Solinus, Caius Julius

, an ancient Latin grammarian, and (as it appears) a Roman, whom some have imagined | to have lived in the time of Augustus, though in his “Polyhistor” he has made large extracts from the elder Pliny, probably lived about the middle of the third century. We have of his the abovementioned work, which Salmasius has published in 2 vols. folio: illustrated with a commentary of his own, if to overwhelm a small tract, and bury it under a mass of learning, can be called illustrating. There are various other editions. The “Polyhistor” is an ill-digested compilation of historical and geographical remarks upon various countries: and the extracts in it from Pliny are so large, and his manner withal so imitated, that the author has been called, “The Ape of Pliny.1


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