, one of those buffoons who disgrace the regular professions, was the curate of the parish of St. Juste in Florence, in the fifteenth century. The name of his family was Mainardi, but he is generally known by that of Arlotto. He acquired notice in his time by his jests and witticisms, some of which that have been transmitted to us are upon subjects too sacred for ridicule or trifling. After his death, a collection was published with the title of “Facetie piacevoli, Fabule e Motti del Piovano Arlotto, Prete Fioreritino,Venice, 1520, 8vo, reprinted at Florence, 1568, 8vo. He died Dec. 16, 1483, in the 87th year of his age, and was buried in a tomb which he had erected in his life-time. He is said to have made a journey to England in the time of Edward V. 2


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