Events noted in 1800

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.


Died: Alberti Di Villanova, Francis D' (17371800)

Died: Allan, George (?–1800)

“Selections from his own correspondence with general Washington,” Anderson, James (17391788)

“Origin of Fables and Aflcient Religions,” Bailly, John Sylvanus (1736–?)

Died: Barrington, Hon. Samuel (17291800)

“Traite des Membranes,” Bichat, Maria-Francis-Xavier (17711795)

“Recherches physiologiques sur la vie et sur la mort,” Bichat, Maria-Francis-Xavier (17711795)

Died: Bingham, George (?–1800)

Died: Bouille', Marquis De (?–1800)

“A pendhfto the Supplemental Apology, &c.” Boyd, Mark Alexander (1562–?)

“Sacerdos Parrecialis Rusticus,” Burton, John (1696–?)

“On the Circulation of Money,” Busch, John George (1728–?)

“Lectures on Ecclesiastical History,” Campbell, George (17191728)

Died: Cappe, Newcome (17321800)

Died: Corilla, Maria Maddelana Fernandez (17401800)

“Malvina,” Cottin, Sophia De (17721807)

“Thoughts of an old Man of independent mind, though dependent fortune,” Dalrymple, Alexander (17371750)

Died: Darci (17331800)

Died: Denis, Michael (17291800)

Died: Fabricy, Gabriel (17261800)

“A Modest Apology for the Roman Catholics of Great Britain, addressed to all moderate Protestants,” Geddes, Alexander (17371807)

“Critical Remarks,” Geddes, Alexander (17371807)

“Bardomachia, poema macaronico-Latinum,” Geddes, Alexander (17371807)

Died: Goussier, John James (17221800)

“Prospectus d'un traite de geometric physique particuliere du royaume de France,” Goussier, John James (17221800)

Died: Guignes, Joseph De (17211800)

“Outlines of a philosophy of the history of Man,” Herder, John Gottfried (1741–?)

“Rechercher quelles sont les causes de i'endurcissement de tissu cellulaire auquel plusieurs enfans nouveauxnés sont sujets.” Hulme, Nathaniel (1732–?)

Died: Johnston, Charles (?–1800)

Died: Kastner, Abraham Gothelf (17191800)

Died: Keate, George (?–1800)

Died: Kenyon, Lloyd, Lord (17331800)

“System of the World,” Lambin, Denys (1516–?)

Died: Manara, Prosper (17141800)

Died: Markland, Jeremiah (16931800)

“Edward: various Views of Human Nature, taken from Life and Manners chiefly in England.” Moore, John (17301735)

“An Examination of the Statutes now in force, relating to the Assize of Bread,” Nasmith, James (17401808)

Died: Pegge, Samuel (17311800)

Died: Piccini, Nicholas (17281800)

“Adelaide, a tragedy,” Pye, Henry James (17451813)

“Reports,” Rose, Samuel (1767–?)

Died: Shaw, Steering (17621800)

“Fasti Consulares” Sigonius, Charles (15241585)

“The Periplus of the Erythraean Sea, containing an account of the Navigation of the ancients, from the sea of Suez, to the coast of Zanguebar: with dissertations,” Vincent, William (17391807)

“At any leisure I get busied in finishing the last volume of Mr. Warton’s History of Poetry, which I have engaged to do, for the booksellers are clamorous to have the book finished (though the ground I am to go over is so beaten) that it may be a complete work.” Warton, Thomas (17281746)

“Monthly Magazine,” Willan, Robert (17571812)

“The number of Primitive Colours in Solar light on the precession of the Equinoxes; Principles of Natural philosophy,” Young, Matthew (1750–?)

“An Attempt to illustrate some of the Prophecies of the Old and New Testament,” Zouch, Thomas (17371795)


“Abulfedae Arabia; descriptio,” Abulfeda, Ishmael (12751331)

Died: Ackermann, John Christian Gottlieb (17561801)

“A calm investigation of the circumstances that have led to the present Scarcity of Grain in Britain; suggesting the means of alleviating that evil, and of preventing the recurrence of such a calamity in future,” Anderson, James (17391788)

Died: Bage, Robert (17281801)

Died: Barret, Stephen (17131801)

Died: Battishill, Jonathan (17381801)

Died: Beauchamps, Joseph (17521801)

“De necessitate linguae Latinae,” Bebele, Henry (?–1514)

“Examination of the fourth article of the Declaration of the Clergy of France in 1682,” Berthier, William Francis (1704–?)

