Premontval, Peter Le Guay De

, of the academy of sciences at Berlin, was born at Charenton Feb. 16, 1716. His attachment to the mathematics was so strong, that he opened a school at Paris, in 1740, where he taught them gratuitously, and formed several excellent scholars. But his temper was acrimonious and haughty, which created | him so many enemies, that he quitted France for Bale, where he staid a year or two; and having wandered for some time in various cities of Germany, he finally settled at Berlin where, though he did not escape quarrels, he was Altogether successful, and became an author. He died at Berlin in 1767, at the age of fifty-one. His works are neither numerous nor very valuable. The best is, 1. His “Préservatifs cpntre la corruption de la langue Françoise en Allernagne.” He wrote also, 2. “La Monogamie, ou l’unité en Mariage,1751, 3 yols. 8vo a work of learning, but whimsical and tiresome. 3. “Le Diogene de l’Alembert;” not so singular as the preceding, but not better written, with some tendency to modern sophistry. 4. Several memoirs in the volumes of the academy at Berlin. He appears to have been in a great degree unsettled in his religious opinions; inclining at times to Socinianism, and the doctrines of fortuitous creation; at others producing strong suggestions in favour of religion. 1


Dict. Hist. Necrologe des homines Celebres, pour annee 1770.