Events noted in 1705

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1700 1710


Born: Adam, Nicholas-Sebastian artist

Died: Aicher, Otho a benedictine father

“Fasti Consulares,” Almeloveen, Theodore Jansson Van physician

“Lettera discorsiva al March. Giovani GioSeffo Orsi, dove si tratto dell' origine e progressi de signori accademici Spioni, e delle varie loro lodevoli applicazioni,” Angelis, Dominico De author of several pieces relating to the history of literature

“De obsoniis et condimentis, sive de arte coquinaria,” Apicius

“Scnatorum Mediolanensium ex collegio judicum Cremonae ab ipso erecto, usque ad hocc tempora continuata series,” Arisi, Francis lawyer

“De Bibliorum Textibus Originalibus,” Aristeas a prefect or officer under Ptolemy Philadelphus

“Bibliotheca politico-heraldica,” Arndt, Charles [son of Joshua Arndt]

Born: Artedi, Peter naturalist

“The Christian Religion, as practised by a daughter of the Church of England,” Astell, Mary a learned and ingenious lady

Died: Aunoy, Marie Catherine Jumelle De Berneville, Comtesse D' widow of the count d'Aunoy

Died: Ayres, John an eminent English penman of the seventeenth century

“Isidori Clarii ex Monacho Episcopi Fulginatis Epistolse ad amicos, hactenus ineditac,” Bacchini, Bernardin scholar

“Oraison funebre de M. Pierre Creagh,” Baltus, John Francis Jesuit

“Histoire de l'ancien et du nouveau Testament,” Basnage, James de Franquener

Born: Baume, James Francis De La canon of the collegiate church of St

“Diatriba de Pharsalici conflictus mense et die, cum accessionibus et prefatione Henrici Leonard! Schurztleischii,” Beau, John Baptiste Le Jesuit

“Serious reflections on the scandalous abuse and effects of the Stage, a sermon,” Bedford, Arthur clergyman

Died: Berault, Michael pastor and professor of theology at Montauban

“Electa processus executivi, processorii, provocatorii et matrimonialis,” Berger, John Henry De lawyer

“De Virgilio oratore,” Berger, John William was professor of eloquence at Wittemberg

“Rime varie,” Bernardoni, Peter Antony poet

Born: Bidermann, John Theophilus writer

Born: Birch, Thomas writer

Born: Blackburne, Francis the celebrated author of the “Confessional

“Eliza, a poem in ten books,” Blackmore, Sir Richard physician

“Solon” Bladen, Martin of Albro'-hatch

“Relationes quaedam Arnoldi Blair monachi de Dumfermelem et Capellani D. Willelmi Wallas Militis. Cum Comment.” Blair, John a monk of the order of St

Born: Blondel, James Francis and a man of abilities

“Letters” Boecler, John Henry critic

“Commentatio in Grotii librum de jure belli ac pacis,” Boecler, John Henry critic

“Select dissertationes in Sac. Scripturam,” Bonjour, William a learned Augustin

Born: Broschi, Carlo was born the 24th of January

Born: Brown, Ulysses Maximilian De a celebrated general of the eighteenth century

Born: Browne, Isaac Hawkins poet

“Opticae disputationes,” Casati, Paul Jesuit

“The Stolen Heiress, or the Salamanca Doctor outwitted.” Centlivre, Susannah writer

“Rudimentorum Methodi Fiuxionurn inversae Specimina, adversus Abr. De Moivre.” Cheyne, George physician

“Opuscula,” Clarius, Isidorus one of the most learned divines in the sixteenth century

“Supplement,” Collier, Jeremy divine

“Hist, genealogique de la Maison de Gondi,” Corbinelli, James a man of wit and learning of the sixteenth century

“De Furibus Librariis,” Crenius, Thomas a native of the marche of Brandenburg

Born: Daun, Leopold Count a celebrated Austrian general

Died: Dawes, Sir William archbishop

“Gibraltar, or the Spanish Adventure;” Dennis, John poet

“Occasional Communion fundamentally destructive of the discipline of the primitive catholic Church, and contrary to the doctrine of the latest Scriptures concerning Church Communion;” Dodwell, Henry writer

Born: Duclos, Charles Dineau born at Dinant in Bretagne

“The Preacher,” Edwards, John divine

“The Twin-Rivals,” Farquhar, George writer

Born: Fothergill, George principal of St

Born: Fox, Henry Lord Holland

Born: Ganganelli, John Vincent Antony physician

Born: Gaubius, Jerome David physician

“Fundamentum doctrines motus gravium,” Giordani, Vital mathematician

“Ad Hyacinthum Christophorum Epistola,” Giordani, Vital mathematician

Died: Gourville, John Herauld De a French politician

“Sejani et Rufini dialogus de Laderchiana historia S. Petri Damiani,” Grandlus, Gumo mathematician

Died: Guillet, De Saint George, Guy historian

Born: Hartley, David physician

“Justin,” Hearne, Thomas antiquary

“A Treatise on the Dispensations allowed in Lent,” Hecquet, Philip physician

“Four Discourses against Vice and Immorality,” Henry, Matthew an eminent dissenting teacher

“I have had much satisfaction this year (1703) in my non-conformity, especially by reading Mr. Hoadly’s books, in which I see a manifest spirit of Christianity unhappily leavened by the spirit of conformity.” Hoadly, Benjamin prelate

