John, the name of no fewer than 23 Popes. J. I., Pope from 523 to 526, was canonised; J. II., Pope from 532 to 535; J. III., Pope from 560 to 578; J. IV., Pope from 640 to 642; J. V., Pope from 686 to 687; J. VI., Pope from 701 to 705; J. VII., Pope from 705 to 707; J. VIII., Pope from 872 to 882; J. IX., Pope from 898 to 900; J. X., Pope from 914 to 928; J. XI., Pope from 931 to 936; J. XII., Pope from 956 to 964—was only 18 when elected, led a licentious life; J. XIII., Pope from 965 to 972; J. XIV., Pope from 984 to 985; J. XV., Pope in 985; J. XVI., Pope from 985 to 996; J. XVII., Pope in 1003; J. XVIII., Pope from 1003 to 1009; J. XIX., Pope from 1024 to 1033; J. XX., Anti-Pope from 1043 to 1046; J. XXI., Pope from 1276 to 1277; J. XXII., Pope from 1316 to 1334—a learned man, a steadfast, and a courageous; J. XXIII., Pope in 1410, deposed in 1415—was an able man, but an unscrupulous.

Definition taken from The Nuttall Encyclopædia, edited by the Reverend James Wood (1907)

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