Rushton, Edward

, a Roman catholic writer, was born in Lancashire, and after being instructed in the classics at school, was admitted of Brazenose college, Oxford, about 1568, where he took his degree of A. B. in 1572. Next year, being a Roman catholic, he left the university, and joined his countrymen of that persuasion at Doway, where he pursued his studies, and took his degrees in divinity. In 1577, he was sent to Rome, and ordained priest, and appointed to go to England as a missionary. Here, however, he was taken up and sentenced to die, but after four years imprisonment, this was commuted for banishment, in 1585. He then went abroad, and was about to receive his academical honours at Lovaine, when he died there of the plague in 1586. He was the first publisher of Sanders’s book, “De schismate Anglicano,1585, 8vo, to which he added a third part; and a fourth, by way of appendix, appeared in 1628, which contained from his pen a list of those who suffered for popery in Henry the VHIth’s time. He also published “Synopsis rerurn ecclesiasticarum ad annum Christi 1577,” for the use of the students at Doway, ecclesiastical history being much his study and a “Profession of Faith.2


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