Newcourt, Richard

, author of that very valuable work the “Repertorium Londinense,” deserves some notice, | although we have been able to recover very few particulars of him. We have, however, on his own authority, that he was one of the proctors general of the court of arches, from Trinity term 1668. He probably was the “Richard Newcourt, gent.” who assisted in publishing “An exact Delineation of London,” &c. in 1658, and if so, was of Somerton, in the county of Somerset. He was for twenty-seven years principal registrar of the diocese of Canterbury, and notary public, and generally resided in Doctors’ Commons, but died at Greenwich in February 1716, considerably advanced in life, if the preceding dates are correct. His “Repertorium Ecclesiasticum Parochiale Londinense,” was published in 2 vols. fol.; the first in 1708, and the second in 1710. It would be quite unnecessary to enlarge on the merits of this most useful work. 1


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