“Anatomic generale appliquee a la physiologic et a la medicine,” Bichat, Maria-Francis-Xavier (17711795)

“On Banks,” Busch, John George (1728–?)

“John Bacon, esq. the celebrated sculptor,” Cecil, Richard (1743–?)

Died: Champion, Anthony (17241801)

Died: Chelsum, James (17401801)

Died: Dolomieu, Deodati-Guy-Silvain-Tancred Gratet De (17501801)

Died: Donaldson, John (17371801)

Died: Drake, Francis (?–1801)

“La veritable maniere d'instruire les Sourds et Muets, confirmee par une longue experience.” Epee, Charles Michel De L' (?–1790)

Died: Ernesti, John Augustus (17071801)

“Paci feliciter feduci Ode Sapphica,” Geddes, Alexander (17371807)

Died: Grand, John Baptist Le (17371801)

“La Conquete de Naples,” Gudin, De La Brenellerie, Paul Philip (17381812)

“L' Astronomic,” Gudin, De La Brenellerie, Paul Philip (17381812)

“Essai sur les annales de la vie de Jean Gutenberg,” Guttenberg, John (1400–?)

Died: Hamilton, William (17501801)

“Correspondence Litteraire addressee a Paul I.” Harpe, John Francis De La (17391803)

Died: Hurdis, James (17631801)

“Select Sermons and Funeral Orations, translated from the French of Bossuet, bishop of Meaux,” Jerningham, Edward (17271812)

Died: Laire, Francis Xavier (17391801)

Died: Manning, Owen (17211801)

“Arguments against enlarging the power of bishops in letting leases.” Moliere, John Baptist, Pocquelin De (1620–?)

Died: Parnell, Thomas (?–1801)

“Bacco in Toscana,” Redman, John (14991551)

“Biographia Poetica a Catalogue of English Poets of the twelfth, thirteenth, fourteenth, fifteenth, and sixteenth centuries; with a short Account of their Works.” Ritson, Joseph (1752–?)

“Preface to the bishop of Sarum’s Introduction.” Sancroft, Dr. William (1616–?)

Died: Schmidt, Christopher (17401801)

“Experiments on the Circulation of the Blood,” Spanheim, Frederic (16001620)

“Oratio qua matres hortatur ut proles suas ipsa? lactent,” Strack, Charles (17221806)

Died: Warner, Joseph (17171801)


“Bulletin des Societés savantes de Marseilles et de departements du Midi,” Achard, Claude Francis (?–1809)

Died: Adair, James Makittrick (?–1802)

Died: Æpinus, Francis-Marie-Ulrick-Theodore (17241802)

Died: Alvensleben, Philip Charles Count D' (17451802)

Died: Arnald, Richard (17141756)

Died: Arnold, Samuel (17391802)

“La nouvelle mecanique de l'homme et des animaux,” Barthes De Marmorions, Paul Joseph (17341806)

“L'Histoire des maladies goutteuses,” Barthes De Marmorions, Paul Joseph (17341806)

“Elnathan, ou les ages de Phomme, trad, du Chaldeen,” Barthes De Marmorions, Paul Joseph (17341806)

Died: Basire, James (17301802)

Died: Batsch, Augustus John George Charles (?–1802)

“Histoire de la mesure du temps par les horologes,” Berthoud, Ferdinand (1727–?)

Died: Boccage, Mary-Anne Le Page, Du (17101802)

“Supplement to Dr. Johnson’s Dictionary,” Boucher, Jonathan (?–1804)

Died: Butler, John (17171802)

Died: Calonne, Charles Alexander De (17341802)

“Memoire sur la collection des grands et petits voyages,” Camus, Antony Le (17221772)

“Discourses on the Providence and Government of God.” Cappe, Newcome (17321800)

“Amelia Mansfield,” Cottin, Sophia De (17721807)

Died: D'Argonne (17181802)

Died: Dermody, Thomas (17751802)

“Reflections upon the State of Religion in Christendom, &c. at the commencement of the nineteenth century of the Christian sera,” Evanson, Edward (1731–?)

Died: Feller, Francis Xavier De (17351802)

“Zoonomia.” Garnham, Rev. Robert Edward (17531798)

Died: Gerdil, Hyacinth Sigismond (17181802)

Died: Girtin, Thomas (17731802)

“Essai sur les monumens Typographiques de Gutenberg,” Guttenberg, John (1400–?)

