Mirabaud, John Baptist

, a learned man, who held the place of perpetual secretary to the French academy, was born in Provence in 1674, and lived to the age of | eighty-six. He is chiefly known, as an author, by 1. “A translation of Tasso’s Jerusalem delivered,” which has gone through several editions, but has since been superseded by a better, written by M. le Brun. Mirabauu took upon him, rather too boldly, to retrench or alter what he thought unpleasing in his author, 2. “A translation of the Orlando Furioso,” which has the same faults. He wrote also a little tract entitled “Alphabet de la Fee Gracieuse,1734, 12mo. His eulogium at the academy was drawn up by M. de Buffon, and is full of high encomiums. 1