The Game Of High Toby

The Game Of High Toby


Now Oliver puts his black night-cap on, 1 the moon
  And every star its glim is hiding, 2 light
And forth to the heath is the scampsman gone, 3 highwayman
  His matchless cherry-black prancer riding; 4 black horse
Merrily over the Common, he flies,
  Fast and free as the rush of rocket,
His crape-covered vizard drawn over his eyes,
  His tol by his side and his pops in his pocket. 5 sword; pistols


    Then who can name
    So merry a game,
As the game of all games—high-toby? 6 high-way robbery


The traveller hears him, away! away!
  Over the wide, wide heath he scurries;
He heeds not the thunderbolt summons to stay,
  But ever the faster and faster he hurries,

But what daisy-cutter can match that black tit? 7 fleet horse; horse
  He is caught—he must ‘stand and deliver’;
Then out with the dummy, and off with the bit, 8 pocketbook
  Oh! the game of high-toby for ever!


    Then who can name
    So merry a game
As the game of all games—high-toby?


Believe me, there is not a game, my brave boys,
  To compare with the game of high-toby;
No rapture can equal the tobyman’s joys, 9 highwayman
  To blue devils, blue plumbs give the go-by; 10 bullets
And what if, at length, boys, he come to the crap! 11 gallows
  Even rack punch has some bitter in it,
For the mare-with-three-legs, boys, I care not a rap, 12 gallows
  ’Twill be over in less than a minute!


    Then hip, hurrah!
    Fling care away!
Hurrah for the game of high-toby!


See note to “Nix my Doll, Pals, etc.,” ante.

Taken from Musa Pedestris, Three Centuries of Canting Songs and Slang Rhymes [1536―1896], collected and annotated by John S. Farmer.

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