Bausch, John Laurence

, was born at Schweinfurt, Sept. 30, 1605; his father, Leonard Bausch, a physician in that place, acquired some fame about the beginning of the seventeenth century, by his commentary on two of the books of Hippocrates, which was published at Madrid, 1694, fol. His son was early inclined to his father’s profession, and after studying medicine in Germany, went to Italy, and lastly, took his doctor’s degree at Altdorf, in 1630. He practised afterwards at Schweinfurt, and | employed all his leisure time in botanical and chemical pursuits, accumulating a valuable library, and a rich museum of natural history. In 1652 he founded a society called “Collegium Curiosorum naturae,” of which he was the first president. He died at Schweinfurt, Nov. 17, 1665. He was the author of 1. “Schediasmata bina curiosa de lapide hcematite et cetite,” Leipsic, 1665, 8vo, with a dissertation on the blood prefixed. 2. “Schediasma curiosum de unicornu fossili,” Breslaw, 1666, 8vo. 3. “Schediasma posthumum, de cceruleo et chryocolla,Jena, 1668, 8vo. 1


Freheri Theatrum. —Dict. Hist.