Events noted in 1520

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1510 1530


Publication: “Annotationes Anatomies,” by Achillini, Alexander a native of Bologna

Publication: “Momus, de Principe,” by Alberti, Leon Baptista artist

Publication: “Facetie piacevoli, Fabule e Motti del Piovano Arlotto, Prete Fioreritino,” by Arlotto one of those buffoons who disgrace the regular professions

Born: Baudouin, Francis in Latin Balduinus

Born: Bekinsau, John author of a book entitled “De Supremo et Absolute Regis Imperio

Publication: “Amorosa visione,” by Boccaccio, John one of the most eminent Italian poets and scholars

Publication: “Epistoloe,” by Bracelli, James antiquary

Died: Brandt, Sebastian lawyer

Publication: “Christ. Longolii perduellionis rei detensiones duae,” by Brixius, Germain a learned Frenchman

Born: Cecil, William lord Burleigh

Died: Chisi, Agostini a merchant at Rome

Born: Churchyard, Thomas poet

Publication: “De statu animte, lib. tres,” by Claudianus Ecdicius Mamertus a learned presbyter of Vienna

Died: Colonna, Francis a Venetian dominican

Publication: “Epigrammata,” by Constable, Henry poet

Publication: “Introductiones ad Grascam linguam,” by Croke, Richard in Latin Crocus

Born: Cujacius, James lawyer

Died: Despauter or Van Pauteren

Died: Dovizi, Bernard cardinal

Born: Faber, Basil divine

Born: Ferrari, Lewis inventor of the first method of resolving biquadratic equations

Born: Floris, Francis painter

Died: Foresti, James, Philip Of was born at Soldio

Born: Goodman, Christopher a noted puritan

Born: Hawkins, Sir John an able naval commander

Publication: “Porcheti Victoria adversus impios Hebraeos,” by Justiniani, Augustin bishop

Born: Illyricus, Matthias Flacius but who Latinized his name into Flaccus Illyricus

Born: Lassus, Orlandus or

Died: Longland, John prelate

Publication: “Epist. aliquot eruditorum vivorum,” by Lupset, Thomas scholar (?–1532)

Publication: “Triomphe des Dames d'Honneur,” by Marc He, Oliver De La a French courtier and author

Born: Monte-Mayor, George De poet

Publication: “Epistolse ad Erasmum,” by Pace, Richard a learned Englishman (14821532)

Born: Piccolomini, Francis a learned man of the same family

Publication: “De Ratione Paschalis celebrationis,” by Pighius, Albert divine

Born: Pighius, Stephen Vinand was born at Campen in 1520;. and

Born: Pilkington, James prelate

Publication: “Thorns Mori epigrammata Latina, pleraque e Graecis versa, ad emendatum ipsius exemplar excusa,” by Rhenanus, Beatus scholar

Publication: “Velleius Paterculus,” by Rhenanus, Beatus scholar

Died: Sarto, Andrea Del painter

Died: Stephanus, Henry and in France Estienne

Born: Tansillo, Lewis poet

Died: Veneziano, Agostino engraver

Died: Vinci, Lionardo Da painter

Born: Vos, Martin De painter


Publication: “De humani corporis Anatomia,” by Achillini, Alexander a native of Bologna

Died: Adriani, Marcel Virgil professor of the belles lettres

Died: Agrippa, Henry Cornelius a man of considerable learning (?–1535)

Publication: “I have (says he), the greatest reason to return thanks to Almighty God, who has given me a wife after my own heart, a virgin of a noble family, well behaved, young, beautiful, and so conformable to my disposition, that we never have a harsh word with each other; and what completes my happiness is, that in whatever situation my affairs are, whether prosperous or adverse, she still continues the same, equally kind, affable, constant, sincere, and prudent, always easy, and mistress of herself.” by Agrippa, Henry Cornelius a man of considerable learning (?–1535)

Publication: “Epigrammata selecta ex anthologia Latine versa,” by Alciati, Andrew lawyer

Publication: “De insulis nuper in vends et incolarum moribus,” by Anghiera, Peter Martyr D' scholar

Died: Ariosto, Ludovico one of the most eminent Italian poets

Died: Arnolde, Richard one of our ancient English chroniclers

Born: Aylmer, John prelate

Publication: “Commentaria, cum amplissimis additionibus, super anatomia Mundini,” by Berengarius, James physician and anatomist (1490–?)

