Events noted in 1635

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1630 1640


“Decas Epistolarum ad Jacobum Gaufridum,” Achillini, Claude and son of

“Promptuarium pathologicum Novi Testamenti,” Alard, Lambert was born at Krempen in 1600

Born: Alberti, Valentine professor of divinity at Leipsic

Died: Alvarez, Diego a Spanish dominican

“Christiana) Catechesis Sciographia,” Ames, William divine (15761633)

“Lectiones in omnes Psalmos Davidis,” Ames, William divine (15761633)

“Fasti Academici Studii Generalis Lovaniehsis,” Andreas, Valerius a biographer

Died: Arcudio, Peter a Greek ecclesiastic of the isle of Corfou

“De jure Majestatis,” Arnisæus, Henningus writer

Born: Arvieux, Laurence D' scholar

“Epithalamion Maximiliano Boiarioe duci et Marise Austriacae,” Balde, James poet

Born: Baptist, John who was also surnamed Monnoyer

“Dessein de I'Histoire de Reims,” Bergier, Nicolas

“The Isle of Man, or legal proceeding in Man-shire against sin” Bernard, Richard divine

Born: Berry, Sir John a naval commander

“Republics,” Bertel, John in Latin Bertelius

Born: Betterton, Thomas a celebrated English actor

Born: Boileau, James a doctor of the Sorbonne

Died: Bonifacio, John lawyer

“Discourse of Detraction,” Brathwaite, Richard whom Warton calls one of the minor pastoral poets of the reign of James I. was the second son of Thomas Brathwaite

“The Arcadian Princess, or the triumph of justice,” Brathwaite, Richard whom Warton calls one of the minor pastoral poets of the reign of James I. was the second son of Thomas Brathwaite

Born: Brydal, John antiquary

Born: Burnet, Dr. Thomas writer

“Cut off those workers of iniquity whose religion is rebellion, &c.” Burton, Henry was born at Birsall in Yorkshire

Born: Calamy, Edmund was born at St

“Practica rerum criminalium,” Carpzovius, Benedict was born in 1595

Born: Cassini, John Dominic an eminent astronomer

“Geometria Indivisibilibus continuorum nova quadam ratione prornota,” Cavalleri, Bonaventura mathematician

Died: Champlain, Samuel De born in Saintonge

“Plusieurs de pieces pour servir a l'Histoire,” Chatelet, Paul Hay, Lord Of a gentleman descended froman ancient family in Bretany

“Amadeida,” Chiabrera, Gabrielo poet

“Delia ‘ragione di stato libri tre, nel quale trattato da primi priticipii dedotto si suo prona la natura, le massime, e le specie cle’ governi buoni, cattivi e mascherati,” Chiaramonti, Scipio in Latin Claramontius

“He published some other works on law subjects and antiquities of the courts of chancery, the office of ambassador, &c. and some of controversy against the protestants, and one against the learned Samuel Marets, entitled ff Apologeticus adversus Samuel Maresii librum, cui titulus, Candela sub modio posita per clerum Romanum,” Chokier, John Ernest De the brother of Erasmus de Surlet

“The Christian’s Freedom, or the doctrine of Christian Liberty,” Downham, George bishop

“An Abstract of the Duties commanded, and sins forbidden in the Law of God,” Downham, George bishop

Died: Forbes, Patrick an eminent Scotsman

Died: Garrard, Marc painter

“Sacred Philosophy of Holy Scripture; or a Commentary on the Creed,” Gill, Alexander head master of St

Born: Goerée, William an eminent and learned bookseller

Born: Gousset, James divine

Died: Gramaye, John Baptist antiquary

Born: Graverol, Francis antiquary

Died: Gretser, James a learned German

Born: Hemsterhuis, Tiberius one of the most famous critics of his country

Born: Hoffman, John James professor of Greek at Bale

Born: Hooke, Robert mathematician

Born: Huber, Ulric a native of Dockum

“Desperata causa Papatus,” Jansen, Cornelius bishop (?–1638)

