Baier, John James

, a celebrated physician, born at Jena in 1677, practised his art in several towns of Germany; among others, at Nuremberg, Ratisbon, and Altorf. He was professor at this last-mentioned place, and member of the Academy des Curieux de la Nature, in 1720. He was chosen president of it in 1730, and died at Altorf the 14th of July 1735. He was author of, 1. “Thesaurus Gemmarum affabre sculptarum, coliectus a J. M. ab Ebermayer,” Nuremberg, 1720, folio. 2. “Horti medici acad. Altorf. Historia,Altorf, 1727, 4to. 3. A great number of dissertations or theses, on particular plants, in 4to, from 1710 to 1721. 2