Sole, Antonio Maria Dal

, a landscape painter, was born at Bologna, in 1597, and was a disciple of Albano; but he principally applied to landscape-painting, and in that branch rendered himself deservedly eminent. His situations were always beautifully chosen, his distances are pleasing, the perspective receding of his objects is conducted with great skill and judgment, and his colouring is bold and lively. It was remarked of him that he painted, and also constantly wrote, with his left hand, and had full as much command of it as others have of their right; hence he was denominated II manchino da paesi. He died in 1677, aged eighty.

His son, Joseph Dal Sole, was born in 1654, and was for some time the scholar of Lorenzo Pasinelli, and to emulate him with success consulted the same sources in repeated visits to Venice. Without reaching the general brilliancy and the voluptuous tone of his master, he possessed great elegance in accessories, such as hair, wings, bracelets, veils, crowns, and armour; he was better adapted to subjects of energy, more attentive to costume, more regulated in composition, and more learned in architecture and landscape. In landscape he is nearly unrivalled; his Evening, Night, and Dawn, at Imola, in the house Zappi, are massed and toned by pure sentiment. His sacred subjects and visions radiate with vivid flashes of celestial light. He was correct and slow in his piocess from choice, though few excelled him in readiness of execution; of a Bacchus and Ariadne, which he had finished in one week with general approbation, he cancelled the greater part, and repainted it at leisure, saying that he might content others by celerity, but must satisfy himself by accuracy; hence his prices were high. He gained the appellation of the modern Guido, and there is a zest of Guido in many of his works. Among his numerous scholars, Lucia Casalini, and Teresa Muratori, ought not to be forgot. The former signalized herself in portrait, the second acquired no inconsiderable share of praise in history. Giuseppe dal Sole died in the year 1719, aged sixty-five. 2


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