Died: Brandt, Nicholas or

Publication: “De Studiis et Literis ad illustrem Dominum Baptistam de Malatestis,” by Bruni, Leonard historian

Publication: “Oratio coram Archiepiscopo Eboracensi,” by Bullock, Henry a man of learning in the beginning of the sixteenth century

Died: Douglas, Gawin bishop

Born: Du Bourg, Anne one of the martyrs to the cause of the protestant religion in France

Born: Guicciardini, Lewis was born at Florence in 1521

Born: Heerbrand, James divine

Publication: “Tractatus contra doctrinam Lutheri,” by Kydermynster, Richard antiquary

Publication: “In senigmatica Bossi Antibossicon primum, secundum, tertium, ad G. Hormannum,” by Lily, William an eminent English grammarian (?–1523)

Publication: “De inaequali Temperie,” by Linacre, Thomas one of the most eminent physicians and scholars of his age

Died: Luther, Martin divine (?–1546)

Publication: “Of the captivity of Babylon;” by Luther, Martin divine (?–1546)

Publication: “De historia gentis Scotorum, sen historia majoris Britanniae,” by Major, John divine

Publication: “Synesius de laude Calvitii.” by Phreas, John writer

Publication: “Tertulliani Opera,” by Rhenanus, Beatus scholar

Born: Sansovino, Francis historian

Died: Signorelli, Luca artist

Born: Sixtus V., Pope whose proper names were Felix Peretti

Publication: “Syntaxis” by Stanbridge, John an eminent schoolmaster (14631525)

Born: Tartaglia, Nicholas mathematician

Died: Vives, Joan Lewis one of the revivers of literature

Publication: “Doctrinale antiquum fidei ecclesias catholicse,” by Waldensis, Thomas monk


Publication: “Fasciculus Medicine,” by Achillini, Alexander a native of Bologna

Born: Alciati, Francis born at Milan 1522

Publication: “De Exilio” by Alcyonius, Peter a learned Italian

Died: Antonius Ælius Nebrissensis was born in 1442

Publication: “Chronica Bavarise,” by Aventin, John author of the Annals ofBavaria

Publication: “Commentarii in Terentii comedias,” by Barland, Adrian writer

Publication: “Isagogtc breves in anatomiam corporis humani, cum aliquot figuris anatomicis,” by Berengarius, James physician and anatomist (1490–?)

Born: Bertaut, John queen

Born: Beuther, Michael writer

Publication: “Vitae Episcoporum Murthlacensium et Aberdonensium,” by Boethius, Hector historian

Died: Brissot, Peter physician

Born: Brucioli, Anthony writer

Publication: “Theses, seu comounes loci totius Medicinae, etiam de usu Pharmacorum, Argentinae,” by Brunsfels, Otho physician

Born: Busbequius, Augher Ghislen was the natural son of the lord of Bnsbec

Publication: “De emendata Structura Latini Sermonis,” by Caxton, William to whom this country owes the introduction of printing (14121492)

Born: Chemnitz, Martin divine

Born: Egmont, Lamoral Count one of the principal lords of the bow Countries

Born: Farinato, Paul painter

Died: Fitz-James, Richard bishop

Born: Forestus, Petrus physician

Publication: “A Treatise on Usury,” by Gregory Of Rimini general of the Augustines 1357

Publication: “De Asse,” by Grollier, John an eminent patron of literature

Born: Hessels, John a celebrated professor of theology at Louvain

Born: Jewel, John prelate

Publication: “the order of bishops.” by Luther, Martin divine (?–1546)