“De sacra Latinitate,” Inchofer, Melchior a learned German

“Archeion, or a Discourse upon the high courts of justice in England.” Lambarde, William antiquary

“Select and choice Observations concerning the first twelve Cssars,” Leigh, Edward writer

Born: Loggan, David a very useful

Born: Lomenie, Henry Lewis De, Count De Brienne was born in 1635

“The Soldier’s Accidence and Grammar,” Markham, Gervase an English author

Born: Mather, Increase was born at Dorchester

Born: Mieris, Francis called Old Francis Miens

Born: Morin, Lewis botanist

“Originum Ecclesiasticarum Apparatus,” Mountagu, Richard divine

Born: Oley, Barnabas president of Clare r haH in Cambridge

Died: Oregius, Augustine cardinal

“Sertum Philosophicum ex variis scientise naturaiis floribus consertum,” Orsato, Sertorio a celebrated anti^ quary

Died: Pacius, Juuus lawyer

“Christianographia, or a description of the multitudes and sundry sorts of Christians in theworld, not subject to the pope,” Pagit divine

“The Manner of deducing his Astronomical Tables out of the Tables and axioms of Philip Lansberg.” Pell, John mathematician

“Manuale Chronologicum veteris Testamenti,” Philippi, Henry Jesuit

Born: Piles, Roger De an ingenious Frenchman

“Quintus Curtius cum c'ommentario perpetuo, variisque iconismis aeri affabre incisis,” Pitiscus, Samuel scholar

“Notoe et observationes in apologiam L. Apuleii Madaurensis, philosophi Platonici,” Price, John in Latin Pricæus

“Belli et Pacis statera,” Puteanus, Erycius in Flemish Vander Putten

“Emblems,” Quarles, Francis poet (?–1644)

“Mercure Frai^oise” Renaudot, Theofhrastus physician

Born: Reyher, Samuel lawyer

Died: Ringgli, Gotthard artist

“Mare Clausum,” Selden, John one of the most learned men of the seventeenth century

Born: Shaw, Samuel a learned non- conformist

Died: Sibbs, Richard divine

Born: Stillingfleet, Edward one of the most learned prelates of the seventeenth century

Born: Sturmius, John Christopher mathematician

Died: Tassoni, Alessandro poet

“Petrarcha redivivus integratn Poetae celeberrimi vitam iconibus aere cselatis exhibens,” Tomasini, James Philip prelate

“Poems,” Walton, Isaac writer

Born: Wansleb, John Michael a learned German

Born: Willughby, Francis historian


“Le Gemme antiche figurate di Lionardo Agostini, con le annotazioni del sig. Gio. Pietro Bellori,” Agostini, Lionardo antiquary

Born: Alting, Menso probably of fche same family

“Trium orientalium Latinorum ordinum, post captam a duce Gothofredo Hierusalem, &c. notitiae et tabularia,” Amico, Antonine D' of Messina

“Bibliothecae Lovaniensis primordia,” Andreas, Valerius a biographer

“A system of Logic,” Apaczai, John a man of singular character and learning of the seventeenth century

Died: Arnisæus, Henningus writer

“Cato Variegatus, or Cato’s Moral Distichs varied; in verse,” Baker, Sir Richard and son of John

“Hecatombe de vanitate mundi,” Balde, James poet

“Discours sur une tragedie, Herodes Infanticitla,” Balzac, John Lewis Guez Dr writer

“De Cceli admirandis, oratio,” Barlæus, Gaspard poet

“Le Livre et la Theologie de Mahomet,” Baudier, Michael of Langnedoc

“De Cultrivoro Prussiaco,” Becker, Daniel was born at Konigsberg in 1627

Born: Besoigne, Jerome a doctor of the Sorbonne

Born: Beveridge, William divine

“La France Metallique, &c.” Bie, Adrian De artist

Born: Boileau, Nicholas Despreaux poet

“Oratio funebris in obitum Dominici Molini,” Boxhorn, Mark Zuerius an eminent philologer

