Querenghi, Antony

, a poet of Italy, who wrote both in his own language and in Latin, was born at Padua in 1546, and manifested a very early genius. By means of a ready conception and vast memory, he soon made himself master of several languages, and of no small store of other knowledge. He was confidentially employed bjr several popes, and was secretary of the sacred college under no less than five. Clement VIII. made him a canon of Padua; but Paul V. recalled him to Rome, where he loaded him with honourable offices. Querenghi continued to hold his employments under the succeeding popes, till he died at Rome, Sept. 1, 1633, at the age of eightyseven. There is a volume of his Latin poems, which was printed at Rome in 1629; and Italian poetry, published also at Rome in 1616. 3


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