Born: Pantaleon, Henry historian

Publication: “This book is very rare. Crignon, who published it, was Parmentier' s particular friend, and thus speaks of him” by Parmentiek, John poet

Died: Pole, Reginald cardinal (?–1558)

Born: Schiavoni, Andrea named Medula

Died: Stanbridge, John an eminent schoolmaster (14631525)

Born: Surius, Laurentius a voluminous compiler

Died: Tixier, John generally known by his assumed name Ravisius Textor

Died: Torrigiano, Peter an eminent Florentine sculptor

Publication: “De Arte Supputandi,” by Tunstall, Cuthbert a very learned


Died: Alexander Ab Alexandro lawyer

Publication: “DefensioJo. Apelli pro suo conjugio,” by Apel, John lawyer

Born: Arnigio, Bartholomew physician

Died: Authon, John D' abbot

Born: Chalvet, Matthew De in Latin Calventius

Died: Durer, Albert engraver

Born: Edwards, Richard one of our ancient English poets

Born: Erastus, Thomas physician

Born: Fallopius, Gabriel physician and anatomist

Born: Foreiro, Francis a learned Portuguese ecclesiastic

Died: Hutten, Ulric De a gentleman of Franconia

Publication: “Expostulatio” by Hutten, Ulric De a gentleman of Franconia

Born: Junctin, Francis in Italian Giuntino

Born: Luisino, Francis of Udina in the Venetian territory

Died: Marot, John poet

Publication: “Assertio septem Sacramentorum adversus M. Lutherum, &c.” by More, Sir Thomas chancellor of England in the reign of Henry VIII. and one of the most illustrious 1Gent (?–1535)

Born: Pancirolus, Guy the son of Albert Pancirolus

Died: Petre, Sir William a man of learning

Publication: “Propugnaculum summi sacerdotii evangelici, ac septenarii sacramentorum numeri adversus M. Lutherum, fratrem famosum, et Wickliffistam insignem,” by Powell, Edward divine (?–1540)

Born: Randolph, Thomas statesman (?–1590)

Publication: “Meir Nethib,” by Romaine, William divine

Born: Sanchez, Francis scholar

Died: White, Sir Thomas founder of St (?–1566)

Born: Wigand, John divine


Publication: “Diatribae in Ausonium, Solinum, et Ovidium,” by Accorso, Mariangelus a native of Aquila

Publication: “Coryciana,” by Accorso, Mariangelus a native of Aquila

Publication: “Commentaria in Psalmos,” by Angriani, Michael commonly called Michael of Bologna

Died: Audley, Edmund prelate

Died: Augurello, John Aurelio an Italian

Publication: “In omnes Erasmi Adagiorum chiliados epitome,” by Barland, Adrian writer

Born: Bellay, Joachim Du poet

Died: Bolen, Anne second wife of king Henry VIII. was born in 1507

Publication: “S. Brunonis Qpera et Vita,” by Bruno, St. founder of the Carthusian monks

Born: Camoens, Luis De poet

Publication: “Graeco- Latin Lexicon,” by Ceratinus, James whose family name was Teyng

Born: Collange, Gabriel De born at Tours in Auvergne

Died: Franciabigio, Marco Antonio painter

Born: Hooker, John, historian

Born: Hotman, Fuancis in Latin Hototnanus

Publication: “De Piscibus Romanis,” by Jovius, Paul historian

Died: Leonicenus, Nicholas an eminent Italian phy-

Died: Linacre, Thomas one of the most eminent physicians and scholars of his age

Publication: “Meir Netib,” by Nathan, Isaac rabbi

Born: Occo, Adolphus one of a family' of physicians of considerable eminence

Born: Paleotti, Gabriel cardinal

Born: Palissy, Bernard De artist

Died: Perugino, Pietro painter

Born: Sigonius, Charles a learned Italian

Born: Strigelius, Victorinus divine

Born: Twyne, John one of a family of Oxford antiquaries

Publication: “Artis Veterinarise sive Mulomedidnae libri quatuor,” by Vegetius, Flavius Renatus writer

Born: Whittingham, William dean


Publication: “Trattato della natura e cognizione di tutti li Tuoni di Canto figurato,” by Aaron, Pietro who flourished in the sixteenth century (14801550)

Died: A Lasco, John A Lasco (1499–?)

