Quenstedt, John Andrew

, a Lutheran divine, and a strong opponent of the Roman Catholics, was born at Quedlimbourg, and died on May 22, 1688, at the age of seventy -one. He published, 1. A work entitled “Dialogus de Patriis illustrium virorum, Doctrina, et Scriptis,” Wittemberg, 1654 and 1691, 4to. This is an account of learned men, from Adam to the year 1600, but is superficial and inaccurate. 2. “Sepultura Veterum,1660, 8vo, and in 4to, Wittemberg. This is esteemed his best work. 3. “A System of Divinity for those who who adopt the Confession of Augsburg,1685, 4 vols. folio. 4. Several other works, more replete with proofs of learning than of correctness and good taste. 2


Niceron, vol. XXXII. —Chaufepie.Moreri. Baillet Jugemens. Saxii Onom.