Born: Hoadly, Benjamin bishop

“Posthumous Works,” Hooke, Robert mathematician

Died: Howe, John divine

“Sophocles,” Johnson, Thomas scholar

“Auctuarium,” Labbe, Philip Jesuit

“Le veritable Esprit des Disciples de S. Augustin,” Lallemant, James Philip Jesuit

“The Danger of Priestcraft,” Leslie, Charles writer

“The principles of Dissenters concerning Toleration, and occasional Conformity,” Leslie, Charles writer

Born: Mason, John divine

Died: Menestrier, Claude Francis Jesuit

“Dissertatio de Generatione et Metamorphosibus insectorum Surinamensium,” Merian, Maria Sibylla a lady much and justly ceJebrated for her skill in drawing insects

Born: Moore, Philip rector of Kirkbride

Born: Moser, George Michael artist

Born: Muller, Gerard Frederick traveller

“Prolegomena, &c. in librum, cui titulus, Elucidatio Augustiniange de divina gratia doctrinae,” Muratori, Lewis Anthony antiquary

“Lettere ai generosi e cortesi Letterati d'ltalia,” Muratori, Lewis Anthony antiquary

Born: Murray, William, Earl Of Mansfield lawyer

“The New Testament translated into English from the Latin, with marginal notes,” Nary, Cornelius divine

“A Letter on Church Government, in answer to a pamphlet entitled The Principles of the Protestant Reformation,” Nelson, Robert a learned and pious English gentleman

Died: Nesse, Christopher divine

Died: Nyssenus, Gregory

“Mathematical and Physical Researches,” Parent, Antony mathematician

Born: Parsons, James physician

“Dissertation sur les anciennes & veritables bornes de la Terre Promise,” Pezron, Paul a learned and ingenious Frenchman

“The Lives of Painters.” Piles, Roger De an ingenious Frenchman

“Traité des Fougeres de l'Amerique,” Plumier, Charles called Father Plumier

“Les Principes solides de la Religion Chretienne,” Poiret, Peter famous only for his love of mysticism and enthusiasm

Died: Rapin De Thoyras, Paul historian

Died: Ray, John philosopher

“De Religione Moharnmedica libri duo,” Reland, Hadrian an eminent orientalist

“Epistolse celebrium Virorum,” Rittershusius, Conradus a learned civilian and philologer of Germany

Born: Robertson, William divine

Born: Rosel, John Augustus painter

“De Gestis Gul. Valise,” Sibbald, Sir Robert physician

“The Essay towards a proposal for Catholic Communion, &c.” Spinckes, Nathaniel divine

“Paraphrase on the Epistles and Gospels,” Stanhope, George dean

Died: Strange, Sir John lawyer

“Bibliotheca Historica,” Struvius, Burcard Gotthelf one of the many sons of the preceding

“De Vita et Scriptis Geo. Adam Struvii,” Struvius, Burcard Gotthelf one of the many sons of the preceding

“The Life of Sir John Cheke,” Strype, John the most valuable contributor to ecclesiastical history and biography that ever appeared in this country

Died: Suicer, John Gaspard divine

“Historia VinJandiae antiquae,” Torfæus, Thermodus antiquary

Died: Trigland, James divine

Died: Tronchin, Theodore the first of a considerable family of learned men in Geneva and France

Born: Tucker, Abraham writer

Died: Turretin, John Alphonsus the most celebrated of the family

“Dissertatio super Aristea, de 70 interpretibus,” Van-Dale, Anthony writer

Born: Vanloo, Charles was born at Nice

Born: Vergne, Louis Elizabeth De La count de Tressan

“Military Discoveries” Walker, Sir Edward writer

“Thesaurus Ling. Vet. Septen.” Wanley, Humphrey antiquary (16711726)

“The necessity and usefulness of the Christian IleveJation, by reason of the corruptions of the principles of natural religion among Jews and Heathens,” Whitby, Daniel divine

“Historia Lexicorum Hebraicorum,” Wolfe, John Christopher scholar

“Reflections,” Wotton, William divine (?–1726)

Died: Young, Edward poet


“A collection of Travels in France, Italy, England, Holland, and Russia,” Aa, Peter Vander an eminent bookseller (16591733)

“A collection of Voyages in the two Indies,” Aa, Peter Vander an eminent bookseller (16591733)

“Scriptores rerum Gerrn. septentrional.” Adam Of Bremen so called because he was a canon of that church

Died: Agnelli, Joseph Jesuit

“Aug. Hermanni Franke manuductio ad lectionem Scrip. Sac.” Allix, Peter divine

Died: Amelot De La Houssaye, Nicholas called by some Abraham Nicholas

Born: Amhurst, Nicholas writer

“Delia vita di Scipione Ammiralo, patrizio Leccese, libri tre,” Angelis, Dominico De author of several pieces relating to the history of literature

“Lexicon philosophicum,” Argentre, Charles Duplessis D' bishop

Born: Artaud, Peter Joseph born at Bonieux in the comtat-Venaissin

“Six familiar Essays upon Marriage, Crosses in Love, and Friendship,” Astell, Mary a learned and ingenious lady

“A letter to Dr. Francis Atterbury, concerning Virtue and Vice,” Atterbury, Francis bishop

Born: Baskerville, John a celebrated printer

“Histoire des Juifs,” Basnage, James de Franquener

“L'histoire secrette du Connetable de Bourbon,” Baudot De Juilli, Nicholas born at Vendôme in 1678

