Arnu, Nicholas

, was born at Merancourt, near Verdun, in Lorraine, 1629. He became dominican in 1644, and died at Padua in 1692, professor of metaphysics. We have of his, 1. “Clypeus Philosophise! Thomistica,Padua, 1686, 8 vols. 8vo. 2. “A commentary on the Sum of St. Thomas,1691, 2 vols. folio. There is a third production of his in being, on the league between the emperor and the king of Poland, against the grand signior, whom he menaces with the demolition of his empire; and, in order to give weight to this denunciation, he brings together a series of prophecies, ancient and modern. This book appeared at Padua in 1684. 3


Ibid, —Moreri.