Dates of Epoch-making Events

Dates of Epoch-making Events, the Ascendency in Athens of Pericles (445 B.C.); the Fall of the Persian Empire (330 B.C.); the Death of Alexander the Great (323 B.C.); the Reduction of Greece to a Roman province, and the Ruin of Carthage (146 B.C.); the Battle of Actium (31 B.C.); Birth of Christ, 14th year of Augustus; Commencement of the Middle Ages (395); Ruin of the Roman Empire by the Barbarians (476); Clovis, ruler of Gaul (509); the Flight of Mahomet (622); Charlemagne, Emperor of the West (800); Treaty of Verdun (843); the Crusades (1096-1291); Employment of Cannon at Crécy (1346); Invention of Printing (1436); Taking of Constantinople by Mahomet II. (1453); Discovery of America by Columbus (1492); Copernican System published (1500); Accession of Leo X. as Pope (1513); the Reformation of Luther (1517); Publication of Bacon's “Novum Organon” (1620); Publication of Descartes's “Discourse on Method” (1637); the Peace of Westphalia (1648); Reign of Louis XIV. at its Height, and Peace of Nimeguen (1678); Publication of Newton's Theory of Gravitation (1682); Watt's Invention of the Steam-Engine (1769); Independence of the United States (1776); Coup d'état of 10th Brumaire (1799); Waterloo, and Congress of Vienna (1815); Introduction of Railroads into England (1830); First Attempt at Electric Telegraphy in France (1837); Africa traversed by Livingstone (1852-1854); Publication of Darwin's “Origin of Species” (1859); Opening of the Suez Canal (1869); Proclamation of the German Empire (1871); Congress of Berlin (1878).

Definition taken from The Nuttall Encyclopædia, edited by the Reverend James Wood (1907)

Dashkoff * Daubenton, Louis Jean Marie
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Darnley, Henry Stuart, Lord
Daru, Comte
Darwin, Charles Robert
Darwin, Erasmus
Darwinian Theory
Dasent, Sir George Webbe
Dash, Countess
Dates of Epoch-making Events
Daubenton, Louis Jean Marie
Daubeny, Charles
D'Aubigné, Merle
D'Aubigné, Theodore Agrippa
Daubigny, Charles François
D'Aubusson, Pierre
Daudet, Alphonse
D'Aulnoy, the Countess
Daumier, Henri
Daun, Karl