Born: Brancker, Thomas mathematician

“Description du jardin royale,” Brosse, Guy De La physician

“The several Speeches and Songs at the presentment of the Rock at Enston, to the queen’s most excellent majesty,” Bushel, Thomas a man once of considerable eminence for his philosophical pursuits

“The Principles of Music,” Butler, Charles writer

“Lethargy of the Soul, &c.” Bythner, Victorinus an able linguist

Died: Carew, George afterwards earl of Totness (?–1629)

Died: Chatelet, Paul Hay, Lord Of a gentleman descended froman ancient family in Bretany

Born: Chevillier, Andrew a doctor and librarian of the Sorbonne

“Examen ad censuram Joannis Camilli Gloriosi in hbrum de tribus novis stellis,” Chiaramonti, Scipio in Latin Claramontius

Born: Colston, Edward a person ever memorable for his benefactions and charities

Died: Cruciger, George of the same family with the preceding-

Born: Culpeper, Sir Thomas second son of sir Thomas Culpeper of Hollingbourne

“Vitae quinque Virginum Augustiniarum,” Curtius, Cornelius a native of Brussels

“Elogia virorum illustrium Ord. Eremit. S. Augustini,” Curtius, Cornelius a native of Brussels

Born: Eachard, John master of Catharine-hall (?–1697)

“De usu lingua? Arabicae in medicina,” Elichman, John physician

Born: Etherege, George writer

“Clavis Mystica; a Key opening divers difficult and mysterious texts of Holy Scripture, in seventy Sermons,” Featley, Daniel divine

Born: Fecht, John of Brisgaw

“Epistolse et Orationes Posthumae,” Fidelis, Cassandra a very learned lady

“Detectio et solida Refutatio novæ Sectæ Sennerto-Paracelsicæ,” Freitag, John physician

Born: Gale, Thomas celebrated for his knowledge of the Greek language and antiquities

Born: Genest, Charles Claudius poet

Born: Glanvil, Joseph writer

Born: Graverol, John divine

Born: Habert, Lewis a pious and learned doctor of the society of the Sorbonne

“Treatise on Elections and Ordinations,” Hallier, Francis bishop

“De Mirabilibus Pecci,” Hobbes, Thomas philosopher

Died: Horstius, Gregory physician

Born: Huntington, Robert divine

Born: Hyde, Dr. Thomas writer

“Octavius,” James, Richard was born at Newport

“Iter Lancastrense.” James, Richard was born at Newport

Born: Janeway, James divine

“Causae desperaue Gisberti Voetii, adversus Spongiam Jansenii, Crisis ostensa.” Jansen, Cornelius bishop (?–1638)

Died: Jones, John Benedictine

Born: Knorr À Rosenroth à Rosenroth

“The Constitutions,” Kynaston, Francis poet

Born: Lami, Dom. Francis Benedictine

“De sacramentis in genere & de ven. eucharisti sacrarmnto & sacrificio,” Lugo, John cardinal

Died: Lynde, Sir Humphrey a learned English gentleman

Born: Mackenzie, Sir George writer

Died: Mannozzi, John called Giovanni da san Giovanni

Born: Pardies, Ignatius Gaston mathematician

Born: Pays, Rene'Le sieur of Villeneuve

“Chronological Discourse,” Petit, Peter mathematician

Born: Pettyt, William student of the Middle Temple

Died: Philippi, Henry Jesuit

“Twenty Sermons,” Prideaux, John bishop

Born: Quick, John an eminent nonconformist

Born: Quinault, Philip poet

Born: Ramsay, Andrew Michael frequently styled the Chevalier Ramsay

Born: Ruysdaal, Jacob painter

“Life of Montmaur,” Sallengre, Albert Henry De writer

Died: Sanctorius physician

“A Paraphrase on the Psalms of David, and upon the Hymns dispersed throughout the Old and New Testament,” Sandys, George archbishop