Died: Hunter, Henry (17411802)

Died: Johnstone, James (17301802)

Died: Knowles, Thomas (17231802)

Died: Law, John (16711729)

Died: Monro, Alexander, M. D. (16971802)

Died: Paterson, Samuel (17281802)

“Alfred, an epic poem in six books,” Pye, Henry James (17451813)

“Verses on several subjects, written in the vicinity of Stoke Park, in the summer and autumn of 1801,” Pye, Henry James (17451813)

“Heads from the Fresco pictures of Raffaello in the Vatican,” Raphael (14831520)

“Drammi Musicale,” Rinuccini, Ottavio (?–1622)

“Ancient English Metrical Romances; selected and published by Joseph Ritson,” Ritson, Joseph (1752–?)

Died: Romney, George (17341802)

Died: Roussel, Peter (?–1802)

Died: Thew, Robert (17581802)

“Address;” Watson, Richard (1737–?)

Died: Wildbore, Charles (17171802)

“Notes of Opinions delivered in different courts,” Wilmot, John Eardley (17091792)

“Sermons on the Dignity of Man,” Zollikofer, George Joachim (17301788)


Died: Adams, John (17351803)

Died: Alfieri, Victor (17491803)

Died: Amner, Richard (17361803)

“A description of a Patent Hot-house, which operates chiefly by the heat of the sun; and other subjects,” Anderson, James (17391788)

“Melanges de litterature,” Arnaud, Francis (17211784)

Died: Bentham, Edward (17071803)

“Cours de geographic historique, ancienne et moderne de feu Ostervald,” Berenger, John Peter (17401807)

Died: Boehmer, George Ralph (17231803)

Died: Brunck, Richard Francis Frederick (17291803)

“Des rapports du physique et du morale de Pnomme,” Cabanis, Peter John George (17561808)

“Coup d'ceil sur les revolutions et la reforme de la medicine,” Cabanis, Peter John George (17561808)

Died: Caraccioli, Lewis Anthony (17231803)

Died: Chambers, Sir Robert (17371803)

“Treatise on Perspective,” Edwards, Edward (1738–?)

“Anecdotes of Painters,” Edwards, George (16931773)

Died: Erskine, John (17211803)

Died: Gaucher, Charles Stephen (17401803)

“The History of Fleshy, in Essex,” Gough, Richard (16811751)

“German Tour,” Guibert, James Antony Hypolitus (17431790)

“Analyse des opinions diverses sur l'origine de Plmprimerie,” Guttenberg, John (1400–?)

Died: Harpe, John Francis De La (17391803)

Died: Hasted, Edward (17321803)

Died: Hervey, Frederick (17301803)

Died: Hoole, John (?–1803)

Died: Jephson, Robert (17361803)

Died: Klopstock, Frederic Theophilus (17241803)

“An Inquiry into the System of Military Defence of Great Britain,” Macdiarmid, John

“Annalesde I'lmpriuierie des Aides ou Histoire des trois Manuce,” Manutius, Paul (15121573)

Died: Millar, John (17351803)

“The Works of the right hon. lady M. W. M. including her correspondence, poems, and essays, published by permission (of the Earl of Bute) from her genuine papers,” Montagu, Lady Mary Wortley (1690–?)

“Anecdotes” Pegge, Samuel (17311800)

“John and Dame or, The Loyal Cottagers,” Pratt, Samuel Jackson (17491814)

Died: Ricard, Dominic (?–1803)

“Descriptions and figures of two hundred Fishes collected on the coast of Coromandel,” Russel, Alexander (?–1805)

“Six more Letters, &c. by Gregory Blunt, esq.” Sharp, Granville (17341813)

Died: Swinburne, Henry (?–1803)

Died: Throsby, John (17401803)

Died: Tiedemann, Dieterich (17481803)

Died: Topham, John (?–1803)

“Britannicus to Bonaparte, an heroic epistle, with notes,” Tresham, Henry

Died: Van Swieten, Gerard (17001803)

“Cnarge to the Clergy of Landaff.” Watson, Richard (1737–?)


