Events noted in 1751

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1750 1752


“Supplement” Abresch, Frederic Louis an eminent Greek scholar and commentator

“A Description of the Glaciers,” Altmann, John George a Swiss historian and divine

“Juris Pontificii et Caesarsei summa.” Antonine, De Forciglioni St. archbishop of Florence

“Memoire sur la carte des côtes de la Grèce,” Anville, John-Baptiste Bourignon D' first geographer to the king of France (?–1782)

“Italicae historiae scrip tores ex Bibl. Vatic. &c. collegit et prgefat. notisque illustravit J. S. Assemanus,” Assemani, Joseph Simon keeper of the Vatican

“Histoire du cardinal Mazarin,” Aubery, Anthony a lawyer of Paris

“Vie de M. Francois Paris, diacre,” Barbeau De Labruyere, John Lewis born at Paris in 1710

“In Pindari primum Pythium dissertatio habita Cantabrigiae in Scholis publicis,” Barford, William was educated at Eton school

“Le Tombeau Philosophique,” Bastide, John Francis De La a very industrious French writer

“A defence of Mr. Hutchinson’s tenets against Berington,” Bate, Julius an English divine of the Hutchinsonian principles

“The scripture meaning of Elohim and Berith,” Bate, Julius an English divine of the Hutchinsonian principles

“Mes Pense*es, ou, Le Qu'en dira-t-on?” Beaumelle, Laurence Angliviel De La a French writer of some note

Died: Berger, John William brother to the preceding

“Storia medica d'un apostema nel lobo destro del cerebello, Sec.” Bianchi, John an Italian naturalist

“History of the amours of Valeria and the noble Venetian Barbarigo,” Bibbiena, Ferdinand Galli painter and architect

“Otia litteraria,” Bidermann, John Theophilus a very learned and voluminous German writer

“Fairy Queen,” Birch, Thomas a late valuable historical and biographical writer

“Institutiones theologiae symbolicse,” Boerner, Christian Frederick professor of theology at Leipsic

Died: Bold, John a pious and useful clergyman of Leicestershire

“Recherches anatomiques sur la position des Glandes, et sur leur actions,” Bordeu, Theophilus De son to the preceding

“Breve Istoria dell‘ antica citta di Tadino nell’ Umbria, &c.” Borgia, Stephen a learned Roman cardinal

“Dissertatione sopra un‘ antica Iscrizione rinuentanelP Isoladi Malta nell’ anno 1749,” Borgia, Stephen a learned Roman cardinal

“An Essay concerning the mortality of the horned cattle:” Brocklesby, Richard an eminent English physician

“La Pohtique du Medicin,” Bruhier, John James D' Ablaincourt a French physician

Born: Cadogan, William Bromley grand nephew of the preceding

“Bibliotheque des Ecrivains de Lorraine,” Calmet, Augustine a learned Benedictine of the college of St

Died: Calvert, Frederick Lord Baltimore

“The Seribleriad,” Cambridge, Richard Owen an ingenious English writer

“A Letter from the Prince of the infernal legions, to a spiritual lord on this side the great gulph, in answer to a late invective epistle levelled at his highness,” Campbell, John an eminent historical

“The naturalization bill confuted, as most pernicious to these united kingdoms,” Campbell, John an eminent historical

“His royal highness Frederick late prince of Wales deciphered: or a full and particular description of his character, from his juvenile years until his death,” Campbell, John an eminent historical

“Le sens literal de Tecriture sainte traduit de PAnglois de Stackhouse,” Chais, Charles an eminent protestant divine

“Luctus Academias Cantabrigiensis,” Clarke, Edward son to the preceding

“Lettres sur les Peintures d'Herculaneum,” Cochin, Charles Nicholas son of the preceding artist

“De caeremoniis aulae Byzantines,” Constantine Vii., Porphyrogeneta son of Leo the Wise

Died: Coram, Capt. Thomas an eminent philanthropist

“The Triumph of Time and Truth,” Corelli, Arcangelo a famous musician of Italy

“Recueil des pieces imporiantes sur ['operation da la Taille,” Cosme, John De St. whose family name was Ba­Seillac

“Visions in Verse” Cotton, Nathaniel an English physician

“Pompey the Little,” Coventry, Francis the eldest son of Thomas Coventry

“Sacred poems, by various authors,” Dalrymple, David an eminent Scotch lawyer and antiquary

Died: Desaguliers, John-Theophilus an eminent experimental philosopher

“Dictionnaire d'Agriculture,” Desbois, Francis Alexander Aubert De La Chesnaie a laborious Dictionary maker

“A full and final Reply to Mr. Toll’s Defence of Dr. Middleton,” Dodwell, William was born at Shottesbrooke

“Parliamentary or Constitutional History of England,” Drake, Francis a surgeon at York

“An account of the Prophecies of Arise Evans,” Evans, Arise was a Welch conjuror

“An Authentic Narrative of the late extraordinary proceedings at Cambridge, against the Westminster Club,” Francklin, Thomas chaplain in ordinary to his majesty

“The Divine Energy,” Gill, John an eminent dissenting divine

“Travels through Siberia between the years 1733 and 1743,” Gmelin, John George a physician and eminent botanist

