Arntzenius, Otho

, brother of the preceding, was born in 1703, at Arnheim, and died in 1763. He was professor of the belles lettres, first at Utrecht, then at Goude, and at Delft, and lastly at Amsterdam. His first work was a dissertation “De MilHario aureo,Utrecht, 17_'S, 4to, reprinted in 1769 by. Oelrichs in his “Thesaurus Dissert, selectissimarum.” In 1735, he published a Variorum edition of the Disticha Catonis, of which an improved reprint was made at Amsterdam in 1754, with two dissertations by Withof, on the author and text of the Distichs. There are also by him sortie academical | orations, “Pro Latina eruditorum lingua,” Goude, 1737, 4to; “De Gneca Latini sermonis origine,Delft, 1741, 4to; “De Mercuric,” Amst. 1746, 4to; and he left manuscript remarks and corrections on the Pseudo-Hegesippus in the hands of his nephew, the subject of the next article. 1


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