Born: Sprat, Thomas prelate

Born: Steen, Ja.N painter

Born: Tenison, Thomas prelate

“Commentaries on St. Paul’s epistles,” Theophylact archbishop

Born: Thiers, John Baptist a learned doctor of the Sorbonne

Died: Verdier, Gilbert Saulnier Du one of the most prolific authors in the French series

“Elzevir” Virgil, In Latin, Publius Virgiuus Maro, the most excellent of all the ancient Roman poets

“Compendium EthicaeAristotelicae,” Walæus, Anthony divine

Born: Wetenhall, Edward prelate

Born: Whitehead, George an eminent person among the Quakers

“The right way to the best Religion; wherein is largely explainecUne sum and principal heads of the Gospel, in certain sermons and treatises,” Williams, Griffith bishop

Died: Winterton, Ralph scholar

Born: Witsius, Herman divine

Born: Woodfohd, Samuel divine

“Litteratnira Danica antiquissima, vulgo Gothica dicta, & de prisca Danorura Poesi,” Wormius, Olaus physician

“Monumentum Trygvvaldense,” Wormius, Olaus physician


“Lexicon Pentaglotton, Hebraicum, Chaldaicum, Syriacum, &c.” Alabaster, William divine

“Christianus, hoc est, de nomine, ortu, &c. Christianorum,” Alard, William was born Nov. 22

“De succedaneis Medicamentis,” Alaymo, Mark Anthony physician

“Vescovi de Fiesoli di Volterra, e d‘Arezzo, con l’aggiiinta di Scipione Ammirato il Giovane,” Ammirato, Scipio historian

“De purgatorio igne,” Arcudio, Peter a Greek ecclesiastic of the isle of Corfou

Died: Arum, Dominic Van a nobleman of Friesland

Died: Aurelio, Louis a native of La Perousa

“Meditations and Disquisitions on the Lord’s Prayer,” Baker, Sir Richard and son of John

“Usus Batrachomyomachix ethicus, politicus, et polemicus,” Balde, James poet

“Disquisitio iatrophysica de Aere,” Baldo

“Poesie degli Accademici Fantastici di Roma,” Balducci, Francis poet

“Pietas in Patrem, or a few tears upon the lamented death of his most dear and loving Father Richard Barlow, late of Langhill in Westmorland, who died December 29, 1636,” Barlow, Thomas bishop

“The case of Tenures upon the commission of defective titles, argued by all the judges of Ireland, with the resolution, and reasons of their resolution,” Barry, James lord Santry

“Diatribac dux-, prima de partibus templi Atiguralis; altera, de mense-et die victoria? Pharsalica;,” Beau, John Baptiste Le Jesuit

Died: Bettini, Mario Jesuit

“Character causarum Patroni,” Boxhorn, Mark Zuerius an eminent philologer

Born: Brokesby, Francis was born at Stoke Golding

“Concio ad Clerum,” Browne, Thomas clergyman

Died: Bzovius, Abraham a learned Polander

“Romulus and Tarquin; or De Principe et Tyranno,” Carey, Henry earl of Monmouth

Born: Catinat, Nicholas dean (?–1712)

Born: Cave, William divine

Born: Cawton, Thomas son of the above

“Lord Burleigh’s Precepts, or directions for the well-ordering and carriage of a man’s life,” Cecil, William lord Burleigh

“A second letter to the Vindicator of the bishop of Condom,” Clagett, William was born at St (?–1638)

Born: Clerc, Sebastian Le engraver

“A Relation of the remarkable places and passages observed in his lordship’s travels, &c.” Crowne, John an American

“Vita S. Nicolai Tolentinatis,” Curtius, Cornelius a native of Brussels

“Examen Sententiae Theoph. Bracheti Milleterii super conciliatione Controversiarum religionis,” Daille, John a minister of the church of Paris

Died: Dallington, Sir Robert as Fuller informs us

Born: Delfau, Francis a French monk

Born: Edwards, John divine

“Commentarius in Tractatum Thaimudicum, qui dicitur Porta, de legibus Hebraeorum forensibus,” Empereur, Constantine of Oppyck