Died: Bauldri, Paul surnamed D'!Berville

Died: Bayle, Peter writer

“Ecclesia Antediluviana vera et falsa,” Bebele, Balthazar divine

“The evil and danger of Stage Plays,” Bedford, Arthur clergyman

“The temple of Music,” Bedford, Arthur clergyman

Born: Belchier, John was born in the year 1706

“Electa jurisprudentise criminalis,” Berger, John Henry De lawyer

“The French church’s apology for the church of England or the objections of dissenters against the articles, homilies, liturgy, and canons of the English church, considered, and answered upon the principles of the reformed church of France. A work chiefly extracted out of the authentic acts and decrees of the French national synods, and the most approved writers of that church,” Bingham, Joseph writer

Died: Blair, Patrick botanist

“Catalogue of the Orders, Religious, Military, and Equestrian, with plates representing their several habiliments,” Bonanni, Philip Jesuit

Born: Boyle, John earl of Cork and Orrery

Born: Brooke, Henry writer

“Essays, ecclesiastical and civil,” Bulstrode, Sir Richard was educated at Pembroke-hall

“Unfortunate Court Favourites of England,” Burton, Robert was a name placed in the titlepages of a numerous set of popular volumes printed about the end of the seventeenth and beginning of the eighteenth century

Born: Chastelet, Gabriel Emilia De Breteuil, Marchioness descended of a very ancient family of Picardy

“Le Pitture antiche delle Grotte di Roma e del Sepolcro di Nasoni, &c.” Chausse, Michael Angelo De La antiquary

Died: Cinelli, John physician

“Rights of the Christian Church,” Clerc, John Le writer

Died: Cradock, Samuel writer

“C. Julii Caesaris, et A. Hirtii quas extant omnia,” Davies, John critic

“Memoirs of the Academy of Sciences at Paris.” Ditton, Humphrey mathematician

“An Epistolary Discourse, proving, from the scriptures and the first fathers, that the soul is a principle naturally mortal; but immortalized actually by the pleasure of God, to punishment, or to reward, by its union with the divine baptismal spirit. Wherein is proved, that none have the power of giving this divine immortalizing spirit, since the apostles, but only the bishops,” Dodwell, Henry writer

Born: Dollond, John an eminent optician

“Secret Memoirs of Robert Dudley, earl of Leicester,” Drake, James physician

“Leicester’s Ghost;” Dudley, Robert baron of Denbigh

“Fair Example,” Estcourt, Richard writer

“Description of the Church of the Invalids,” Felibien, John Francis succeeded his father in all his places

“Posthums, quibus accedunt illustrium eruditorum ad eutn Epistolse,” Francius, Peter poet

Born: Fuessli, John Gaspard artist

Born: Goodal, Walter antiquary

Born: Green, John prelate

Died: Gryphius, Christian and one of the greatest geniuses that Germany has produced

Died: Hamel, John Baptists Du divine

Died: Hody, Humphrey divine

Died: Hoffman, John James professor of Greek at Bale

Born: Hopkins, William writer

“Bibliotheque Choisee,” Huet, Peter Daniel bishop

“The Complete History of England,” Hughes, John poet

“Paraphrase with Notes on the Book of Psalms according to the Translation retained in our Common Prayer- Book,” Johnson, John divine

Died: Joyner, William second son of William

“A complete History of England, &c.” Kennet, White writer

“Account of the Society for propagating the Gospel in foreign parts,” Kennet, White writer

“An Essay towards a Paraphrase on the Psalms, in Verse; with a Paraphrase on the third Chapter of the Revelations,” Kennet, Basil was born Oct. 21

“Entretiens sur lea Sciences, et sur la Methode d'Etudier,” Lami, Bernard a learned priest of the Oratory

“Demonstration, ou Preuves eVidentes de la Vérite et Sainted de la Morale Chretienne,” Lami, Bernard a learned priest of the Oratory

“Onomasticon,” Lederlin, John Henry critic

Born: Leechman, William divine

“A Warning for the Church of England,” Leslie, Charles writer

Born: Martini, John-Baptist known all over Europe by the name of Padre Martini

Born: Menard, Leo a counsellor in the presidial court at Nismes

“Adversaria Anatomica,” Morgagni, John Baptist anatomist

“Disput. de Inflammatione,” Nettleton, Thomas physician

“De Religione ab Imperio Jure Gentium libera Oratio,” Noodt, Gerard a celebrated civilian (?–1725)

“Observationum Libri duo,” Noodt, Gerard a celebrated civilian (?–1725)

“Dissertatio de miraculo Piscinae Bethesdae,” Olearius, Godfrey the most considerable of a family of learned men of thU name

Born: Pattison, William poet

“Eight Letters to Dr. Wells,” Peirce, James an eminent dissenting minister

Died: Quick, John an eminent nonconformist

“De mente Concilii Tridentini circa Gratiam per se efficacem.” Reginald, Anthony Dominican

“Dissertationum Miscellanearum Partes Tres,” Reland, Hadrian an eminent orientalist

Born: Rosen, Nicholas physician

Born: Sauvages, Francis Boissier De the inventor of modern nosology

Died: Schalken, Godfrey painter

“The truth and excellence of the Christian Religion asserted, against Jews, infidels, and heretics; in sixteen sermons preached at Boyle’s Lectures,” Stanhope, George dean