Publication: “Moralia,” by Almain, James professor of divinity in the college of Navarre

Publication: “Compendium Hebrææ Chaldeæque grammatices,” by Aurogallus, Matthew a native of Bohemia

Born: Be, William Le engraver

Publication: “Prose di M. Pietro Bembo,” by Bembo, Pietro in Lat. Petrus Bembus (?–1547)

Publication: “Notes on the Psalms,” by Bush, Paul bishop

Born: Caiet, Peter Victor Palma was born in 1525 at Montrichard in Touraine

Publication: “Greek Grammar” by Chalcondyles, Demetrius a native of Athens

Publication: “Les Epitaphes d‘Hector et d’Achille,” by Chastelain, George a Flemish gentleman

Born: Ciaconius, Peter critic

Died: Dorpius, Martin divine (1485–?)

Born: Fjsh, Simon a man who deserves some notice on account of his zeal for the reformation

Died: Gama, Vasco an illustrious Portuguese

Publication: “Epistola de excidio Britanniæ, et castigatio ordinis ecclesiastici,” by Gildas historian

Born: Gosselini, Julian poet

Born: Hamelmanne, Herman divine

Publication: “Les trois Contes de Cupidon et d'Atropos, dont le premier fut invente par Seraphin, Poete Italien; le 2 et le 3 de Maitre Jean le Maire,” by Maire, John Le poet

Died: Margaret Of Valois queen (?–1549)

Born: Neander, Michael one of the most learned men of the sixteenth century

Born: Peucer, Gaspard mathematician

Died: Pomponatius, Peter a modern Aristotelian

Publication: “Fate and Free will.” by Pomponatius, Peter a modern Aristotelian

Born: Sainctes, Claudius De in Latin Sanctesius

Born: Socinus, Lælius a man of great learning and abilities

Born: Talbot, Robert one of our earliest antiquaries

Born: Torrentius, Lævinus in his native language called Vander Beken

Died: West, James a gentleman of literary talents (17031772)


Publication: “Della Fabbrica del Mondo,” by Alunno, Francis mathematician

Born: Alvarez, Emanuel a celebrated Portuguese grammarian

Died: Anghiera, Peter Martyr D' scholar

Publication: “Libro de Peregrine,” by Anselme, George poet

Publication: “De Hebræis urbium, regionum, &c, nominibus, liber è veteri instrumento congestus,” by Aurogallus, Matthew a native of Bohemia

Publication: “De rebus Turcicis,” by Balbi, John Dominican

Publication: “De civili et beliica Fortitudine,” by Balbi, John Dominican

Publication: “De re vestiaria liber,” by Bayf, Lazarus De father to the above

Born: Blackwood, Henry was born probably about 1526

Publication: “Dialogues,” by Brucioli, Anthony writer

Publication: “Enarrationes in Habacuc et Hoseam prophetas,” by Capito, Wolfgang Fabricius an eminent Lutheran reformer (?–1541)

Born: Crusius, Martin antiquary

Born: Ecluse, Charles in Latin Clusius

Publication: “Monalosph atrium partibus constans quatuor, &c.” by Fernel, John Francis physician

Born: Fugger, Huldric an eminent benefactor to literature

Born: Goltzius, Hubert antiquary

Born: Heshusius, Tillemannus a German pretestant theologian

Born: Labbe', Louisa surnamed the Beautiful Ropemaker

Died: Leo, Jons a skilful geographer

Publication: “De Morbis curandis,” by Linacre, Thomas one of the most eminent physicians and scholars of his age

Publication: “Commentarius in physica Aristotelis,” by Major, John divine

Born: Morata, Olympia Fulvia a learned Italian lady

Born: Muretus, Marc Anthony critic

Born: Ossat, Arnaud D' cardinal

Publication: “Summario de la Historia general y natural de les Indias Occidentales,” by Oviedo, John Gonsales D' in Spanish Gonçalo Hermandez de Oviedo Y Valdes