“Hexatexium; or six Cordials to strengthen the heart of every faithful Christian against the terrors of death,” Featley, Daniel divine

Died: Fludd, Robert philosopher

“De Linguae Arabicae militate et proestantia, oratio Oxonii habita 19 Julii 1637,” Greaves, John antiquary

“Diatribe in Statii Poetce Sylvas,” Gronovius, John Frederic an eminent civilian

“De pictura veterum,” Junius, Francis was born at Heidelberg in 1589

Born: Juried, Peter divine

Born: Ken, Thomas bishop

“Cleombrotus, sive de iis qui in aquis pereunt,” Lasena, Peter a learned Italian

“Comus” Lawes, Henry musician

Died: Lisle, William antiquary

“Ark, Babylon, Colonies, and Columns,” Lisle, William antiquary

“The History of the Moderne Protestant Divines, &c. faithfully translated out of Latin,” Lupton, Donald whom Granger

Born: Magalotti, Laurence mathematician

“Delicioe Poetarum Scotorum,” Maitland, John lord of Thirlstone

“Lycidas,” Milton, John the most illustrious of English poets

“Chronologic Veteris Testament! accuratum Examen,” Philippi, Henry Jesuit

Died: Pineda, John a learned Spaniard

Born: Pitiscus, Samuel scholar

Died: Potter, Francis divine (15941678)

“Archaeologiae Atticae libri tres,” Rous, Francis a very conspicuous racter during the republican state of England

Born: Rumph, George Everard a doctor of physic in the university of Hanau

Born: Sackville, Charles sixth earl of Dorset and Middlesex

Died: Schmidt, Erasmus scholar

Born: Swammerdam, John anatomist

“Bibliotheca Angb-Poetica,” Taylor, John usually called the Water- Poet

Born: Tempesta, Peter otherwise called Molyn

Born: Tillemont, Lewis Sebastian Le Nain De whom L‘Avocat prqnounces one of the most judicious and accurate critics and historians that France has produced

“Nomenclator of such tracts and sermons as hare been printed, or translated into English upon any place or book of Scripture, now to be had in Bodley’s library,” Verneuil, John a French refugee

“Vita B. Petri Thomce Aquitani Carmelitse,” Wadding, Luke an eminent Irish Roman catholic

“Magnetis reductorium theologicum, tropologicum, in quo ejus verus usus indicatur,” Ward, Samuel master of Sidney-Sussex college

Born: Wells, Samuel divine

“The Oil of Gladness,” Whately, William divine

“The poor man’s Advocate,” Whately, William divine


“Ragguaglio di Parnasso contra poetastri e partegiani delle nazioni,” Abati, Antony poet (15901667)

“L'Antica fondazione e dominio della citta di Bologna,” Agucchio, John Baptista archbishop

“Opuscula varia” Alfarabi philosopher

Died: Allen, Thomas divine

Died: Alloisi, Balthazar called Galanino

Born: Arnaldo, Peter Anthony was born in 1638

“Poema de vanitate mundi,” Balde, James poet

“Ode Parthenia, sive de laudibus beatae Mariae Virginis,” Balde, James poet

“Discours politique sur l'etat des Provinces Unies,” Balzac, John Lewis Guez Dr writer

“Remissiones doctorum ad contractus, ultimas voluntates, &c. constitutionum Lusitanarum,” Barbosa, Emanuel lawyer

“Emblems,” Baudouin, John a member of the French academy

Born: Begon, Michael born at Blois in 1638

Born: Bernard, Edward critic

Died: Besold, Christopher lawyer

“Decalculo,” Beverwick, John De in Latin Beverovicius

“Apologia pro edit. Aleorani^ edita à J. Fabricio, cum testamento Mohamedis,” Bibliander, Theodore divine

