Winston, Thomas

an eminent physician, was born in 1575, and educated in Clare-hall, Cambridge, of which he became fellow. He took the degree of M. A. in 1602, and then visited the continent for improvement in the study of physic. He attended the lectures of Fabricius ab Aquapendente and Prosper Alpinus at Padua, and of Caspar Bauhine at Basil, and took the degree of doctor at Padua. He returned to England, graduated again at Cambridge in 1607, and settled in London; and in 1613 was admitted a candidate of the college of physicians, and the next year was made fellow. On the death of Dr. Mounsel, professor of physic in Gresham-college, he was chosen October 25, 1615, to succeed him, and held his professorship till 1642; when, by permission of the House of Lords, he went over to France, where he staid about ten years, and returned when the troubles were over. He did not | live long to enjoy a well acquired fortune; for he died October 24, 1655, aged eighty. ‘He published nothing in his life-time; but after his death, his “Anatomical Lectures” were printed in 1659, 1664, 8vo, and were supposed the most complete then in the English language. 1

1 \V~utcj". Lives of the Grc.’bam Professors.