Died: Allioni, Charles (17251804)

Died: Alter, Francis Charles (17491804)

Died: Baldinger, Ernest Gottfried (17381804)

Died: Borgia, Stephen (17311804)

Died: Boucher, Jonathan (?–1804)

“A Journal of a Tour to Corsica in the year 1766, with a series of original letters from general Paoli to the author, referring to the principal events which have taken place in that island from the year 1769 to 1302, with explanatory notes,” Burnaby, Andrew (1732–?)

“The Historic and Life of king James the sext,” Craufurd, David, Esq. (16651726)

Died: Eyre, Francis (?–1804)

Died: Fawcett, Sir William, K.B. (17281804)

Died: Gallini, Sir John (?–1804)

“Description of the Beauchamp chapel, adjoining to the church of St. Mary at Warwick,” Gough, Richard (16811751)

“Contes,” Gudin, De La Brenellerie, Paul Philip (17381812)

Died: Heber, Reginald (17281804)

Died: Ingram, Robert (17261804)

“A complete and uniform explanation of the prophecy of the seven vials of wrath, or seven last plagues contained in the Revelation of St. John,” Ingram, Robert (17261804)

Died: Kant, Immanuel (17241804)

“Sir Tristrem,” Lermont, Thomas

“Inquiry into the Nature of Civil and Military Subordination,” Macdiarmid, John

“The History and Antiquities of Surrey,” Manning, Owen (17211801)

“Lyric Poems. Bv James Mercer, esq. Second edition, with some additional poems,” Mercer, James (1734–?)

“an author from whom the age has received greater favours, who has enlarged the knowledge of human nature, and taught the passions to move at the command of virtue.” Richardson, Samuel (1689–?)

“Introductory Lectures to a course of lectures upon the institutes and practice of Medicine,” Rush, Benjamin (17451798)

“Remarks” Sharp, Granville (17341813)

“Memoir on Respiration,” Spanheim, Frederic (16001620)

Died: Twining, Thomas (17341804)

“Enumeratio Plantarum vel ab ipso vel ab aliis observatarum,” Vahl, Martin (1749–?)

“The Substance of a Speech intended to have been delivered in the House of Lords, Nov. 22, 1803,” Watson, Richard (1737–?)

Died: Weisse, Christian Felix (17261804)

Died: Whitehead, John (?–1804)

“Letters from the year 1774 to the year 1796 of John Wilkes, esq. addressed to his daughter,” Wilkes, John (17271779)


Died: Almeida, Theodore (17221805)

“The Happy Impertinent.” Almeida, Theodore (17221805)

“Histoire de France, depuis les Gaules jusqu'a le fin de la monarchic,” Anquetil, Lewis-Peter (1723–?)

Died: Anquetil-Duperron, Abraham Hyacinth (17311805)

Died: Arnaud, Francis Thomas Marie De Baculard D' (17161805)

Died: Beaume', Antony (17281805)

“Dictionnaire geographique” Berenger, John Peter (17401807)

Died: Brunswick-Oels, Frederick Augustus, Duke Of (17411805)

Died: Buchan, William (17291805)

Died: Butter, William (?–1805)

Died: Byrne, William (17421805)

“Poems, suggested chiefly by scenes in Asia-Minor, Syria, and Greece; with prefaces extracted from the author’s journal, embellished with two views of the source of the Scamander, and the aqueduct over the Simois,” Carlyle, Rev. Joseph Dacre (1759–?)

Died: Cornwallis, Charles, First Marquis (17381805)

Died: Currie, James (17561805)

Died: Gmelin, John Frederick (?–1805)

“A Treatise on the Coins of the realm, in a letter to the king,” Jenkinson, Charles (17271750)

“The Dignity of Human Nature, an Kssay,” Jerningham, Edward (17271812)

“Histoire de la Ligne Anseatique,” Mallet, Paul Henry (1730–?)

Died: Marechal, Peter Sylvanus (17501805)

Died: Mechain, Peter Francis Andrew (?–1805)

Died: Newton, Richard (16761805)

Died: Panzer, George Wolfgang Francis (17291805)

“Harvest Home, consisting of Supplementary Gleanings, Original Dramas and Poems, Contributions of Literary Friends, and Select Republications, including Sympathy, a poem, revised, corrected, and enlarged, from the eighth edition,” Pratt, Samuel Jackson (17491814)

“A Prior Claim, a comedy,” Pye, Henry James (17451813)

Died: Rose, John Baptist (17161805)

Died: Russel, Alexander (?–1805)

Died: Schiller, Frederic (17591805)

Died: Smalbroke, Richard (16721805)

“Second Part of the Periplus,” Vincent, William (17391807)

“Outlines of English grammar,” Walker, John (1732–?)

