Wilson, Thomas

a puritan divine, of the sixteenth century, was minister of St. George’s church, in Canterbury, one of the six preachers in that city, chaplain to lord Wotton, and a man of high reputation. We have, however, no particulars of his early life. He preached at Canterbury thirty-six years, and was assiduous and | indefatigable in all the duties of his saqred office. He died in Jan. 1621, on the 25th of which month his funeral sermon, which has been printed, was preached by William Swift, minister of St. Andrew’s, at Canterbury, and great grandfather of dean Swift. His works are, 1. “A Commentary on the Romans,1614, a work much approved. 2. “Christ’s farewell to Jerusalem,1614. 3. “Theological Rules,1615. 4. “A complete Christian Dictionary,” fol. of which the sixth edition, with a continuation by Bagwell and Symson, was published in 1655. This was one of the first attempts, in English, towards a concordance of the Bible. Mr. Wilson wrote some other pieces of less note. 1

1 Brook’s Lives, of the Puritans. Granger.