Bartolocci, Julius

, a Cistercian monk, born at Celano in the kingdom of Naples in 1613, was professor of the Hebrew tongue at the college of the Neophytes and Transmarins at Rome, from 1651 to the time of his death, Nov. 1, 1687, aged seventy-four. There is by him a Bibliotheca Rabbinica, entitled “Bibliotheca magna rabbinica de scriptoribus et scriptis Hebra’icis, ordine alphabetico Hebraice et Latine digestis;” in folio, 4 vols. Rom. 1675. Father Charles Joseph Imbonati, one of his disciples, added a fifth volume, under the title of “Bibliotheca Latino-Hebraica.Jvi. Simon allows that Bartolocci possessed a great fund of Rabbinical learning, but was deficient in sacred criticism, and in strict impartiality, and that his work, in order to be made really useful, should be abridged into a single volume. 2


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