Sagittarius, Caspar

, an eminent Lutheran divine, historian to the duke of Saxony, and professor of history at Halle, was born Sept. 23, 1643, at Lunenburg. He studied in, or visited the greatest part of the German universities, where he was much esteemed for his extensive knowledge of history and antiquities. He died March 9, 1694, | leaving nearly 70 volumes of dissertations, principally on historical subjects on oracles on the gates of the ancients “The succession of the Princes of Orange,” 4to “History of the City of Herderwich” a life of St. Norbert, 1683Tractatus varii da historia legenda,” 4to “Historia antiqua Noribergse,” 4to “Origin of the Dukes of Brunswick” “History of Lubec” “Antiquities of the kingdom of Thuringia” “History of the Marquises and Electors of Brandenburg,” and many others, enumerated by Niceron. His life was written by Schmid, and published in 1713, 8vo. 1


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