Died: Gough, Richard the Camden of the eighteenth century

“Atlas Renovatus, or Geography Modernized; being a particular description f the world as far as known to the ancients, and the present names of such places as now subsist; containing all the cities, towns, villages, castles, &c. mentioned in ancient authors, with all the remarkable occurrences that happened at the several places; the birth-places of famous men, the memorable sieges and battles, &c. the bounds, soil, air, manners, government, religion of each country. The whole being the most complete system ever composed before. To which is annexed a list of the Roman ways, and a copious index to facilitate the whole. Drawn upon the plans of Hornius’s and Cellarius’s maps.” Gough, Richard the Camden of the eighteenth century

“Memoire sur l'Immunite du Clerge*,” Gueret, Gabriel an elegant French writer

“Physiologia Medica, seu do actionibus corporis humani sani doctrina,” Hamberger, George Edward professor of chemistry and of the practice of medicine in the university of Jena

Died: Hort, Josiah archbishop of Tuam

“The opinion of an eminent lawyer (the earl of Hardwicke) concerning the right of appeal from the vice-chancellor of Cambridge to the senate; supported by a short historical account of the jurisdiction of the university; in answer to a late pamphlet, intituled * An Inquiry into the right of appeal from the vice-chancellor, &c.' By a fellow of a college,” Hurd, Richard an eminent and accomplished prelate

“A Letter to the vice-chancellor of Oxford.” Hyde, Henry Lord Hyde and Cornbury

“Dissertation,” James, Dr. Robert an English physician of great eminence

Born: Ives, John was the only son of one of the most eminent merchants at Yarmouth

“The grand question debated, or an Essay to prove that the soul of man is not, neither can it be, immortal,” Kenrick, William the son of a stay-maker at or near Watford in Hertfordshire

Died: Knutzen, Martin professor of philosophy in Prussia

Died: Kortholt, Christian grandson of the preceding

“Milton vindicated from the Charge of Plagiarism brought against him by Lauder, and Lauder himself convicted of forgeries and gross impositions on the public. In a letter humbly addressed to the right honourable the earl of Bath,” Lauder, William a native of Scotland

“Suite des observations sur les causes et les accidens de plusieurs accouchemens laborieux,” Levret, Andrew an eminent French surgeon and accoucheur

Died: Logan, James a polite scholar

“Observations sur les Grecs,” Mably, Gabriel Bonnot, Abbe' De a celebrated French political and miscellaneous writer

“A censure and examination of Mr. Thomas Ruddiman’s philological notes on the works of the great Buchanan, more particularly on the history of Scotland; in which also, most of the chronological and geographical, and many of the historical and political notes, are taken into consideration. In a letter to a friend. Necessary for restoring the true readings, the graces and beauties, and for understanding the true meaning of a vast number of passages of Buchanan’s writings, which have been so foully corrupted, so miserably defaced, so grossly perverted and misunderstood: Containing many curious particulars of his life, and a vindication of his character from many gross calumnies,” Man, James a schoolmaster of considerable learning

“Inquiries into the ancient Thermae of Florence,” Mann I, Dominic Maria an eminent Italian writer

“Conspectus novi thesauri juris civilis et canonici,” Meerman, Gerard a very learned lawyer and pensionary of Rotterdam was born at Leyden in 1722; of his early history

“Novus Thesaurus juris civilis,” Meerman, Gerard a very learned lawyer and pensionary of Rotterdam was born at Leyden in 1722; of his early history

“Gil Bias,” Moore, Edward an English poetical and miscellaneous writer

“Dissertazioni sopra le antichita Italiana, da Lod. Ant. Muratori, opera postuma data in luce da Gian. Fran. Soli Muratori,” Muratori, Lewis Anthony a learned Italian antiquary

“Some Conjectures relative to a very antient Piece of Money lately found at Eltham in Kent, endeavouring to restore it to the place it merits in the Cimeliarch of English Coins, and to prove it a coin of Richard the first king of England of that name. To which are added, some Remarks on a dissertation (lately published) on Oriuna the supposed wife of Carausius, and on the Roman coins there mentioned,” North, George an English antiquary

“De sacris Christianorum Balneis” Paciaudi, Paul Maria antiquary and librarian to the duke of Parma

Died: Petty, William a singular instance of an almost universal genius

“Martyrologium Romanum castigatum, ac commentariis illustrattim,” Politi, Alexander was born at Florence in 1679

“La Monogamie, ou l'unité en Mariage,” Premontval, Peter Le Guay De of the academy of sciences at Berlin

“History of the rise and progress of the people called Quakers in Ireland, from 1653 to 1750,” Rutty, John a medical observer and writer of very considerable learning

“A complete Collection of Sermons and Tracts” Salter, Samuel a learned English divine

Died: Salvini, Antonio Maria a learned Italian

Born: Shaw, George an eminent naturalist

“the Healing of Diseases as a Character of the Messiah, preached before the College of Physicians Sept. 20, 1750.” Stukeley, William an antiquary of much celebrity

“A Collection of Tunes in various Airs, with a Scheme for supporting the spirit and practice of Psalmody in congregations.” Taylor, John a learned dissenting teacher

“Continuation” Tindal, Nicholas nephew to the preceding

Died: Toup, Jonathan a very eminent critic

Died: Trapp, Joseph an English divine

“History of Holland,” Wagenaar, John a Dutch historian

“Observations on the Course of Proceedings in (he Admiralty-courts,” Webb, Philip Carteret

Born: Webber, John a royal academician