“Rochefoucault’s Maxims,” Stanhope, George dean

“Groenlandia antiqua, seu veteris Groenlandiae descriptio,” Torfæus, Thermodus antiquary

“Verses on baron Spanheim,” Trapp, Joseph divine

Died: Wagenseil, John Christopher a very learned German

Died: Warburton, William prelate

“Dionysius’s Geography,” Wells, Edward divine

Born: Williams, Anna an ingenious English lady

“Dissertatio de Zabiis,” Wolfe, John Christopher scholar

“Origenis Philosophumena recognita et nods illustrata,” Wolfe, John Christopher scholar

“The Account of Architects and Architecture,” Wren, Christopher architect


“The History of the Campagnes 1548 and 1549: being an exact account of the martial expeditions performed in those days by the Scots and French on the one side, and the English and their foreign auxiliaries on the other: done in French by Mons. Beague, a French gentleman. Printed in Paris 1556, with an introductory preface by the translator,” Abercromby, Patrick historian

Born: Adams, William master of Pembroke College

Born: Alcock, Nathan physician

“De Exilio,” Alcyonius, Peter a learned Italian

“Lithotomia, overo del cavar la Pietra,” Alghizi, Thomas a very celebrated lithotomist

Born: Allen, Anthony antiquary

“Dissertatio de J. C. Domini nostri anno et mense natali,” Allix, Peter divine

“The Prophecies which Mr. Whiston applies to the times immediately following the appearance of the Messiah, considered and examined,” Allix, Peter divine

“Traité des Eunuques, par C. Dollincan,” Ancillon, Charles son of the above

“De propria ratione qua res supernaturales a rebus naturalibus differunt,” Argentre, Charles Duplessis D' bishop

“Tableau de la Cour de Rome,” Aymon, John a Piedmontese author

Died: Baglivi, George physician

“Reponse a l'histoire des Onicles de M. de Fontenelle,” Baltus, John Francis Jesuit

“Tomyris, Reine des Mussagetes,” Barbier, Mary Anne a French lady

“Des Instructions Pastorales;” Belsunce, Henry Francis Xavier De bishop

Born: Bentham, Edward canon of Christ-church

“Dissert, tres de Lino,” Berger, John William was professor of eloquence at Wittemberg

Died: Beveridge, William divine

Born: Beyer, Augustus a German Protestant minister

“Index locorum scripture sacra,” Bigne, Marguerin De La a priest

“Founder of the poetical lectures,” Birkhead, Henry poet

Born: Blanchet, Francis a French abbé of considerable talents and amiable character

“Enchiridion Precum, cum introductione de natura Orationis,” Boehm, Anthony William minister of the German chapel at St

“De ortu atque progressu Philosophise moralis,” Boerner, Christian Frederick professor of theology at Leipsic

“De Socrate, singular! boni ethici exemplo,” Boerner, Christian Frederick professor of theology at Leipsic

“Observatiunes Misceilanex ad loca quaedam cum Novi Fcederis, turn externorum Scriptorum Græcorum,” Bos, Lambert philologist

“An account of Church-government and governors, wherein is shewed that the government of the church of England is most agreeable to that of the primitive church; for the instruction of a near relation, who had been brought up among the Dissenters,” Brett, Thomas, Ll. D. divine

Died: Broeckhusius, John scholar

Born: Buffon, George Louis Le Clerc, Count Of naturalist

“A letter to Mr. Hoadly, in answer to his Defence of the Reasonableness of Conformity.” Calamy, Edmund divine

“Commentaire litteral sur tous les livres de l'Aneten et da Nouyeau Testament,” Calmet, Augustine Benedictine

Died: Casati, Paul Jesuit

Died: Cavendish, William the first duke of Devonshire

Died: Charleton, Walter physician

Born: Church, Thomas was born in 1707

“A letter to the learned Mr. Henry Dodwell, containing some remarks on a pretended demonstration of the immateriality and natural immortality of the soul, in Mr. Clarke’s answer to his late epistolary discourse,” Collins, Anthony writer

“A reply to Mr. Clarke’s defence of his letter to Mr. Dodwell with a postscript to Mr. Milles’s answer to Mr. Dod well’s epistolary discourse,” Collins, Anthony writer

“Reflections on Mr. Clarke’s second defence of his letter to Mr. Dodwell,” Collins, Anthony writer

“De jure precum primariarum,” Corradini, De Sezza, Peter Marcellinus antiquary

Born: Cotton, Nathaniel physician

Born: Crebillon, Claude Prosper Joliot De was born at Paris February 12

“Dissertations historiques sur divers sujets,” Croze, Mathuiun Veyssiere La writer

“Collectanea de Cyrillo Lucario,” Cyrillo, Dominic

“M. Minucii Felicis Octavius,” Davies, John critic

“Sermons preached upon several occasions before king William and queen Anne,” Dawes, Sir William archbishop

“Orpheus and Eurydice,” Dennis, John poet

“Dionysii Geographia emendata,” Dionysius, Periegetes poet

“Acta Eruditortim,” Ditton, Humphrey mathematician

“A farther prospect of the Case in View, in answer to some new objections not then considered,” Dodwell, Henry writer

Died: Drake, James physician

“Treatise on the Sacrament,” Earle, Jabez a dissenting minister of considerable note

