Pontanus, John Isaac

, historiographer to his Danish majesty, and to the province of Guelderland, was of a family of Harlem, but was born in Denmark, in 1571, and died in 1640, aged 69, at Harderwick, where he had taught physic and mathematics. His works are, “Historia Urbis et Rerum Amstelodamensium,” folio; “Itinerarium Gallic Narbonensis,” 12mo; “Rerum Danicarum Historia,” folio. This history, which is esteemed, comes dewn to 1548; and M. de Westphal, chancellor of Holstein, printed the Supplement in vol. II. of his “Monumenta inedita Rerum Germanicarum,” &c. Leipsic, 1740, folio which includes the reigns of Christiern I. and the five succeeding kings, with a life of Pontanus. Pontanus wrote also, “De Rheni divortiis et accolis populis adversus Ph. Cluverium,1617, 4to, a learned and judicious work “Discussiones Historicse,” 8vo “Historia Geldrica,” fol.; “Origines Francicse,” 4to the “Life of Frederic II. king of Denmark,” published 1737, by Dr. George Kry sing, a physician at Flensburg. Pontanus left several other works in ms.; among others, an account of women who have distinguished themselves by their learning. He also wrote some very indifferent verses published at Amsterdam itt 1634, 12mo. 1


Chaufepie.Niceron, vol. XXXII. —Moreri,