“The Correspondence of John Wilkes, esq. with his friends, printed from the original manuscripts, in which are introduced Memoirs of his Life, by John Almon,” Wilkes, John (17271779)


“Specimen Historise Arabum,” Abulfeda, Ishmael (12751331)

“The history of the Teutones, their language and literature before the general migration,” Adelung, John Christopher (17341806)

“Mithridate, or a universal table of Languages, with the Lord’s Prayer in one hundred languages,” Adelung, John Christopher (17341806)

Died: Almon, John (17381806)

Died: Barker, Robert (?–1806)

Died: Barthes De Marmorions, Paul Joseph (17341806)

Died: Boccherini, Lewis (17401806)

Died: Cels, James Martin (17451806)

Died: Chapman, George (17231806)

“Elizabeth, ou les Exiles cle Siberia,” Cottin, Sophia De (17721807)

“Human Life,” Cowper, William (1731–?)

Died: Dalzell, Anthony (17501806)

“Quidquid ex Filangierio amavimus, quidquid mirati sumus, manet mansurumque est in animis hominum, in aeternitate temporum, famarerum.” Filangieri, Gaetano (17521783)

Died: Herbin, Augustus Francis Julian (17831806)

“Collections for the Town and Soke of Grantham,” Newton, Sir Isaac (16421737)

Died: Oberlin, Jeremiah James (17351806)

“Curialia” Pegge, Samuel (17311800)

“Medical Inquiries,” Rush, Benjamin (17451798)

Died: Sanchez, Peter Anthony (17401806)

Died: Strack, Charles (17221806)

Died: Stubbs, Geokge (17241806)

Died: Thurlow, Edward (17321806)

Died: Warton, Joseph (17221800)

“Two Apologies, one for Christianity against Gibbon, and the other for the Bible against Paine, published together with two Sermons and a Charge in Defence of Revealed Religion,” Watson, Richard (1737–?)


Died: Abeille, Louis Paul (17191807)

“Cours elementaire de Bibliographic, ou la Science du Bibliothecaire,” Achard, Claude Francis (?–1809)

Died: Acrel, Olaus (?–1807)

Died: Asch, George Thomas Baron D' (17291807)

Died: Atwood, George (17461807)

Died: Berenger, John Peter (17401807)

Died: Bernoulli, John (17441807)

Died: Broussonet, Peter Augustus Maria (17611807)

“Observations sur les affections Catarrhales,” Cabanis, Peter John George (17561808)

Died: Carey, George Savile (?–1807)

Died: Carr, John (17221807)

Died: Charnock, John (17561807)

Died: Cottin, Sophia De (17721807)

Died: De Lolme, John Louis (17451807)

Died: Douglas, John (17211807)

Died: Geddes, Alexander (17371807)

Died: Gilpin, Sawrey (17331807)

Died: Gin, Peter Louis Claude (17261807)

Died: Gordon, William (17291807)

“Brian Perdue,” Holcroft, Thomas

“The mild Tenour of Christianity, an Essay, (elucidated from Scripture and History; containing a new illustration of the characters of several eminent personages,)” Jerningham, Edward (17271812)

Died: Kauffman, Mary Angelica (17401807)

Died: Lalande, Joseph Jerome Francis (17321807)

Died: Merian, John Bernard (17231807)

Died: Miller, Edward (?–1807)

Died: Paoli, Pascal De (17261807)

“Miroir ardent,” Puy, Louis Du (17091795)

Died: Sabbathier, Francis (17351807)

“Life of Thuanus,” Threlkeld, Caleb (1676–?)

Died: Valmont De Bomare, James Christopher (?–1807)

Died: Vincent, William (17391807)


Died: Bencivenni, Joseph (17281808)

Died: Brand, John (?–1808)

Died: Cabanis, Peter John George (17561808)

Died: Caldwell, Andrew (17321808)

“Rev. John Newton” Cecil, Richard (1743–?)

Died: Chantreau, Peter Nicholas (17411808)

“Eloge,” Corneille, Peter (1606–?)

“Melange de Litterature,” Corneille, Peter (1606–?)