Died: Edelinck, Gerard engraver

“Veritas redux, or evangelical truths restored,” Edwards, John divine

Born: Ernesti, John Augustus was born at Tacnnstadt in Thuringia

Born: Euler, Leonard mathematician (?–1783)

“Traité de la noblesse des Capitouls,” Faille, Germain De La writer

“Systema Planetarum,” Falconet, Camille born at Lyons in 1671

Born: Fielding, Henry writer

Died: Filicaia, Vincent De poet

“Poesie Toscane di Vincenzo da Filicaia,” Filicaia, Vincent De poet

Born: Flexman, Roger, D. D. clergyman

“The Physicians’ Pulsewatch,” Floyer, Sir John physician

“Pietas Hallensis,” Francke, Augustus Herman divine

Died: Gerbillon, John Francis Jesuit

Born: Gilchrist, Ebenezer physician

Born: Goldoni, Charles an eminent modern Italian dramatist

Died: Gramont, Philibert, Count Of son of Antony duke of Gramont

“A treatise on the original Institution, &c. of Parliaments,” Hale, Sir Matthew lawyer

Born: Harte, Walter divine

Born: Hoare, William artist

“Opnscula Anatomico-Chirurgica,” Hoorne, John Van anatomist

Born: Horbery, Matthew divine

Born: Huber, John James anatomist

“De Vita Pythag. Liber. Gr. et Lat. ex emendatione et cum notis Ludolphi Kusteri,” Jamblicus a native of Chalcis in Ccelosyria

“Defensio S. Augustini adversus Jo. Phereponum,” Jenkin, Robert divine

Born: Ihre, John professor of rhetoric and politics in the university of Upsal

Born: Le Blanc, John Bernard Le historiographer of buildings of the academy della Crusca

“Homer’s Iliad,” Lederlin, John Henry critic

“Archasologia Britannica, giving some account additional to what has been hitherto published of the languages, histories, and customs, of the original inhabitants of Great Britain, from collections and observations in travels through Wales, Cornwall, Bas Bretagne, Ireland, and Scotland, Vol, I. Glossography *.” Lhuyd, Edward antiquary

Born: Linnæus, Charles afterwards Von Linne'

Born: Lyonet, Peter naturalist

“De constructione aequationum differentialium primi gradus,” Manfredi, Gabriel was born at Bologna

“A Bible with short notes,” Martin, David divine

Born: Mazzuchelli, John Maria a nobleman of Brescia

Died: Morin, Lewis botanist

Born: Mounteney, Richard lawyer

“Great duty of frequenting the Christian Sacrifice,” Nelson, Robert a learned and pious English gentleman

Died: Pettyt, William student of the Middle Temple

Born: Pringle, Sir John baronet (17071782)

Died: Regis, Peter Sylvan philosopher

Born: Riccati, Vincent mathematician

Born: Robins, Benjamin mathematician (?–1751)

Died: Ruinart, Thierry a French theologian

Died: Sherlock, Dr. William divine

Born: Skelton, Philip clergyman

“Phaedra and Hippolitus,” Smith, Edmund one of those writers who

“Vitae quorundam eruditissimorum & illustrium virorum,” Smith, Thomas divine

Died: Stepney, George poet

Died: Stratford, Nicholas bishop

“Tyrocinia mathematica,” Sturmius, John Christopher mathematician

“The second pa/t of the Wolf stripped of Shepherd’s cloa thing, in answer to a late book entitled The Rights of the Christian Church asserted, published at London in March,” Tindal, Dr. Matthew writer

“Two treatises, one of the Christian Priesthood, the other of the dignity of the Episcopal Order, formerly written, and npw published to obviate the erroneous opinions, fallacious reasonings, and bold and false assertions, in a late book entitled The Rights of the Christian Church; with a large prefatory discourse, wherein is contained an Answer to the said book; all written by George Hickes, D. D.” Tindal, Dr. Matthew writer

“A thorough examination of the false principles and fallacious arguments advanced against the Christian Church, Priesthood, and Religion, in a late pernicious book, ironically entitled The Rights of the Christian Church asserted, &c. in a dialogue between Demas and Hierarcha: humbly offered to the consideration of the nobility and gentry of England; by Samuel Hill, rector of Kilmington, and archdeacon of Wells.” Tindal, Dr. Matthew writer

“Appendix to Pierius Valerian us’s treatise De Infelicitate Literatorum,” Tollius, James physician

Born: Tooke, Thomas was born in East-Kent

Died: Vandervelde, William called The Young

Died: Vauban, Sebastian Le Prestre, Seigneur De marechal of France

“La Dixme Roïale,” Vauban, Sebastian Le Prestre, Seigneur De marechal of France

“History of Infant Baptism” Wall, William the able defender of infant-baptism

“Essay on the Revelation of St. John;” Whiston, William divine (16671752)

“Arithmetic* Universalis,” Whiston, William divine (16671752)

“Reflections on some assertions and opinions of Mr. Dodweli, contained in a hook entitled ' An Epistolary discourse proving from the Scripture and first fathers, that the soul is a principle naturally mortal. Shewing the falsehood and the pernicious consequences of them. To which is added an answer to a pamphlet, entitled, some passages in Dr. Whitby’s paraphrase and annotations on the New Testament contrary to Scripture and the received Doctrine of the Church of England,” Whitby, Daniel divine