Born: Place, Peter De La in Latin Plateanus

Born: Ronsard, Peter De poet

Died: Ruccellai, John was born at Florence

Publication: “De Partu Virginis,” by Sannazarius, James vernacularly Giacomo Sannazaro

Publication: “Gradus comparationum, &c.” by Stanbridge, John an eminent schoolmaster (14631525)

Publication: “Republica Veneta,” by Vergerius, Peter Paul one of the most learned men of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries


Publication: “De incertitudiueetvanitate Scientiarum, declamatio invectiva,” by Agrippa, Henry Cornelius a man of considerable learning (?–1535)

Born: Aldrovandus, Ulysses one of the most laborious naturalists of the sixteenth century

Publication: “Compendium iegis Chris ti,- et Quodlibeta,” by Baconthorp, John surnamed the Resolute Doctor

Born: Cangiagi, Lucas called Luchetto

Born: Corranus, Anthony the son of Ant

Born: Dee, John mathematician

Born: Duret, Louis born of a noble family at Beaug6-laville

Born: Enghelrams, Cornelius artist

Publication: “Hyperaspistes:” by Erasmus, Desiderius one of the most illustrious of the revivers of learning

Died: Frobenius, John an eminent and learned German printer (1460–?)

Publication: “Collection of the ancient Italian poets,” by Guittone, D'Arezzo poet

Born: Humphrey, Laurence writer

Died: Jacobatius, Dominico bishop

Publication: “Epistle to the prior of Newenham,” by Joy, John one of the early promoters of the reformation

Died: Machiavel, Nicholas historian

Died: Martelli, Lewis poet

Born: Montanus, Benedict Arias a very learned Spaniard

Died: Oporinus, John a famous German printer

Born: Ortelius, Abraham a celebrated geographer

Born: Pois, Nicholas Le physician

Born: Ribadeneira, Peter Jesuit

Born: Sackville, Thomas lord Buckhurst and earl of Dorset

Born: Sanders, Nicholas writer

Publication: “Petri Bembi Benacus,” by Sannazarius, James vernacularly Giacomo Sannazaro

Publication: “De Partitionibus Oratoriis,” by Stephanus, Robert the most celebrated printer of this family

Born: Tibaldi otherwise Pellegrino


Publication: “The Form of Prayer in the Caraite Synagogue,” by Aaron-Hariscon rabbi (12601320)

Born: Andrada, Diego De Payva D' a learned Portuguese

Born: Andreas, James divine

Died: Anselme, George poet

Publication: “Georgii Anselmi Nepotis Epigrammaton libri septem: Sosthyrides: Palladis Peplus: Eglogæ quatuor,” by Anselme, George poet

Died: Aquaviva, Andrew Matthew Duke of Atri in the kingdom of Naples

Publication: “Pontanus,” by Aquaviva, Andrew Matthew Duke of Atri in the kingdom of Naples

Publication: “Le cinquante-deuxieme Arret d'Amour, avec les ordonnances sur le fait des masques,” by Aurigni, Gilles De called also Pamphille

Born: Bacon, Lady Anne the second daughter of sir Anthony Cooke

Publication: “Tabulae perpetuae Longitudinum ac Latitudinum Planetarum, ad Meridianum Lovanierisem,” by Baersius, Henry a learned printer at Louvain

Born: Baroccio, Frederic artist

Born: Belleau, Remi poet

Publication: “Oratio de pace restituta et de fcedere sancito apud Cameracum,” by Berauld, Nicholas was born at Orleans in 1475

Born: Boissard, John James antiquary

Born: Breulius, James antiquary

Born: Brye, Theodore De engraver

Publication: “Libro del Cortegiano” by Castiglione, Balthazar an eminent Italian nobleman

Born: Faur, Guy De lord of Pibrac

Publication: “De Proportionibns, libri duo,” by Fernel, John Francis physician

Publication: “Cosmo-theoria libros duos complexa,” by Fernel, John Francis physician

Born: Fonseca, Peter De Jesuit

Died: Fox, Richard prelate (1475–?)

