Rochester, 1, an interesting old city (26), of Kent, 29 m. SE. of London, on the Medway, lying between and practically forming one town with Strood and Chatham; the seat of a bishop since 604; has a fine cathedral, which combines in its structure examples of Norman, Early English, and Decorated architecture; a hospital for lepers founded in 1078; a celebrated Charity House, and a strongly posted Norman castle. 2, Capital (163), of Monroe County, New York, on the Genesee River, near Lake Ontario, 67 m. NE. of Buffalo; is a spacious and well-appointed city, with a university, theological seminary, &c.; has varied and flourishing manufactures.

Definition taken from The Nuttall Encyclopædia, edited by the Reverend James Wood (1907)

Rochelle, La * Rochester, John Wilmot, Earl of
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Robinson, Edward
Robinson, Henry Crabb
Robinson, Hercules George Robert, Lord Rosmead
Robinson, Mary
Robson, Frederick
Rochambeau, Comte de
Roche, St.
Rochefort, Comte de
Rochelle, La
Rochester, John Wilmot, Earl of
Rock Island
Rock Temples
Rocking Stones
Rockingham, Charles Watson Wentworth, Marquis of


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