Jablonski, Theodore

, brother to the preceding, and born at Dantzic in 1654, was counsellor of the court of Prussia, and secretary of the royal society of sciences at Berlin. He was a man of the most exact probity and a strict piety, united to a sweetness of temper, a polite urbanity, and an inclination to oblige all that applied to him. He loved the sciences, and did them honour, without that ambition which is generally seen in men of learning. It was owing to this modesty that he did not put his name to the greater part of his works; the chief of which are, “Dictionaire Francois- Allemand & Allemand -Francois,| printed in 1711A Course of Morality in the German Tongue, 1713;” “An Universal Dictionary of Arts and Sciences, 1721;” a translation into High Dutch of “Tacitus- de moribus Germanorum,” with remarks, 1724. He died in 1731. 1


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