Bartholine, Thomas

, son of the preceding, became eminent in the science of jurisprudence, in the prosecution of which he studied at the universities of Copenhagen, Leyden, Oxford, Paris, Leipsic, and at London. On his return home he was appointed professor of history and civil law, and held the offices of assessor of the consistory, secretary, antiquary, and keeper of the royal archives. He died Nov. 5, 1690. He published, 1. “De Holgero Dano,1677, 8vo. 2. “De Longobardis,1676, 4to. 3. “De equestris ordinis Danebrogici a Christiano V. instaurati origine,” fol. 4: “De causis mortis a Danis gentilibus contemptae.” 5. “Antiquit. Danic. libri tres,1689, 4to. He left also, but unfinished, an ecclesiastical history of the North. 2