Bartholine, Erasmus

, one of the sons of Caspar, was boru Aug. 13, 1625, at Roschilcl. After pursuing his studies at Copenhagen, he travelled from 1646 to 1657, through England, France, Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands. In 1654 he was admitted to the degree of doctor at Padua, and on his return to Denmark he was appointed professor of medicine and geometry. The time of his death we have no where been able to discover. He published, 1. “De figuranivis dissertatio,” Hafniae, 1661, 8vo. 2. “De cometis anni 1664 et 1665,” ibid. 1665, 4to. 3. “Experimenta crystali Islandici disdiaclasti,1665, 1670, 4to. 4. “De naturae mirabilibus, quoestiones academics:,1674, 4to. 5. “DeAere,1679, 8vo. There were others of this family, celebrated in their day for learning and personal worth, but whose memoirs have not been handed down with much precision. 3