Born: Fox Morzillo, Sebastian a learned Spaniard

Died: Gravina, Peter poet

Born: Judex, Matthew one of the principal writers of the Centuries of Magdeburg

Born: Lotich, Peter surnamed Secundus

Born: Metkerke or Mekerchus

Publication: “Glosa sobre las obras de Juan de Mena,” by Nunez, Ferdinand one of the restorers of literature in Spain

Born: Pasquier, Stephen a learned Frenchman

Publication: “De re medica libri septem,” by Paulus, Ægineta a native of the island Ægina

Died: Penni, John Francis a native of Florence

Publication: “Romanae Vetustatis fragmenta, in Augusta Vindelicorum,” by Peutinger, Conrad scholar

Born: Stephanus, Henry the second of the name

Publication: “Talshoi, seu Monumentuni Stroense in Scania,” by Wormius, Olaus physician


Publication: “Champ-Fleuri,” by Accorso, Mariangelus a native of Aquila

Publication: “De nobilitate et ppaecelleutia fccmineisexus,declamatio,” by Agrippa, Henry Cornelius a man of considerable learning (?–1535)

Publication: “Notes upon Tacitus de situ, moribus, et populis Germanise,” by Althamerus, Andrew a celebrated Lutheran minister at Nuremberg

Publication: “Cosmographia,” by Apian, Peter called in German Brenkwitz

Born: Askew, Anne daughter of sir William Askew

Born: Autels, William Des poet

Publication: “De futuris Caroli V. successibus,” by Balbi, John Dominican

Born: Baley, Walter physician

Publication: “Enarrationes in quatuor libros Eneidos Virgilianse,” by Barland, Adrian writer

Born: Bucholtzer, Abraham usually ranked among the German reformers

Died: Castiglione, Balthazar an eminent Italian nobleman

Publication: “De Sono Graecarum Literarum,” by Ceratinus, James whose family name was Teyng

Born: Cisner, Nicholas whom we have just mentioned as the editor of Cino da Pistoia’s works

Born: Cooke, Elizabeth third daughter of sir Anthony Cooke

Publication: “Treatise on the English Sweating Sickness” by Cordus, Euricius called by Melchior Adam

Died: Cuspinian, John whose German name was Speishammer

Publication: “Commentarius in Virgilium,” by Donatus, Ælius a celebrated grammarian in the fourth century

Died: Emilius, Paulus historian

Born: Epo, Boetius lawyer

Born: Fauchet, Claude antiquary

Publication: “Of the. Diversity of Courts,” by Fitzherbert, Sir Anthony lawyer

Publication: “Vita PJiilippi a Burgundia, Episcopi Uitrajectensis,” by Geldenhaur, Gerard Eobanus divine

Born: Gualtehus, Rodolphus divine

Born: Joubert, Laurent physician

Publication: “Ad Lutheranos jam damnatos Oratio,” by Longueil, Christopher De scholar

Publication: “Luculenta in 4 Evangelia expositiones,” by Major, John divine

Died: Matsys, Quintin artist

Died: Navagero, Andrew, poet

Born: Palestrina, John Peter Louis called by Dr

Born: Panvinius, Onuphrius scholar

Publication: “De crisi et diebus criticis, eorumqufc ignis,” by Paulus, Ægineta a native of the island Ægina

Born: Puttenham, George critic

Publication: “Anglorum regnum Chronicon, or Pastime of the People,” by Rastall, John one of our early printers

Publication: “Epistolse,” by Raulin, John divine

Born: Renniger, Michael or

Publication: “De Ratione Studii,” by Ringelbergius, Joachim Fortius in German Sterck

Publication: “Delia Poetica,” by Trissino, Johnn George poet

Born: Ursinus, Fulvius antiquary

Born: Zucchero, Taddeo painter (?–1566)