Beier, Adrian

, a native of Jena, where he was born in 1634. In 1658, he was made law professor in that university. He was the first who wrote systematically, on the laws, usages, and duties of corporations and wardens of arts and manufactures, collecting such scattered notices as he could find on these subjects, and throwing considerable light on a part of jurisprudence not then well understood. He died in 1712. His works are, 1. “Tyro prudentiae juris opificialii praecursorum emissarius,Jena, 1685, 4to, and again in 1688, but the best edition is that edited with great improvements by Struvius, 1717, 4to. 2. “Tractatus de jure prohibendi, quod competit opincibus in opifices,Jena, 1721, 4to, likewise improved by Struvius, 1721. 3. “Boethus, peregre redux conspectibus et judice conspicuus,Jena, 1685 and 1717, 4to. 3