Ughelli, Ferdinand

, an ecclesiastical historian, was born March 21, 1595, at Florence, of a good family. After pursuing his studies with great credit, he entered among the Cistertians, and held several honourable posts in his order. He was appointed abbot of Trois Fontaines at Rome, procurator in his province, and counsellor to the | congregation of the Index. The popes Alexander VII. and Clement IX. esteemed Ughelli, and gave him a pension of 500 crowns; but he refused several bishoprics that were offered. He died at Rome, in his abbey, May 19, 1670, aged seventy-five. His principal work is, “Italia sacra, sive de Episcopis Italiae, et Insularum adjacentium,” &c. Rome, 1642 1662, 9 vols. folio. This work, which is esteemed of good authority, was reprinted at Venice, 1717 1722, 10 vols. with considerable additions; but this second edition is very incorrectly printed. A third, which is said to be free from this objection, and is very much enlarged, was published at Florence, 1763, &c. by the abbe del Riccio. Ughelli’s other works are the Lives of the cardinals of the Cistertian order, and some genealogical familyhistories. 1


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