Manfredi, Gabriel

, brother to the preceding, was born at Bologna, March 25, 1681, and having devoted himself to mathematical studies acquired the reputation of the best algebraist in Italy. At the age of twenty he composed a work on the equations of the first degree, which obtained the praises of the learned world. In 1708, the senate of Bologna appointed him one of their secretaries; and in 1720 he was made professor of mathematics in the university of that city, of which, in 1726, he became chancellor. He was much employed in hydrostatic labours, and with great success: nor did he shew less skill in the science of geography. He died in 1761. He published “De constructione aequationum differentialium primi gradus,” Bonon. 1707. This procured him a letter of congratulation from the celebrated Leibnitz. His other | works are principally among the memoirs of the institute of Bologna. 1


Fabroni, vol. V.