Morris, Lewis

, a Welsh antiquary and poet, was born in the isle of Anglesey in the year 1702, and died in 1765 at Penhryn, in Cardiganshire. He surveyed the coast of Wales in 1737, by order of the admiralty-board; and his work was published in 1748. Some of his poetical pieces in the Welsh language have been printed, | and he left above eighty volumes of manuscripts of antiquity, now deposited in the Welsh charity-school, GraysInn lane, London. It was his intention to have compiled a Welsh dictionary, as appears by his correspondence in the Gentleman’s Magazine. His brother Richard was also a poet and critic in his native language. He was clerk in the navy pay-office, and superintended the printing of two valuable editions of the Welsh Bible. He died in 1779. William Morris, another brother, was a great collector of Welsh manuscripts, and died comptroller of the customs at Holyhead in 1764.1