Died: Cousin, James Antony Joseph (?–1808)

Died: Farmer, Richard (17351808)

Died: Hawes, William (17361808)

Died: Home, John (17241808)

Died: Hull, Thomas (17281808)

Died: Hutchins, John (16981808)

Died: Ireland, John (?–1808)

“Dissertations on the Vases commonly called Etruscan.” Lanzi, Lewis (17321810)

Died: Merry, Robert (17551808)

Died: Nasmith, James (17401808)

“Paganism and Christianity compared,” Orpheus

“The Contrast, a Poem, including Comparative Views of Britain, Spain, and France,” Pratt, Samuel Jackson (17491814)

“A Charge delivered to the Clergy of the Diocese of Landaff in June 1805,” Watson, Richard (1737–?)

“Communica r tion to the Board of Agriculture, on Planting and Waste Lands,” Watson, Richard (1737–?)

Died: Whitaker, John (17351808)

“Memoir of the Life and Writings of sir Philip Sidney,” Zouch, Thomas (17371795)

“Memoir of the Life of John Sudbury, D. D. Dean of Durham,” Zouch, Thomas (17371795)


Died: Achard, Claude Francis (?–1809)

Died: Adam, Alexander (17411809)

“The Life of St. Neot, the oldest of all the brothers of king Alfred,” Alfred, The Great (849858)

“Aubade, ou lettres apologetiques, &c.” Aubry, John Baptist (1736–?)

Died: Bardin, John (17321809)

Died: Barker, Thomas (?–1809)

Died: Bentinck, William Henry Cavendish (17381809)

Died: Borlase, William (16951809)

“Ellipses,” Bos, Lambert (1670–?)

Died: Boulton, Matthew (17281809)

“Memoirs of M. Boulton, esq.” Boulton, Matthew (17281809)

Died: Cavallo, Tiberius (17491809)

Died: Elphinston, James (17211809)

Died: Fevre, John Baptist Le (17321809)

Died: Fourcroy, Anthony Francis (17551809)

Died: Kelly, John (17501809)

“Essays.” Rush, Benjamin (17451798)

Died: Sandby, Paul (17321809)

“Essays on Various Subjects,” Walker, George (1735–?)


Died: Barnes, Thomas (17471810)

Died: Battie, William (17041764)

“Ecclesiastical Biography,” Cavendish, Sia William (15051557)

Died: Cavendish, Hon. Henry (17311810)

Died: Chandler, Richard (17381810)

Died: Granger, James (?–1810)

“Sermons,” Horsley, Samuel (17771787)

“Hoc monumentum sacrum esto.” Hurd, Richard (17201811)

“The Alexandrian School; or, a narrative of the first Christian Professors in Alexandria,” Jerningham, Edward (17271812)

Died: Lanzi, Lewis (17321810)

Died: Law, Edmund (17031787)

“Remarks on the Version of the New Testament lately edited by the Unitarians,” Newcome, William (1729–?)

“The Lower World, a poem, in four books, with notes,” Pratt, Samuel Jackson (17491814)

“A Translation of the Hymns and Epigrams of Homer,” Pye, Henry James (17451813)

Died: Reigny, Louis Abel Beffroi (17571810)

Died: Schiavonetti, Lewis (17651810)

Died: Sheepshanks, William (17401810)

“Life of Torquato Tasso; with an historical and critical account of his writings, by John Black,” Tasso, Torquato

“The Works of Dr. Townson,” Townson, Thomas (17151792)

“Life and Correspondence of Sir George Radcliffe,” Wentworth, Thomas, Earl Of Strafford (1593–?)

“English Poets,” Whetstone, George


Died: Addington, Stephen (17291811)

Died: Blair, Robert (16991811)

Died: Bourgeois, Sir Francis (17561811)

Died: Clover, Joseph (17251811)

Died: Cumberland, Richard (17321811)

“A Letter to William Gifford, esq.” Ford, John

“The Dramatic Works of John Ford; with an introduction and explanatory notes, by Henry Weber, esq.” Ford, John

Died: Hurd, Richard (17201811)

“Scelta” Maggi, Jerome (16301690)

Died: Maskelyne, Nzvil (17321811)

Died: Moss, Robert (16661811)

“British Review,” Palæphatus

Died: Pallas, Peter Simon (17411811)

Died: Raikes, Robert (17351811)

Died: Sabatier, Raphael - Bienvenu (17321811)

Died: Stockdale, Percival (17361811)


“Junius’s Letters,” Draper, Sir William (17731778)

Died: Duncombe, John (17301812)

Died: Dutens, Lewis (17291812)

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