Died: Blaeu, William an eminent printer

Born: Bluteau, Dom Raphael a Theatine

Died: Bourdelot, John critic

Born: Boursault, Edmund writer

“Poemata sacra et prophana,” Brandt, Gerard historian

“Survey of History, or a nursery for gentry; a discourse historical and poetical,” Brathwaite, Richard whom Warton calls one of the minor pastoral poets of the reign of James I. was the second son of Thomas Brathwaite

“A spiritual Spicery, containing sundry sweet tractates of devotion and piety,” Brathwaite, Richard whom Warton calls one of the minor pastoral poets of the reign of James I. was the second son of Thomas Brathwaite

“Treatise on the Nature of Light” Bullialdus, Ismael scholar

“Lingua eruditorum,” Bythner, Victorinus an able linguist

“Detinitiones forenses,” Carpzovius, Benedict was born in 1595

“Isaaci Casauboni Epistohp,” Casaubon, Isaac critic

“A Treatise of Use and Custom,” Casaubon, Meric was born at Geneva

Born: Cellarius, Christopher critic

Died: Chaduc, Lewis antiquary

Died: Chiabrera, Gabrielo poet

“Castigatio J. Camilli Gloriosi adversus Claramontium castigata ab ipso Claramontio,” Chiaramonti, Scipio in Latin Claramontius

Born: Colomies, Paul a learned French protestant

Died: Cotelerius, John Baptist of Sorbonne

Born: Covel, Dr. John divine

Born: Dangeau, Philip De Courcillon, Marquis De was born in 1638

Died: Davenant, Sir William poet

Died: Diodati, John divine

Died: Drexelius, Jeremiah Jesuit

Died: Duval, Andrew a celebrated doctor of the Sorbonne

Died: Fabrot, Charles Annibal lawyer

Born: Fagon, Guy Crescent physician

Born: Feller, Joachim a licentiate in theology

Died: Ferdinandi, Epiphanius physician

Died: Filesac, John was a native of Paris

“The Protestant church existent, and by whom their faith professed in all ages,” Fisher, John Jesuit

“Philosophia Mosa'ica,” Fludd, Robert philosopher

“Gallia Purpurata,” Frizon, Peter a doctor of the Sorbonne

Born: Glass, John clergyman

“The Man in the Moon; or, a discourse of a voyage thither;” Godwin, Francis was born at Havington in Northamptonshire

Died: Gouthier, James in Latin Gu­Theriusi

Born: Gregory, James the first of an eminent family of learned men in Scotland

Born: Hondius, Abraham artist

Died: Hoskins, John lawyer

Born: Houlieres, Antonette De La Garde Des a French poetess

Born: Hyde, Henry earl of Clarendon

“Desperatissima causa Papatus;” Jansen, Cornelius bishop (?–1638)

“Uu Recueil de divers ouvrages de Piete,” Jarry, Laurence Juillard Du poet

Died: Joseph a celebrated capuchin

“Logica Hamburgensis,” Jungius, Joachim mathematician

“Genealogise familiarum Bellomaneriae,” Imhoff, John a very famous genealogist

Died: King, Henry bishop

“A Review of the Council of Trent, written in French by a learned Roman catholic,” Langbaine, Gerahd writer

Born: Larrey, Isaac De historian

“Paraphrase on the Psalms,” Lawes, Henry musician

“Istoria de Riti Hebraici vita et Osservanze de gli Hebre'i di questi Tempi;” Leo Of Modena whose proper name was R

Born: Lister, Martin philosopher

“De virtiDe & sacramento pceaitentisc,” Lugo, John cardinal

Born: Magnol, Peter botanist

Born: Malebranche, Nicolas philosopher

“De natura et usu Literarum,” Mallinkrott, Bernard dean

“Romulus and Tarquin,” Malvezzi, Virgil commonly called the marquis Malvezzi

Born: Marsh, Narcissus prelate

“Lucian’s Dialogues,” Mayne, Jasper divine

Died: Mede, Joseph divine

Born: Meibomius, Henry son of the former

Died: Meziriac, Claude Caspar Bachet, Sieur De scholar

“I am sorry for it she was a good woman.” Morel is the name of a family well known among the eminent French printers (15601638)