Died: Adimari, Lewis poet

Born: Ambrose De Lombes, Pere a pious and learned capuchin

“A devout collection of Divine Hymns and Poems, on several occasions,” Assheton, Dr. William son of Mr

“The Re-union of Christians translated from the French,” Atterbury, Lewis was born at Caldecot

“Suite de la Reponse, &c.” Baltus, John Francis Jesuit

Born: Batoni, Pompeo one of the greatest painters of the last century

Died: Battely, Dr. John antiquary

“Funeral Sermon” Beaufort, Margaret the foundress of Christ’s and St

“Essay on singing David’s psalms,” Bedford, Arthur clergyman

“Responsa ex omni jure,” Berger, John Henry De lawyer

“Origines Ecclesiastics, or the Antiquities of the Christian Church,” Bingham, Joseph writer

“Plain directions for reading the Holy Bible,” Boehm, Anthony William minister of the German chapel at St

“Institutiones medicae in usus exercitationis annuae domesticos,” Boerhaave, Herman physician

“Prselectiones publicae de morbis oculorum,” Boerhaave, Herman physician

Born: Boyse, Samuel and whose life affords an excellent moral (?–1749)

“Historia judicii habiti annis 1618 and 1619^ de tribus captivis, Barnevelt, Hogerbeets, et Grotio,” Brandt, Gerard historian

Died: Brandt, John the youngest son of Gerard

“Two letters on the times wherein Marriage is said to be prohibited,” Brett, Thomas, Ll. D. divine

“AlbiiTibulli quse extant, &c.” Broeckhusius, John scholar

Born: Bruys, Francis born at Serrieres in the Maconnois in 1708

Born: Campbell, John an eminent historical

Born: Chomel, James Francis physician

“A farther Vindication of the Short View, &c. in whjch the objections of a late book, entitled A Defence of Plays, are considered,” Collier, Jeremy divine

“An answer to Mr. Clarke’s third defence of his letter to Mr. Dodwell,” Collins, Anthony writer

“Letter concerning Enthusiasm,” Cooper, Anthony Ashley earl of Shaftesbury

Died: Corneille, Michael born at Paris in 1642

“Vindiciae Veterum Scriptorum, contra Hardouinum,” Croze, Mathuiun Veyssiere La writer

Born: Dalin, Olaus Von a learned Swede

Born: Dawes, Richard critic

“An Essay upon the Execution of the Laws against Immorality and Profaneness. With a Preface addressed to her Majesty’s justices of the peace,” Disney, John divine

“An Explication of a famous passage in the Dialogue of S. Justin Martyr with Tryphon, concerning the immortality of human souls. With an Appendix, consisting of a letter to the rev. Mr. John Norris, of Bemerton; and an expostulation relating to the late insults of Mr. Clarke and Mr. Chishull,” Dodwell, Henry writer

“Treatise of Faith and Justification,” Edwards, John divine

“A treatise on the weights and measures of various nations, and on the value of the coins of the ancients,” Eisenschmidt, John Caspar was born at Strasbourg Sept. 25

Died: Fosse, Antony De La nephew of the former

“Feb. 7, 1700. Ordered, that in consideration the bishop of Gloucester has a long time, at his own charge, provided a lecturer in this parish, and been otherwise kind and bountiful to the same, that the chancel of this parish church be forthwith put in good repair at the charge of the parish.” Fowler, Edward prelate

“System of the Heart,” Gamaches, Stephen Simon writer

Born: Gaubil, Antony one of the French missionaries in China

Died: Gobien, Charles Le Jesuit

“Origines mundi, et in eo regnorum,” Gurtler, Nicolas divine

Born: Guthrie, William writer

Born: Hagedorn, Frederic poet

Born: Haller, Albert De one of the most eminent physicians and philosophers of the eighteenth century

Died: Hare, Henry, Lord Colerane third and last baron of that name and family

Born: Hayes, William composer

Born: Hayman, Francis artist

“Livy,” Hearne, Thomas antiquary

“A Letter containing an account of some Antiquities between Windsor and Oxford, with a list of the several pictures in the school gallery adjoining to the Bodleian library,” Hearne, Thomas antiquary

“Select Colloquies of Lucian, and his Timon,” Hemsterhuis, Tiberius one of the most famous critics of his country

Died: Heusinger, John Michael divine

Died: Hickeringill, Edmund writer

Died: Jacquelot, Isaac divine

“Clergyman’s Vade-Mecum,” Johnson, John divine

“Recherches Historiques et Genealogiques des Grands d'Espagne,” Imhoff, John a very famous genealogist

“Stemma regium Lusitanicum,” Imhoff, John a very famous genealogist

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“Bibliotheque choisie,” Kuster, Ludolf critic

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“An Examination of Malebranche’s Opinion of seeing all Things in God.” Locke, John one of the greatest philosophers this country has produced

“Methode Hebraique du P. Renou,” Long, James Le historian

“Synopsis Apocalyptica; or a short and plain Explication and Application of Daniel’s Prophecy, and St. John’s Revelation, in consent with it, and consequential to it; by G. E. of C. tracing in the steps of the admirable lord Napier of Merchiston,” Mackenzie, George viscount Tarbat

“Museum Chymicum,” Maier, Michael a celebrated German alchymist and rosicrucian of the seventeenth century

Born: Marchmont, Hugh Hume, Campbell, Third Earl Of a nobleman of great learning and accomplishments

“Eight Sermons,” Martin, David divine

Died: Masham, Lady Damahis a lady distinguished by her piety and extraordinary accomplishments

