Solignac, Peter Joseph De La Pimpie, Chevalier Of

, was born at Montpellier in 16S7, of a noble family, and went early to Paris, where he was noticed at court, and soon employed in an honourable station in Poland. He there became acquainted with king Stanislaus, who took him, after a time, not only as his secretary, but as his friend. He followed this prince into France, when he went to take possession of Lorraine, and became secretary of that province, and perpetual secretary to the academy of Nanci. There he found leisure to cultivate literature and philosophy, and employed himself in writing. His learning was extensive and his manners amiable. He died in 1773, at the age of eighty. His principal works are, 1. “A History of Poland,” in 5 vols. 12mo. 2. “Eloge Historique du Roi Stanislas,” 8vo, written with feeling and with genius. 3. Several detached pieces in the Memoirs of the academy of Nanci. 1

1 Necrologie. —Dict. Hist.