“Originum Ecclesiasticarum, Tomus Primus,” Mountagu, Richard divine

Born: Nalson, John writer

Born: Oudin, Casimir a learned French monk (?–1717)

Born: Pechantre, Nicolas De a French wit

“Fundamenta, seu Institutiones Medicinae,” Plempius, Vopiscus Fortunatus physician

Born: Pontas, John a celebrated casuist

Born: Ruysch, Frederic anatomist

“De Usuris,” Salmasius, Claude one of the most learned men of the seventeenth century

“Notae in pervigilium Veneris,” Salmasius, Claude one of the most learned men of the seventeenth century

“De Lithotomia, sen Calculi vesicle sectione, Consulta.­tio,” Sanctorius physician

“Marty rologiu in Gallicanum,” Saussay, Andrew Du doctor of law and divinity

Born: Scott, Dr. John divine

“De successione in pontificatum Hebracorum libri duo,” Selden, John one of the most learned men of the seventeenth century

Born: Shirley, Thomas son of sir Thomas Shirley

Born: Simon, Richard critic

Born: Smith, Thomas divine

“Sermon on the anniversary of the Gunpowder Treason,” Taylor, Jeremy prelate

Born: Trumbull, William statesman

Born: Van-Dale, Anthony writer

“Observationes et notse ad Prosperi Alpini librum de plantis Ægyptii, cum additamentis aliarum plantarum ejusdem regionis,” Vesling, John anatomist

Born: Whitby, Daniel divine


“Four Sermons,” Abbot, Robert clergyman

Born: Abney, Sir Thomas an eminent magistrate of the city of London (16391722)

Born: Alexander, Noel, In Latin Natalis writer

“Chain of Scripture Chronology, from the creation to the death of Christ, in seven periods,” Allen, Thomas clergyman

“Commentaria in posteriores libros codicis Justiniani,” Amaia, Francis lawyer

Born: Audran, Claude the second of this name

Born: Bacici, John Baptist Gauli surnamed the Painter

Born: Baeli, Francis a native of Milazzo in Sicily

“Definition tun Medicarum liber,” Baillou, William physician

“Meditations and disquisitions on the three last Psalms of David,” Baker, Sir Richard and son of John

“Meditations and disquisitions on the fiftieth Psalm,” Baker, Sir Richard and son of John

“Meditations and disquisitions on the seven penitential Psalms, which are, 6, 32, 38, 51, 102, 130, 143,” Baker, Sir Richard and son of John

“Oratio de victa Hispanorum regis classe,” Barlæus, Gaspard poet

“Pharmacopoeia e Gallico in Latinum versa a Philemone Hollando,” Bauderon, Brice physician

Born: Bauldri, Paul surnamed D'!Berville

“The Lost Lady,” Berkeley, Sir William a native of London

“De excellentia sexus Fceminei,” Beverwick, John De in Latin Beverovicius

“Le Theatre des Antiquity’s de Paris,” Breulius, James antiquary

“Xenia Delphino oblata nomine collegii Rothomagensis,” Briet, Philip an able French geographer

“The City Match,” Bromfield, Sir William an eminent English surgeon

Born: Bruyere, John De La one of those celebrated persons whose writings attract universal admiration

“Lexicon Chaldaicum, Talmudicum et Rabbinicum,” Buxtorf, John the first of a learned family

“Manipulus messis magnae, sive Grammat exemplaris,” Bythner, Victorinus an able linguist

Died: Campanella, Thomas philosopher

Died: Capel, Arthur, Lord was the only son and heir of sir Henry Capel

Died: Carew, Thomas poet

Died: Carey, Henry earl of Monmouth

Born: Chastelain, Claude canon of the cathedral church of Paris

Born: Chaulieu, William Anfreye De was born at Fontenay in Normandy

Died: Chetwynd, John was the son of Dr

“De methodo ad doctrinam spectante, libri quatuor, &c.” Chiaramonti, Scipio in Latin Claramontius