“Gccasional Thoughts in reference to a virtuous and Christian Life.” Masham, Lady Damahis a lady distinguished by her piety and extraordinary accomplishments

Died: Maucroix, Francis De a French translator

Born: Mittarelli, John Benedict historian

“Some Letters to Mr. Locke,” Molyneux, Thomas The preceding William Molyneux had also a brother

“Introduzione alle paci private,” Muratori, Lewis Anthony antiquary

Born: Norden, Frederick Lewis traveller

“A Philosophical Discourse concerning the Natural Immortality of the Soul, wherein the great question of the Soul’s Immortality is endeavoured to be rightly stated and cleared,” Norris, John divine

“The natural Mortality of the Human Souls clearly demonstrated from the Holy Scriptures, and the concurrent Testimonies of the Primitive Writers,” Norris, John divine

Died: Oldys, William a bibliographer of great industry and accuracy

“History of the Apostles’ Creed,” Olearius, Godfrey the most considerable of a family of learned men of thU name

Born: Olivieri, Hannibal antiquary

“Consideration on the sixth Chapter of the Abridgment of the London Cases, relating to Baptism and the sign of the Cross,” Peirce, James an eminent dissenting minister

Born: Petit, Anthony anatomist

Died: Philips, John poet

Born: Pitt, William earl of Chatham

“A Dictionary of anonymous and pseudonymous Authors,” Placcius, Vincent an eminent philologer of Hamburgh

“A large and curious Account of the Amianthos or Asbestine Linen,” Plot, Robert eminent for being the first who formed a plan for a natural history of England

Died: Poupart, Francis anatomist

“Roscius An^licanus, or an Historical View of the Stage,” Purcell, Henry musician

“Callipaedia” Quillet, Claudius writer

Born: Racine, Bonaventure historian

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Died: Rooke, Sir George a brave naval officer

Died: Saint-John, Henry lord viscount Bolingbroke

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“Piscium querelse et vindicise,” Scheuchzer, John James naturalist

Died: Schurtzfleisch, Conrad Samuel a learned German

“Triumphs for the Inauguration of the Lord-mayor,” Settle, Elkanah a poetaster

Died: Stillingfleet, Benjamin naturalist

Died: Stork, Abraham painter

Died: Tallents, Francis divine

“Itinera Alpina,” Thorpe, John antiquary

Died: Tyson, Edward physician

Died: Vaillant, John Francis Foi was born at Rome in 16G5

Died: Van-Dale, Anthony writer

Died: Vert, Claude De a celebrated and learned monk of Cluni

Born: Wall, John physician

Died: Walsh, William critic

Died: Witsius, Herman divine


“Aurelianus de Morbis acutis et chronicis,” Almeloveen, Theodore Jansson Van physician

“Memoires concernant les vies et les ouvrages de plusieurs modernes celebres dans la Republique des Lettres,” Ancillon, Charles son of the above

Born: Ashworth, Caleb a dissenting minister

Died: Atkyns, Sir Robert lord chief baron of the exchequer

“Reflections on a late scandalous report about the repeal of the Test Act.” Atterbury, Francis bishop

Died: Bacici, John Baptist Gauli surnamed the Painter

Died: Bagshaw, Henry brother of the above

Born: Banks, John writer

Born: Barbeu Du Bourg, James physician

“Traite de jeu,” Barbeyrac, John was born the 15th of March 1674

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Born: Bignicourt, Simon De a counsellor of the presklial of Rheims

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“Aphorisini de cognoscendis et curandis morbis, in usum doctritirc Medicinse,” Boerhaave, Herman physician

Born: Bollioud-Mermet, Louis writer

“Musaeum collegii Romani Kircherianum,” Bonanni, Philip Jesuit

“Septuagint,” Bos, Lambert philologist

Died: Bourdelot, Peter Bonnet physician

Born: Brett, Sir Piercy, Knt admiral of the blue

Born: Brosses, Charles De writer

Born: Brown, James scholar

“History of the Lives of English Divines,” Burton, Robert was a name placed in the titlepages of a numerous set of popular volumes printed about the end of the seventeenth and beginning of the eighteenth century

Died: Cally, Peter philosopher

Died: Chaise, Francis De La Jesuit

Born: Champion, Joseph a celebrated English penman

“Universal Martyrology,” Chastelain, Claude canon of the cathedral church of Paris

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Born: Colle, Charles secretary and reader to the duke of Orleans

“An essay concerning the use of reason in propositions, the evidence whereof depends upon human testimony:” Collins, Anthony writer

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“Des opuscules critiques & historiques,” Colomies, Paul a learned French protestant

Died: Corneille, Thomas poet

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Died: Cowper, William anatomist

“Thesaurus secretorum curiosorum, in quo curiosa, ad omnes corporis humani, turn internes turn externos, morbos curandos, &c. continentur,” Cramer, Gabriel mathematician

Born: Dalton, John, D. D. was born in 1709

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“Reflections upon the Constitution and Management of the Trade to Africa, through the whole course and progress thereof, from the beginning of the last century to this time,” Davenant, Charles the eldest son of sir William Davenant

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Born: De La Cour, James writer

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Born: Dodwell, William was born at Shottesbrooke

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“The Preacher,” Edwards, John divine

