguished himself not only as a friend and protector of science, but as a man of great literary acquirements. He founded a society which was named after himself, and assigned a liberal sum for the purpose of distributing premiums to the authors of | the best answers to questions proposed on various literary subjects. This society still exists, holds its meetings at Leipsic, and occasionally presents the world with the fruit of its labours. The prince died in 1777, at the age of sixty-five. His works are, “The Lives of Twelve Generals,” written in the Polish language “A Treatise on the Sclavonic Poetry” and some pieces of a similar nature. 1


Rees’s Cyclopædia, from Gen. Biog.