Raphelengius, Francis

, a learned writer of the 16th century, and professor of Oriental languages at Leyden, was born February 27, 1539, at Lanoy, in French Flanders. He began his studies at Ghent, and after some interruption from the death of his father, resumed them at Nuremberg and Paris, where he applied with great assiduity to the | Greek and Hebrew languages, under the ablest masters, until the civil wars obliged him to go into England, where he taught Greek at Cambridge, After some time he returned to the Netherlands, and, in 1565, married a daughter of Christopher Plantin, the celebrated printer, Raphelengius assisted his father-in-law in correcting his books, which he also enriched with notes and prefaces, and was particularly engaged in the Polyglot Bible of Antwerp, printed in 1571, by order of Philip II. king of Spain. In 1585 he settled at Leyden, where Plantin had a printing-office; laboured there with his usual assiduity, and was chosen, for his learning, to be professor of Hebrew and Arabic in that university. He died July 20, 1597, aged fifty-eight, le’aving, “Remarks and corrections on the Chalciee Paraphrase;” a “Hebrew Grammar;” a “Chaldee Dictionary,” in the Dictionary to the Polyglot of Antwerp; an “Arabic Lexicon,1613, 4to; and other works. One of his sons, of the same name, published notes on Seneca’s Tragedies, and “Elogia carmine elegiaco in imagines 50 doctorum virorum,” Ant. 1587, fol. 1


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