Saussay, Andrew Du

, doctor of law and divinity, curate of St. Leu, at Paris, official and grand vicar in the same city, and afterwards bishop of Toul, was born about 1595, at Paris. He was preacher in ordinary to Louis XIII. who had a great esteem for him, and by whose order he wrote the “Marty rologiu in Gallicanum,1638, 2 vols. fol. M. du Saussay succeeded Paul de Fiesque in the diocese of Toul, 1649, and discovered great zeal in the government of his church, and died September 9, 1675, at Toul, aged eighty. He left many works besides that above mentioned, which contain great learning, but shew very little critical knowledge. 2


Niceron, vol. XL. —Dict. Hist.