Born: Elizabeth, Petrovna daughter of Peter the great

Died: English, Hester a French woman by extraction

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Died: Faydit, Peter a priest of Riom

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“History of hot and cold Bathing, ancient and modern, with an Appendix by Dr. Baynard,” Floyer, Sir John physician

Died: Fontaine, Nicholas writer

Died: Galle, Servatius writer

Born: Gesner, John a canon of Zurich

Died: Gibson, Richard commonly called the Dwarf

Born: Gmelin, John George botanist

“An Essay towards a Paraphrase on the Psalms,” Godeau, Anthony bishop

“Satire Menipee,” Godefroi, Denys the third of that name

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“Meletemata Annebergensia,” Goetze, George Henry a learned and zealous Lutheran

Died: Graat painter

“Disquisitio geometrica in systema sonorum D. Narcissi (Marsh) archiepiscopi Armachani,” Grandlus, Gumo mathematician

Born: Gresset, John Baptist Lewis poet

“A History of. the Orders of Knighthood,” Gryphius, Christian and one of the greatest geniuses that Germany has produced

Died: Hanckius, Martin a learned German professor

Born: Harris, James esq. an English gentleman of very uncommon parts and learning

“The Pilgrim, or the happy Convert, a pastoral tragedy,” Harrison, William a young gentleman high in esteem

“Ethica amoris,” Henry De St. Ignace divine

Died: Holt, Sir John knight

“Memoires de Trevoux” Huet, Peter Daniel bishop

Born: Jerusalem, John-Frederick William divine

Born: Johnson, Samuel one of the most eminent and highly-distinguished writers of the eighteenth century

Died: Inglis, Hester a lady celebrated for her skill in calligraphy

“The French favourite, or the seven discourses of Balzac’s Politics,” Kennet, White writer

Born: Kortholt, Christian was born in 1709

Born: Ladvocat, John Baptist writer

Died: Lamoignon, Christian Francis De was born at Paris in 1644

“Vigerus de praecipuis Grsecae dictionis idiotismis,” Lederlin, John Henry critic

“Commentarii tie scriptoribus Britannicis,” Leland, John antiquary

Died: Lhuyd, Edward antiquary

“A Journey to London.” Lister, Martin philosopher

“Bibliotheca Sacra, sive syllabus omnium ferme Sacrse Scripture eclitionum ac versionum,” Long, James Le historian

Born: Ludwig, Christian Theophilus writer

Born: Lyttelton, George writer

Born: Mably, Gabriel Bonnot, Abbe' De writer

“An Essay against Arianism, and some other Heresies; or a Reply tp Mr. William Whiston’s Historical Preface and Appendix to his Primitive Christianity revived,” Maittaire, Michael an eminent classical editor

Born: Margraf, Andrew Sigismond a celebrated chemist

Died: Mauduit, Michael divine

Died: Mauriceau, Francis an eminent French accoucheur

Born: Mettrie, Julien Offray De La physician

“Epistola ad Jo. Albert. Fabricium,” Muratori, Lewis Anthony antiquary

“De Forma emendandi doli mali in contrahendis negotiis admissi apud Veteres,” Noodt, Gerard a celebrated civilian (?–1725)

“Dissert, de adoratione Dei Patris per Jesum Christum,” Olearius, Godfrey the most considerable of a family of learned men of thU name

“Philostratus,” Olearius, Godfrey the most considerable of a family of learned men of thU name

Died: Papin, Isaac some time a minister of the church of England

Died: Pechantre, Nicolas De a French wit

Died: Piles, Roger De an ingenious Frenchman

Born: Pompignan, John James Le Franc marquis of

“Essay on Criticism,” Pope, Alexander the most elegant and popular of all English poets

Born: Puy, Louis Du perpetual secretary of the academy of inscriptions and belles lettres

Born: Ramsay, Allan painter

“The Apologies of the Fathers, with a dissertation on the right use of the Fathers,” Reeves, William divine

Born: Rezzonico, Anthony Joseph, Count scholar

Born: Robinson, Richard archbishop

“Turcaret,” Sage, Alain Rene' Le the first of French novelists

“Herbarium Diluvianum,” Scheuchzer, John James naturalist

Born: Shebbeare, John writer

Born: Silhouette, Stephen De writer

“Ignatii Epistolae,” Smith, Thomas divine

“Three short treatises, viz. 1. A modest plea for the Clergy, &c. 2. A Sermon of the Sacerdotal Benediction, &c. 3. A Discourse published to undeceive the people in point of Tithes, &c. formerly printed, and now again published, by Dr. George Hickes, in defence of the priesthood and true rights of the church against the slanderous and reproachful treatment of The Rights of the Christian Church,” Tindal, Dr. Matthew writer

“Adversaria; or truths opposed to some of the falsehoods contained in a book called The Rights of the Christian Church asserted,” Tindal, Dr. Matthew writer

“The natural history of Superstition,” Trenchard, John writer

“Considerations on the public debts,” Trenchard, John writer

Born: Tronchin, Theodore physician

Born: Wagenaar, John historian

“Answer to the Representation of the House of Lords on the state of the Navy,” Walpole, Sir Robert earl of Orford

Born: Whitehead, Paul poet

Born: Williams, Charles Hanbury statesman

Died: Williams, John divine

Born: Wilmot, John Eardley lawyer

Died: Wirz, John artist

“Phcenix Paulina, a poem on St. Paul’s cathedral,” Wright, Abraham divine