“Treatise of the Globes,” Chilmead, Edward mathematician

“The forerunner of universal learning,” Comenius, John Amos divine

Died: Coventry, Thomas lord keeper of the great seal of England in the reign of king Charles I. was son of Thomas Coventry

“The Character of a Trimmer,” Coventry, William was born in 1626

“Historia Christi et S. Petri Persice conscripta, &c.” Dieu, Lewis De protestant minister of Leyden

“Rudimenta linguae Persictc,” Dieu, Lewis De protestant minister of Leyden

Died: Digges, Sir Dudley eldest son of Thomas Digges

Died: Donato, Alexander Jesuit

Died: Dudley, Sir Robert, As He Was Called Here, And As He Was Styled Abroad Earl Of Warwick And Duke Of Northumberland was son of Robert earl of Leicester by the lady Douglas Sheffield

Born: Eggeling, John Henry antiquary

“De termino vitae secundum mentem orientalium” Elichman, John physician

Born: Ellwood, Thomas writer

Born: Fabricius, John Lewis divine

“Commentarios sobra las Lusiadas de Luis de Camoens,” Faria De Sousa, Emanuel one of the most celebrated historians and poets of his nation in the seventeenth century

Born: Ferrier, Claude De a learned French civilian

“A Conference between bishop Laud and Fisher,” Fisher, John Jesuit

“The Total Sum,” Floyd, John Jesuit

“On the success and chief events of the monarchy of Spain,” Gentilis, Robert but unworthy of him

“Histoire de I'entree de la Reine Mere dans le Grande Bretagne, par de la Serre,” Gough, Richard the Camden of the eighteenth century

“Metamorphose des Yeux d'Iris changes en Astres,” Habert, Germain poet

Died: Hugo, Herman Jesuit

Born: Hure, Charles divine

“Critica Sacra, or the Hebrew words of the Old, and of the Greek of the New Testament,” Leigh, Edward writer

“De ortu et progressu artis Typographica;,” Mallinkrott, Bernard dean

Born: Martin, David divine

“Agrippina, empress of Rome, a tragedy,” May, Thomas historian

“De usu flagrorum in re medica,” Meibomius is the name of several learned men

Died: Meursius, John a learned Dutchman

Born: Mignon painter

Born: Montesquieu, Charles De Secondat, Baron Of writer

Born: Morhof, Daniel George a very learned German

“Consideration politique sur les coups d'Etat, par G. N. P.” Naudé, Gabriel writer

Born: Netscher, Gaspard painter

“Daei,” Opits, Martin in Latin Opitius

“Angelopolis,” Palafox, John De natural son of James de Palafox (16001659)

“Idea Matheseos,” Pell, John mathematician

Born: Pezron, Paul a learned and ingenious Frenchman

Born: Placette, John De La a protestant minister of great eminence

“Auspicia Bibliothecae publicae Lovaniensis,” Puteanus, Erycius in Flemish Vander Putten

“Traité des Droits et des Libertes l'Eglise Gallicane, avec les Preuves,” Puy, Peter Du historian

Born: Racine, John poet

“Anacreon,” Rance', Dom. Armand John Le Bouthillier De the celebrated abbe and reformer of the monastery of La Trappe

“De modo usurarum,” Salmasius, Claude one of the most learned men of the seventeenth century

Born: Saurin, Elias divine

“De vitae humanae termino,” Schurman, Anna Maria A a most learned German lady

Born: Sedley, Sir Charles writer

Born: Spizklius, Theophilus divine

Died: Spotswood, John archbishop

“Dissertatio de scientia media tribus libris absoluta,” Twiss, William divine

“Periplus Scylacis Caryandensis & Anonymi Periplus Ponti Euxini, Græce & Latinæ, cum notis.” Vossius, Isaac a man of great parts and learning

Died: Whately, William divine

Died: Wotton, Sir Henry an Englishman